VS helmets OP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by nooblet91698, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. nooblet91698

    VS helmets are OP. With all those hoods....and shiny lights....
    Which one should I get with the 1000SC that I won in the FB giveaway?
    A. Avalon
    B. Archon
    C. Esper
    D. Exemplar
  2. kadney

    The white one, so enemies can see your head more easily and land some bullets in it. :p
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  3. Kurohagane

    It's not white, it's reflective. I have the same thing for my scythe's cockpit, because it looks ******* awesome.
  4. ScottishRoss

    I've been tempted by the Archon helmet, but I already have the Avalon helmet. I love the "clothy" looks.
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  5. MichaelS

    ahh, none of em :D
    I like the Hornet much better. of that 4 I would use Exemplar, I don't like that hoodies and the Esper doesnt look that good ingame.
  6. Redderic

    I ended up getting the Exemplar. You're not a "Disciple" like the Avalon and Archon, and you don't look like a glorified Snowglobe like the Esper offers. The Exemplar is futuristic, but not in a crazy Transformers way like some of the recent helmets have been. It strikes a good balance. Of course no helmet will ever be as cool as the TR's Dreadnought - Stormtroopers baby!
  7. SenEvason

    Exemplar, it just looks cool as hell.
  8. Ravenorth

    I´d buy that second hood, but for some reason the creator thought its good idea to leave your forehead visible, which just makes it look stupid.. well everybody has their own tastes I guess..
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  9. M2_Bradley

    Either Avalon or Archon....I got both so I could switch between two assassin's creed hoods when I feel like it.
  10. DeadlyShoe

    Esper Esper Esper

    The shiny reflection thing is so cool
  11. Vorxil

    What, no Viper?
  12. NikkoJT

    Esper all the way. It goes with everything (the Viper is top-heavy on light classes, and the hooded ones really need an Infiltrator suit to work well).
  13. SevenTwo

    I prefer the Esper helmet of the four listed, as it gives me a more "sci-fi" vibe than most of the other VS helmet types. I was very torn betwen that, the Exemplar and the Hornet back when I decided to replace the RIDICULOUS basic helmet with something, that didn't make me facepalm every time I went to the loudout screen.

    The Esper helmet also looks much better in-game under normal lightning conditions, than the preview you get in the store or how your model looks on the loudout screen. While it's relatively bright, it's also quite reflective on medium or higher settings, which makes it take on a bit of the hue from the surroundings instead of being completely shiny.

    Werid thing is that after I started using it on Miller in mid December, I've seen more people using it where prior nobody practically wore it - I'm totally a first mover who's in on the latest trends. Or I just never noticed it before. :p

    It also looks pretty damned boss combined with the Drakon armour set.
  14. eldarfalcongravtank

    archon shroud is the best helmet in this game for me, hands down. i like pretending to be a mystic and occult vanu

    but it's up to you which one you purchase. i didnt buy examplar but i'd figure it would work well on a heavy assault. that said, i dont like the fishbowl helmet (esper) though
  15. McFail

    I'm personally waiting for this baby to come out:
    That way I can play Planetside as Guy Manuel from Daft Punk.
  16. VSDerp

    I love my fishbowl helmet.
  17. NeverWas

    i'd insta buy exemplar if it's slightly wider as shown in the concept, but they changed it :(
  18. ST4LK3R

    Two of my fav are Viper and Esper.
  19. IamDH

    I think the fishbowl is the best tbh. Your head will become pretty obvious but at least you'll die in style
  20. Get2dachoppa

    Wish they had more MAX helmet options for the VS.

    Here's a new one worth considering just put recently by Vanu Labs.

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