VS ESSR: Shade general discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Dasparian, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Master

    ok i have to ask. y is the beaver messing around with a box? The box is upside down, clearly that beaver is a rebel. The one climbing the wall gave me nightmares.
  2. Rahk

    You have to watch her Youtube channel to understand.
  3. MEU2

  4. Lyel

    The lack of ammo makes this weapon highly imbalanced in... I'll give them credit, original ways >.>

    You should VERY MUCH care about how much ammo you have, otherwise, snipers are going to camp in very discrete locations and spam there all day long. Not to mention in the hands of an outfit, they could have everyone spawn one of these and not need to worry about spawning engineers. And that is not "fighting with an advantage", that's just cheap.

    The way I see this weapon, either make it a single clip of ammo with a pool of like, 30, or just remove the whole "never need to leave your scope thing", turn into a semi-auto, and find a new gimmick. Infinite ammo rarely exists for a reason.
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  5. Master

    We all have infinite ammo. Its a spawn beacon. We are just lazy and have heat.
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  6. ISKNausicaa

    right...ammo count only matters when you live long enough to take advantage of it, not as easy as you think

    engineers have infinite ammo on whatever loadout they choose to bring, that's not including their mana turrets, the AV one which is for lack of a better term a wire guided sniper rifle that massacres vehicles and is OHK to the body on any infantry without flak from render range.
  7. Rahk

    The majority of players don't live long enough to run out of ammo. For all intent's and purposes, that is a very minor aspect of the gun I would be interested in. The combination BA / SA is much more interesting, however with the automatically fire at full charge, it pretty much became a novelty weapon that I won't buy because it is more of a liability than an asset. Too bad too, because it had potential. I'll just stick to a BA and a Pistol.
  8. Master

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  9. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I've run out of ammunition while engaged in long ranged sniping twice in this game.............twice.
  10. Wobberjockey

    if there wasn't an ammo bandoleer, medics, and the fact that 1 single engy can supply a squad with ammo for DAYS i MIGHT agree that the infinite ammo was somehow OP. and that's ignoring access to enemy terminals to resupply.

    but the fact is that right now the weapon can't fire more than 5-6 times in rapid succession before you hit the heat cap. if i take a second between shots, sure i can keep it going all day, but honestly i don't feel that the total DPS/minute exceeds that that i can put out with a paralax or even the specter. once they finalize the numbers we can confirm that.

    besides. the idea that an entire squad or platoon of people with nothing but this rifle and they WOULD NOT BRING A SINGLE ENGY is laughable. especially in a camp situation.
  11. Tentakewls

    The Shade is a funny weapon, but just like most VS stuff, it under performs if you compare it to their equivalent in other factions. Infinite ammo is irrelevant and the semi auto functionality is marginally useful, which is why nobody uses the 6x+ semi auto snipers except for low BR players. The Shade is cute, but as usual, the NC equivalent will **** all over it. If you are serious about sniping, then the Parallax is just better.
  12. Tentakewls

    Or they could just spawn one engi and use the Parallax which can shot almost 3 times faster...I wonder which one is better...
  13. BloodyPuma

    To be honest. I often run out of ammo using parallax. But...
    Each time I eject, beacon again - im again full, but there is this "but". 2-5 shots and the battle is over. Defenders are already pushing the attackers base and are out of my range [need to redeploy] or our team already won. That is happening on equal pop percentages. If there is no pop balance [50% of time - morning and night] - battles last too short to take profit from more ammo.

    OFC its better to have more then less, that is why im running with ammo belt, but at the price of shade have [time between kills] its just not worth. You simply run out of targets. And that is the main problem of vet snipers.

    Few times Ive played with my son. Beacon + engi dropping me ammo. Scored 5 kills more than usuall before battle ended.

    No bullet drop is not a benefit. On 300 meters you can get fooled 1-2 times tops per session. Thats nothing. -1 to +1,5 milldot is a no-brainer.

    I never bought idea of semi-scout. Why do twice the stuff while you can do it only once and profit [OHK].

    I see no profit for me in shade.
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  14. Teoke

    I'm probably falling to the troll bait here, but I thought i would give more accurate information.

    To correct this video here:

    - The NC rifle in its current iteration has no bullet drop, and can fire 4 times for OHKs to the head before needing to reload, the Shade only fires 1 "BASR" shot before needing to cool down for 5-ish seconds.

    - At 1:26 in your video, you stated "Why not spam it". You clearly did not "spam". you can fire 4 shots before overheating if you "Spam" the gun, 5 if you let your guns recoil reset before you fire a second time

    - You do not have access to terminals out in the field to reset the heat bar for doing repeated "BASR" shots.
  15. RockPlanetSide2

    As with any gun, great players will make them work, the rest of you will be on the forums *****ing about how they are bad.

    Just stop.
  16. Wobberjockey

    the problem is that in the case of the shade, great players are simply going to use something else, and make that work
  17. Leer

    I had to comment. Your assumed arrogance is awesome.

    Everyone else stop trying to help the game with your feedback you aren't great and bring nothing to the game </sarcasm>

    I really should have let this go but the amazing post brought out the troll I have hiding inside.
  18. Tenebrae Aeterna

    We don't need "new" weapons with slight statistical variations and a reskin. Pretty much what the NC rifle is right now, exactly what the new SMG is, pretty sure the NS Semi-Auto is...but I didn't care enough to check.
  19. Leer

    I have run out of ammo a number of times and run with extra ammo now. I don't get a kill on each shot so ammo is wasted. I do plink Maxes to try and move them along, shoot mines and beacons. I often use up ammo on running targets with body shots to try and slow down a small advance (some people run for cover after taking one bullet). This gun has the potential to be a long range harassment weapon that would suit my play in some situations. I like how the cool down avoids spamming shots but wish the charge up could be aborted (with the normal cooldown) not all shots should be taken.
  20. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I'm not saying it's bad...just that it's not as big a deal as some say.