[VS]Large, relaxed, teamplay-oriented outfit?

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by sosolidshoe, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. sosolidshoe

    I actually cannot stand another day playing this game in dead silence; even zerging was a larf during beta/the first couple of weeks after release, since there were loads of open platoons running and loads of people were using voice, not so any more it seems.

    So, yeah, time to find an outfit. I play at all hours, so I'd like a large outfit with a wide playerbase, not just a bunch of people that play GMT-primetime. I enjoy working together as a group, and I like discussing and using actual tactics and maneuvers, but not in an ultra-competitive or super-serious way, I play games to relax - essentially, I want more organisation than you get from the zerg, but not so much that it sucks the fun out the experience. Voice is a must, ingame or otherwise. I main as an Engineer and AMS driver, but I also dabble in Light Assault, Infiltrator, and Lightnings, and I can occasionally keep a Scythe level for an entire minute :p

    Any suggestions?
  2. Dictatorfish

    DIG is pretty much the first one that pops in my head and ticks all the boxes for "large, relaxed, teamplay-oriented outfit" for VS. They may be a little on the "huge, relaxed, zerg-oriented outfit" side at the moment, but Dignity (leader of DIG) has made it very clear that there will be a sharp, ruthless, brutal culling of the "zerg" element in the very near future.
  3. Coz

    You could try LdD... *hint hint* ;)
  4. SgtFlexxx

    Well I've been playing with the sentinels for a while, and they are pretty relaxed overall, I don't think they've ever gotten mad at me when I screwed up pretty bad. Infact, I remember when we had 4 sunderers and we wen't downhill and just all flipped over and started laughing hard.

    They're pretty team-oriented. They're on and off at times though, I've never really seen a time they just come on, it just seems random to me, but I haven't been playing a whole lot lately. They're not totally large, I'd maybe say, I dunno, 40 people or so? I've looked at our teamspeak channels, but never actually in-game to see how large the outfit actually is. So yeah, around 40 people I know of that actually speak.

    If you want to find out more, just head to their website: http://sents.enjin.com/

    EDIT: well, one of our outfit members said there's about 200 people in the outfit roster, but usually only 20 people come online at a time, which I don't know if you would consider large really.

    btw, we use teamspeak.
  5. Ravenclaw

    Do sentinels operate on Miller or lots of servers? I just asking because official site list north america but it don't list a main PS2 server.

    I casual relaxed team player also looking for a VS outfit
  6. Phosphoros

    [FG] (Furios Gaming)
    or [DWG]

    All are wonderful VS outfits which for the most part sports good and nice players.
    Good luck on your search..and applications!
  7. cassan0va

    DWG have roughly 160 members and out of those we have around 100 daily active.
    We run everything from 1-4 squads a night, some highly tactical and demanding to some that are less demanding, we have rather high expectations on our members but in return we let our members have high expectations on us as well.

    Just about to rearrange our recruitment policy a littlebit to something in the lines of.
    Join for 2 weeks before applying officially
    Just ignore everything about quizzes and mandatory certs the first 2 weeks to get a feel of the gameplay.

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