[vs] good close to mid weapon?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by lolmanlee, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. lolmanlee

    Im looking for a good close to mid light assult Vanu weapon.
  2. Marked4Death

    Probably the VX6-7 or the serpent.
    The serpent has a slightly higher ROF and less recoil but the VX has a shorter reload.

    The high ROF weapons are almost universally considered better in CQ, and the damage falloff is no worse than the stock solstice, so mid range should be fine.
  3. sole21000

    Personally, I'm looking for the best mid-to-long carbine. I can do well close up with any of them, but past 60 meters.....

    (Yes, LA shouldn't be engaging that far away, but it happens when defending small bases)
  4. Extremite

    Honestly, just stick with the Solstice or the Solstice SF. They seem to be just what you're looking for.
  5. Wrel Developer

  6. Marked4Death

    For VS the only carbine that comes close is our "NC style" carbine the pulsar c. Like NC weapons you can get the adv forward grip, compensator if you prefer and High velocity ammo if you prefer.
    You can't snipe with it like the NC high damage carbine, and at 100m you do about 30 less damager per shot than their high damage carbine, but it's the closest carbine for VS.
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  7. JohnnyMaverik

  8. Flying Mug

    Of the ones I have, VX6-7. Get right on certing the advanced laser sight.
  9. altonyc

    What everyone else is saying. VX6-7, and get the extra 200 certs for a adv. laser.

    LevelCap's Review:
  10. WV17

    Nova slugs.
  11. sole21000

    Many thanks, I envy the NC weapons for having long-range capability right out the box lol.
  12. Marked4Death

    Yep, and they envy us :)