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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Skadi, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Noollab

    Lately, I've been rolling with the Pandora with Extended Mag and Laser Sight for CQC, and it's pretty badass.
    Downside is, besides the lack of ranged combat capabilities, the small ammo reserve -- Sure, I have my ammo pack, but I don't always have the time to put it down, and it's generally not a very mobile solution.
  2. Strongback

    Get yourself Slug ammunition and the red dot scope and you can counter snipers with your shotgun.
    I have Pandora as well and with slug rounds, you trade the AoE damage for 1 solid accurate shot and slower firing, but that accuracy is well worth it.

    You do in long range about the same damage as our infiltrator rifle does.
  3. Noollab

    Wait, seriously? Everybody I've talked to hated the slug ammo. I might just try that out when I have some extra cert points I don't know what to spend on. (Is ever a scenario? Not knowing what to spend ones cert points on?)
  4. Romalic

    well, the problem is the pandora doesnt auto fire fast, if it did then it would be a perfect CQB shotgun, you can quickly spam the mouse button on a nova(12 rounds with extended) and get a faster firing more ammo out the pipe weapon tbh, the thanatos is better at range, it seems to loose less damage from its shots, maybe because it does a bit more, and i use the thanatos a lot for shotgun sniping, sure i just spam it in CQB, i can empty 10 rnds in about 2-3secs if i really want to as there is no limiter on the refire, its all dependant on what you work best with, i like the eidolon but the damage dropoff seems very harsh beyond close medium range, ive shot someone 15 times to kill them, and they werent an insane long way off, the bullet speed crawls on it too
  5. Ice Pirate

    I use the vx67 on la or medic but pandora on my engi vs side due to ammo supply. Extended mag puts it at 10 rounds and I can kill anyone faster than a vx67 as long as my aim is true. Reload is a killer usually no matter the class except light assaults on vanu witht he sol that reloads in like half a second.
  6. Tatanka

    I'm starting to mess around with the Solstice SF + smoke launcher. When going in with the ground pounders, I actually feel like I have a use outside of sowing the battlefield behind us with mines and playing energizer bunny with ammo packs. I tossed smoke inside the backdoor of a tech plant and the infantry rush was able to actually get through the door and make a foothold below and on the second level.

    I'm finding that smoke used in the right situations can be that one thing that breaks a stalemate or allows the troops to move up to a better position in the more urbanized compounds.

    Now of they can only fix the bugs with switching from the under slung launcher and carbine.

    Although funny incident last night. I thought I had switched back to carbine and encountered a TR engineer in a gen room. Two opposing engineers panicking and trying to swap to a weapon has to be the funniest thing to an outside observer. He is trying to kill me with a repair tool and I end up shooting a smoke grenade in his face. He ran out one door and I ran out the other. Unfortunately, in the smoky confusion, we both ran out the opposite doors we came in and killed each other with prox mines... lol.
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  7. Thrish

    I have been using Thanatos since launch and am enjoying it. I had slug ammo on it early on, but I noticed it recently become terrible for some reason, so I removed it and have enjoyed the shotgun so much more now. I have the extended mag on it with the 2x site, which I don't usually use. Ammo can be an issue in an extended fight, but that is what the knife and pistol are for!
  8. Frankhertz

    My favorite is the select fire solstice. can have all sights, both ammo types, underbarrel shotgun, grenade launcher, and smoke launcher, and i think the vx6-7 shoots too fast and who doesnt like a 1 hit kill tube. Definately most bang for 7 bucks.

    i paid for the vx6-7 and immediately regretted it when i realized there is no underbarrel upgrades
  9. Skin

    Solstice SF with HV ammo, Compensator, IR sight and the underbarrel grenade launcher.

    the GL is the greatest thing since sliced bread, hands down. find a good spot to launch from, toss down an ammo pack and watch the kills roll in. It quite literally makes the other team cry in /yell chat due to all the one shot kills. (Warning: the GL is a bit buggy. sometimes it just wont reload and often wont change back to your primary weapon when you need it in a pinch. once those bugs get worked out...Game over.)

    The SF also has all the firing modes(Full Auto, Burst, Semi-Auto)
  10. Acuta

    #1 Weapon for me- Nova with extended mag, and IRNV (just used for finding enemies in the dark, never ADS).

    #2 Pulsar C - It came with Alpha Squad, and turns out I rather like it. No certs spent on it, and still kicks some ****!
  11. Sienihemmo

    I prefer the Eidolon (Vanu battlerifle)with a 3.4 scope (not the laser one). The damage is good enough to kill a light assault with 4 bodyshots (more than enough for me). It's semiautomatic so it fires fast enough in CQC, and it's accurate enough that in CQC you can hipfire and use the scope for medium range. The recoil isn't bad either, the aim returns to almost the same location fast enough that you can get an ROF of about 3 accurate shots per second to a target 100 meters away.

    The biggest thing for me is that it takes a bit more finesse to use than the carbines which are used just by pointing at an enemy and holding the trigger down.

    It's also available for HA but I rarely use it for him, because if I'm using the same gun for the engi and HA then I usually end up shooting rockets at friendly vehicles while standing next to them because I forget my slot 3 is a rocket launcher, not the repair tool. Damn you, muscle memory!

    Edit: In short, the Eidolon fits an engineer that actively avoids CQC and instead wants a bit more range out of his gun.
  12. Starblade

    I've just gone through the process of "what to I upgrade too" from the default weapon. Spent some time reading the posts, and ended up deciding the "Pulsar C" was for me. Turns out, it wasn't :D Used the Pulsar C with a 2xReflex sight, and I just kept dying. Switched back to the default and I was ok again.

    Then I tried the VX6-7 and It went even better. Finally my K/D ration got a little in my favour :)

    So my best advice is "try them out", what suits you might be completely different from someone else.

    Guess I just aim to bad for the slower firing "pulsar c" or something. Hopefully I'll improve soon.
  13. Moryg

    So what does slug ammo actually do? Can't check ingame atm, but what do people mean that they attach scopes on their shotguns and then snipe with them - aren't they too inaccurate at anything beyond utter close range (never tried a shotgun so far)
  14. raw

    VX6-7, the rest is the ususal Vanu garbage.
  15. 7ft Heron

    Do yourself a favor and get good with the VX6-7. Once you can hit on target with that gun, you will never lose a 1v1 (unless its a MAX and then it all comes down to what terrain you have to exploit). It has the fastest TTK of any carbine in the game and will completely dominate mid to close range once you can keep it on target. Learn to aim center mass and let the recoil naturally work your spread up to a headshot for the killing blow. The biggest mistake a medium level FPS player can make in games like this is to assume all headshots is better than anything else. The rate of fire is so phenomenal and the recoil is significant enough that unless you are at 0-2m range, you won't be able to hit nothing but headshots and all those other shots will miss. Don't get me wrong, headshot hunting has its places. In counterstrike? Yeah, get those headshots and nothing but them. Sniping as VS? Better get those headshots.

    Another tip - get good with the pistol. That thing is wicked accurate when ADS and headshots really do a lot of damage. I've taken out so many people with it instead of trying to reload my VX6-7. The downside of the VX6-7 is the ammo limit and so by becoming proficient in your pistol you will essentially eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of the weapon.
  16. 7ft Heron

    A normal shotgun round is loaded with lots of small pellets. This is why a normal shotgun blast in a game has a spread of many projectiles. A slug round is just one single giant pellet in the round. So essentially, you are getting the firepower of the shotgun concentrated into a single projectile. This means if it hits, it does much more damage than a single pellet from the normal shotgun blast.

    So if you get slug rounds and a scope, you can effectively hit people from mid range and do pretty decent damage whereas if you stuck to buckshot you would be sending a spray of pellets downrange and maybe a few would hit, causing minimal damage.
  17. Rokuzachi

    I prefer the Solstice SF or Pulsar C. I have the Eidolon but its damage doesn't seem to be high enough per shot to put targets down before they duck into cover.

    That said, the 'nade launcher on the Solstice SF is basically 1-2 free noobtoob kills per shot. Works great for pushing people out of their trenches when you can restock ammo.

    Edit: The SF can also choose between semi, 3 round burst and full-auto. Unfortunately it seems that switching fire modes, switching to another weapon and back to the SF won't save your last used fire mode.
  18. Sian

    Solstice SF has to be up there for engineer because of noobtube+ammopack shenanigans. It's probably the choice for mid-range engies because of this.
    The VX6-7 Canis is for engies who like to go indoors. I don't know why you'd want to do that but hey it's your game. XD It essentially uses soft-point rounds. Bullets are slow and reloads are long. If you don't kill your target you'd better transition to pistol quick.
    Eidolon's a good choice if you secondary HA. It's just the thing if you hang back with a guided launcher (IE be sniperbait) because you can sting those snipers right back. Also good for techs supporting the AA maxes and HA with ammo for much the same reason.

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