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    Our history

    Libertas De Dominatus is one of the oldest EU Planetside outfits still in existence, created during the early days of the original Planetside's beta. Originally known as Beta Blockers, we were at one time one of the three largest outfits on the Werner server during the game's early years, reaching a peak of over 300 active players (outfit rank and score varying between the top 3 outfits registered on Werner).

    After a name change and reforming of the outfit in 2005, we began focusing on being an effective and highly mobile, quick-turnaround outfit instead of another mindless pack of cannon-fodder. With this skill we specialized in subversive tactics, and have often worked closely with other EU outfits that have had similar styles of play to excel in this field.

    Who we are:

    Our outfit has at times consisted of members from almost every corner of the EU (and beyond!). At the moment, most hail from all corners of the British Isles, Scandinavia and central Europe.
    We have an exceedingly mature player base (wisdom comes with age, no? ;)), with most members ranging in age from the mid-20's to the very early 40's.

    What we're like, what we do, and how we do it:

    We're a relatively loose outfit when it comes to organisation, which plays games mostly for laughs and a great time. Considering the average age of our members, we like to keep it this way as we fully respect and realise the needs people have to real life commitments, such as family (them babies don't feed themselves... yet).

    This does not imply that we don't find the time to field our well-feared, devastating Magrider formations, or have dedicated infiltrator teams on the front lines scouting enemy activity and causing disarray amongst them. If you're looking for a particular style of play, there's bound to be at least a few other people in LdD that share your passion for the likes of "sneaky sneaky l33t ops" behind enemy lines (for example).

    We try to maintain weekly outfit nights/event nights where we focus on sticking to a certain theme or gameplay style (all Magrider, aircav, etc.). Not got the feeling of wanting to pilot/drive that particular vehicle that evening? We can always use you in a support role!

    We use TeamSpeak 3 for communications, and we encourage all members to use it. It is mandatory for officers and those wishing to get the most fun out of playing in the outfit. Don't be intimidated; we were all new to something once in our lives.

    Special note to take during weekends:

    Drunk Galaxy pilots and singing over TS3 whilst hot-dropping a bio-lab can happen.
    (It should not be encouraged, though we all do it anyway! Some of us even drink on weekdays... imagine that). :D

    ("Rules" sound so... formal).

    We want members that can:
    1). Abide by our few codes of conduct, which basically boils down to: be nice to others and do not bad mouth anyone. If someone ticks you off, act according to your age and go about resolving the problem sensibly amongst yourselves (or through our seriously understaffed, yet dedicated HR department).

    2). Follow the lead of our outfit officers. They have enough experience and a good grasp of the tactics that do and do not work in most situations. During outfit events, their orders must be followed for the benefit of the many. If you're wasting one person's precious time, you're most likely doing it for the rest.

    Other details:

    We play a lot of other games; everything from other current MMOs, to strategy games of old (even "DOSbox old"). Want to conquer the world with someone else? Perhaps do some questing in a group to get that "Epic Sword of Infinite Pwnage of +1 Pie Throw" for your level 60 Knight of Uber Awesomeness? Can do! Most of our members also keep a close eye on the gaming and PC hardware industry, and we have people that can lend a hand tech-wise if things really hit the fan.

    Hope to see you all out there!

    Contact us on the Miller EU server:


    or Myself (Coz)

    Alternatively, contact any one of us via PM on this forum, or click the WWW link below this post to get to our homepage.

    If you register, remember to post a small "Hi!" and tell us a bit about yourself, for example:

    Who (or what :p ) are you?
    Which games do you play?
    How you came to know about us/how you found us?
    Do any of our members already know you?
    ...and anything else that you want to tell us! :)

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    Still looking for more people :)
    (Also a friendly bump)
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    You spelt my name wrong. :p
    (also, bump)
  4. Evander

    shameless bump :rolleyes:
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    Bumping this, for the sake of the VS.(Warum ? Da Rum !)
  6. Generaldeath

    Good to see you guys still alive, im suprised DDR can still fit into his VS armor (actually im suprised any of you can still fit into the armor) :p
  7. Frodofrost

    Hi my name is David from Belgium and i'm interested in joining your outfit.
    I have played PS1 for a fair amount of time, enough to get my own BFR and some more after that.
    I was not a member of any outfit in PS1, and i want to change that here and now.

    I'm a casual/die hard gamer and i'm 29 years old.
    For the moment i only play PS2, simply because even now without an active outfit and allot of people to play with the game is still very good.
    I do play everyday with longer sessions in the weekends (work on saturday tough). Roughly 18-25 hours a week, i think.
    I suck at anything that has wings or goes faster then 100kph :) i like my 2 feet firmly placed on the ground, so i'm certing in that (ground support/tanks), engineer, heavy assault, and medic.
    I like any of those roles just as much as the other, but i truly dislike sniping, and flying, i do like stealth ops and being behind enemy lines. I'm an OK shot with some terrible moments but most of my moments are good to great, playing solo i got a K/D of 1.188 (and thats increasing), and thats not bad playing solo.

    I found this outfit just by browsing the forum looking for a new outfit, saw the name and i remembered that name from somewhere :).
    Currently i do not know any of the members of the outfit.

    Its my personal goal to keep playing this game for as long that i'm able to, and i would like to do that with an outfit, and not solo for 60% of the time.

    So here it is, hit me back :).

    Kind regards, David.
  8. kretaro

    Amazing outfit here join them.
  9. Coz

    Sent a message/conversation to ya, Frodo. ;)
  10. Rago

    BUMP For the Union !
  11. Coz

    Shout out to the 4-5 randoms that joined us on our mission to cut off all the TR territory on Indar last night by capping the regions close to their WG (you know who you are ;) ).
  12. sollitdude

    im looking for a 'clan' or outfit or whatever u guys call it these days :p where can i sign in when no1 is around?
  13. Coz

    Over at www.libertasdedominatus.org, sollitdude.

    You'll find TeamSpeak details there if you don't catch any of us on before 15-16:00. ;)
  14. Costanza33

    Hi guys,

    My name is Costanza (hail to Seinfeld), I'm a VS worshiper from Belgium who tries to find people having the same purple faith :) I'm over 30 and look for an outfit to join, as I kinda get bored by playing as a lone wolf or by joining temporary squads.

    I play as soon as it's possible for me, maybe 10 hours/week and much more on weekends. For now most of the time I play HA or medic, and like to drive Lightnings and Magriders; on the other hand it's better for everybody around me if I stay on the ground (safety issues) ;) As my fellow belgian Frodo, I dislike sniping.

    Fun is the most important thing for me, I don't care about K/D ratio or score/minute. I used to play BF3 a lot (400 hours / colonel 75) but now I'm 100% PS2 dedicated player, enjoying this game since the Beta.

    I found this outfit by simply opening the Outfit section, you were the last updated, and your cooler way of thinking gets my attention. So I don't know any of your members.

    I hope you'll think of me if you need a smurfkiller one day... I hate Smurfs ;)


  15. Coz

    Lo Costanza! There's always someone on our joint V.A. Vanu TeamSpeak server after regular working hours. You just need to contact one of us in-game (see the bottom of the outfit info post above), or register on the forums at www.libertasdedominatus.org and find all the details there.

    - Coz
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  19. Xenoc

    LdD are actively recruiting - looking for another 10 or so members to flesh out our core player base. Come say hi on the forums if you're interested - www.libertasdedominatus.org
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    Bumping, [LDD] are chill dudes, especially Bobbus.