Vs flight outfit?

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by bloodmarine118, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. bloodmarine118

    I'm a fairly decent pilot looking for a vanu flying outfit that actually gun when someone ask to gun for they lib
  2. Codex561

    I can not be certain of this but: No outfit will let a random guy order people to gun for him. You might as well just join random squads.
  3. Magikarpin

    My suggestion would be to just fly around and find out who the other good pilots on your faction are, get to know them. On the VS the TCF8 and GAB outfits regularly run air squads, so that would probably be your best starting point. Just try and contact them in game when you see them flying around ;)
  4. equinub

    Just find a "GAB" guy and follow him around. He'll eventually pull an ESF / Liberator and join up with the air group.

    Then stay close as possible to calopix watch and learn, do the occasional a2a missile assist damage and share in the victory kills. :p
  5. LuckyMaverick

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