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  1. Garmon

    Planetside 2 is here but where will you be? Will you be one of those window lickers in the mindless zerg? Just another slab of meat going into the grinder as more organized outfits steamroll over you? Or do you want to be part of a outfit that intends to influence the outcome of these battles?

    Kanium is a organized combined arms force with the capabilities to deliver them to the battlefield.

    Do you want to be part of a outfit that aims to make a difference? Do you like the idea of being part of a outfit that values comradery, teamwork and loyalty? Then Kanium might be the outfit for you.

    Kanium Doctrine

    Kanium is a infantry focused force mainly with a strong supplement of Galaxies and Sunderers to keep us mobile. Since boots on the ground will be responsible for the brunt of the work and key to success on the battlefield. Due to the situational nature of support in Planetside 2, our members are expected to become proficient across a number of vehicles so that the unit can respond to threats quickly and decisively. We plan to make Kanium an Offensive minded group, and aim to strike key objectives of value in order to push the Vanu Sovereignty forward.

    The Kanium Community
    Kanium is a multi-gaming community. We play a wide variety of games like Minecraft, Dayz, Dota 2 and so forth. At the moment we spend 2-3 days per week to do Planetside 2 operations. So if you're looking for a group to play more than just Planetside 2 with then keep reading.

    But Kanium is not only about games, we organize a lot of different events like movie nights or in-house contests. Our Community is very active on TS3 and a lot of us just hang around there for company in general

    Kanium members desire to have as much fun as possible, while still trying to improve and excel in the games that we play. Through this, we have not only become a community of not only Clanmates, but also friends.

    Our Goals

    Community: There will be a lot of places you can go to to play Planetside 2. However, if you want a outfit that aims to go higher than just Planetside 2, join Kanium. We want to focus on not just making a planetside 2 outfit but on a gaming community that plays a lot of other games competitively.

    To grow: No group will survive without new recruits. We actively seek like-minded players that share the same values as us. To find players with a good attitude, a sense of humor and loyalty is what we want.

    Forming a solid team: Eventually we want to mold our group of players into a solid and well oiled team.

    Fun: Our primary focus is of course to have fun. Not having fun would make all this rather pointless wouldn't it?

    What we look for in recruits

    Activity: We want people that are active, people that enjoy going on Teamspeak and visit our forums to stay up to date. That show their face and join us to play other games besides Planetside 2. We plan to ensure a active community and will chop off the inactive fat on a regular basis.

    Teamwork: We want people that enjoy and want to focus on working as a team.

    Willingness to learn: Do you think you know it all? Then please don't apply to this community. We will learn something new everyday as a group.

    Honest: You messed up? That's fine! just don't make Excuses, fess up and work towards improving your self. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect.

    Attitude and sense of humor: We look for good people with a good attitude and a sense of humor, who can add value to our community.

    You will notice we don't have any ''skill'' requirements, that's because who you are as a player is far more important to us. Skill is something that can be taught after all. Personality and attitude is something we can't change online, and we don't want to bother with it either.

    The main reason we play games is for fun. The Kanium Leadership aims for good organisation and at the same time keeping it straight, simple and effective. We want to strike a balance between all this and fun.

    Thank you for reading and if you wish to apply use the link below.

    ---Kanium Links--

  2. Krave99

    Sign me up, all of these points are what i look for in a clan. What EU server is this, i am on Thyone, is this a problem?
  3. Garmon

    We are currently playing on the Chaldene EU server. If you want to play with us you will have to roll a character there of course. But with beta it isn't really much of a problem.
  4. Garmon

    We had't a few people join us so far. :) You are also welcome to come run public ops with us on Chaldene every evening from Monday to Friday, we usually run our operations at 1900/2000 to 2200/2300
  5. Maiizell

    Can I join? Send me a PM please!
  6. DrHat

    We're having some fun with this stuff, I'd say you folks are missing out..so come join us! ^_^
  7. Garmon

    Check your pm box mate.
  8. Garmon

    Another day, another bump! Want to remind people we run public ops every Monday to Friday 1900/2000 to 2200/2300 if you want to see how it is to play with us. Feel free to pm me on Chaldene if you see me on around that time for an invite.
  9. Maiizell

    There´sgoing to be a wipe in 8 days anyway.
  10. British

    These guys are pretty cool, Very well coordinated and great squad leading, If you like being told what to do then join, I have ;)
  11. Garmon

    You heard the man! Join now!
  12. DrHat

    We have a minecraft server too for the creative bunch of you! :p

    Also, yes we are cool ^_^
  13. Garmon

    Small bump back to the top! Join now and be part of something exciting!
  14. British

    Don't be shy to join people, We will become a very strong force if not already, Also for the laughs and giggles.
    Don't for get "He who fights and runs away, Lives to fight another day"
  15. Maiizell

    Purple jumpsuits as well.

    Why play NC, when you can play Vanu?
  16. Garmon

  17. 3ch0

    Any language requirements?
  18. Garmon

    Decent English yeah
  19. British

    Haha love it!
  20. Garmon

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