VS hit by nerfbat (again)

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  1. Ganelon

    2/10 too obvious.
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  2. CrashB111

    Because whether or not you VS want to admit the Saron was broken, and possibly still might be.
    -Great damage at range
    -Great damage up close
    -splash for killing infantry
    -used to one shot infantry, now two shots
    compared to the TR Vulcan
    -no damage at range
    -alright damage up close (never got the AP designation like other anti-tank weapons)
    -no splash at all
    -7/11 bullets to kill 1 infantry
  3. Bindlestiff

    But how many bullets / second is that squirting out?
  4. CrashB111

    Considering it has a 30 bullet mag default and 41 when maxed out you can only kill at maximum 4 infantry per mag assuming none of your bullets miss (which many of them will).

    Compare that to the pinpoint accurate laser beam that explodes to ensure you never miss a shot that the Saron was/is.
  5. Flukeman62

    what about normal infantry? maybe get some sniper rifles to pick them off as they stand still to get the lock-on?
  6. Hrafnagaldr

    Saron and Enforcer nerfs are okay. There is something wrong if I prefer the Saron over the Kobalt for Anti-Infantry action. Although I admit, one-shotting infantry with it is just bloody good fun.
    I dont care about ZOE because I never used it myself, charge is the no1 option for my MAX and will be.

    But there is one thing that makes me sad: that horrible, undocumented Lasher nerf. 5 more damage and 33 shots per minute more for drastically reduced splash damage and hipfire accuracy for a weapon that relies an splash damahe and has no sight options with projectiles so big and bright that you cant ADS accurately with them? Sounds awesome. Now no one will bother using the Lasher anymore...

    And for ppl crying about the Striker: a Lancer squad can obliterate any ground vehicle and the bigger flyers without giving any change ro react. But the Lancer is rarely used so no one bothers :D I'm glad that I have to face Strikers and Phoenixes and not the Lancer.
  7. llPendragon

    The Magrider and Scythe are consistently best in every category measured. All the stats I find confirm this.

    The Scythe is my favorite ESF by far. It's not even close. I have a Reaver with twice the upgrades of my Scythe and it's still harder to get kills with. The Mossy is fun, but it's built for hit-and-run tactics which require a much larger cert investment before it pays off.

    As for the Magrider, it's simple. It's been OP by so much and for so long that every VS cries like a little baby every time they get in a fair fight. Put on your big boy undies and take some loses with dignity. Game balance means you should lose to a Vanguard if you sit still and trade shots while it's shield is up.

    (Just in case it's not obvious, you'll notice by my signature that I actually play all factions.)
  8. Chioxin

    The problem with comparison's like these is that it doesn't tell the whole story. TR have heavy hitting main cannons. NC have highest armor value, VS are really good at dodging. It's nice to see that "raw" numbers say one thing, but to me it's not the entire story. You have to factor in ALL the moving parts to decide if a weapon is over powered or not for the vehicle it's attached to.

    For your comparison above? I'd say ... take the TTK based on the main cannon firing as well as the secondary.

    If you want a more in depth view of the balance, you need to compare both weapons firing at both of the other tank types to see where it's balanced.

    Just a small example....

    While the Semi Auto Saron and the Vulcan kill a Sunderer in equal time.... The Vulcan will kill a Magrider before a Sauron will kill a Prowler.

    EDIT NOTE!!! I'm not saying the Saron didn't need some balancing either. 2 shotting infantry is ok. I'm just saying people's idea of "balance" needs to be adjusted when they're spitting out stats.

  9. Timperium

    Because you enjoy having a nose-gun with 100 less velocity than the others?

    The Reaver is easily the best dogfighter; has the best nose-gun and best vertical thrust. The Scythe just doesn't have anything special about it. Cert hover? Then you're slow as balls. Cert Racer? Then you vertical thrust isn't great.

    This is why the Scythe is the worst. The others can cert either Racer or Hover frame and still be good at the other. This coupled with a low velocity nose-gun and no hover mode indicator makes the Scythe the worst ESF and the most difficult to use at A2A.

    Don't forget that the Scythe drops like a brick when aiming down, something that doesn't happen as much with the other ESFs. Every time someone says the Scythe is the best, I just laugh.
  10. llPendragon

    Sorry, but all the stats and I are just going to have to disagree with you.
  11. Timperium

    There is a serious flaw in your logic that you fail to realise.

    I'm going to let you think this one out a while longer.
  12. Nicholai

    Most kind.

    Is there a newsletter as well?
  13. starlinvf

    There was a news letter, but we had to stop delivery when our news letter cannon range was cut down to 8m.
  14. Gigaus

    I just gotta ask.....What the hell does it matter? This was expected, VS is like the adoptive child SoE doesn't give a **** about. Of course they were going to nerf it the minute it was something viable. <w< You can throw stats around all you like, at the end of the day, numbers mean nothing. By the numbers, it should take three shots for me to kill with an AR, or four with a shotgun....does it? takes 6 with an AR and ONE with a shotgun, in all factions. The VS had something that let them fight one EQUAL TERMS with the bloated TR and the high end NC-- oh no, we need to all act like kids, whine about it, then go back to zerging it and call that skill....Really?...All three sides need to grow up -w-

    Don't get on here, and start acting like there was a -serious- problem with the VS, when TR are running around with unique weapons for their faction, when the NC can two shot you with stock weapons, and both get viable perks for their guns....Unless you want to argue that having no bullet drop is somehow a real perk when you can adjust reguardless....andm ost bloody fights at close to mid range anyway!....This was expected to happen, so VS, stop whining, do what you do, and properly adapt-- not like what the TR and NC guys call 'adapting', we don't need you playing average and TKing eachother, really adapt. NC, TR, you stop whining too, you have no room to talk. Both of your ES rockets have real special features, and you have specialized weapons in more than one stripe. And you mostly have more Pop in the whole game, VS only has high pop, normally, on a few servers.

    Now just let this topic drop, geez -3-
  15. TheRealMetalstorm

    you have misunderstood my post so badly that i.. don't know what to say.
    i'll just ask you to shut up and play.
  16. TheRealMetalstorm

    i still instagib sundies with squad deploy beacons, 4 tank mines and a sticky grenade. throw grenade, mash tank mines, sit back and watch. if that doesn't work, outfit i play with drops 2 LAs on the sunderer and that's an instant kill. first LA drops both bricks and waits, second LA drops both and detonates. if both die before they can deto the c4, it's fine - there's no way to remove it without destroying the sunderer. the LAs stay down and don't respawn (respawn removes c4), and we drop a HA on the sundy to blow it up.
  17. TheRealMetalstorm

    nice try saving yourself, it didn't work. you would complain how unfair it was that you were singled out to take twice the normal amount of damage, and you wouldn't see why you should.
    and you would find no fun in playing it, and you would quit.
    ~_~ pretty obvious.
  18. maxkeiser

    Just utter nonsense. The magrider is hopelessly outgunned and beaten by any other MBT it faces in medium/close range. The usual tactic for vanu (and the only viable one) is hit and run - and never engage at close range unless the enemy MBT is already half dead.
  19. TheFullCologne

    except that doesnt happen. no one is singled out. almost everything is getting retouched at different stages
  20. llPendragon

    You mean playing smart allows you to win more than playing dumb? I guess I should be ashamed of seeing the stats that show that the Magrider is 1st of 3 in almost every category. I'll be sure to change my opinion now.
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