[VS] Kanium Recruiting - Aiming High [EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Garmon, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Liquidsun

    How many members do you have and how many (approx) do you have per evening?
  2. TheRealVulcan

    Hello! Can i join? Are you guys playing in Miller EU?
  3. Garmon

    Aye you can, check the links and head to our application board.
  4. Garmon

    Back to the top, looking for more bodies. ;)
  5. Ico

    Always looking for more to join the cause! Bumping up!
  6. Garmon

    le bump, updated the form.
  7. Garmon

    Looking for new recruits. running ops 3 times a week.
  8. Garmon

  9. Garmon

    Looking for new members still.
  10. Herhi

    Good ops today again! If there are any players looking for a chill outfit that gets **** done, you're at the right page!
  11. Nightweaver

    and up you go
  12. Garmon

    *** bumping this back up.
  13. IamSedrik

    Very skilled and fun gang to play with.
  14. Vurified

    Looking forward to today's Op!
  15. Garmon

  16. Maiizell

    Always looking for new members.

    Scheduled Ops throughout the week!
  17. Herhi

    Had a NS 2 night for a change. We dominated. Like always. While giggling.
  18. Garmon

    Ops again today :cool:
  19. Pella

    Garmon, Are you still bumping around in EvE?
  20. Herhi

    "Up you go!" said Cho'Gath when devouring a TR scrub