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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Skadi, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Tatanka

    That is correct. The Pulsar C and VX6-7 are straight upgrades from the default Solstice. The only real difference between the Pulsar C and VX6-7 are the rate of fire and cert upgrades. I think the VX6-7 upgrades (soft point ammo and double laser) tend to make it a great short range from the hip and good medium range. The Pulsar C upgrades (high velocity ammo and double grip) tend to make it perform good at short, great at medium, and okay at long.

    That said, has anyone messed arounf with the Solstice SF yet? The amount of cert options on that gun are insane.
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  2. TacCom98

    ADS = Aim Down Sights, but I prefer to say sights or something of that nature. ADS sounds too close to AMS :p

    If you want a good all-arounder, Pulsar C is a good choice for sure. Tatanka does sum up the two quite well. But there are better tools to certain jobs so don't discount the others.
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  3. Goodkat

    Thanks for you input. What does high velocity rounds do on VS weapons by the way?
  4. TacCom98

    High velocity rounds make your shots travel faster which reduces how much you have to lead your targets. But it also gives your weapon greater recoil so you have to control your fire even more so to hit distant targets. In carbines, I don't see it as particularly useful, you would be better off equiping something like the Eidolon.
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  5. Hermetheus

    I've been using the Solstice SF with 2x Reflex, Compensator, Foregrip, and Soft Point ammo.

    I really like it. I chose it because of attachment options it has available, its three fire modes, and its overall versatility. It's great at medium and close range, and its capable of getting three kills before needing to reload. The recoil is pretty rough without the attachments, but with atleast one of them to reduce that a little bit, it's manageable. I think it's also available to the Light Assault.
  6. Dixa

    i dont believe the spreadsheet is correct anymore. it can take the full clip from a vx6 to kill someone at times, whereas with the pulsar c i can do 2-3 per clip.

    the vx has huge, huge ads and hip fire spread after the 2nd shot.
  7. Tenzek

    I am not having the same experience with the VX6-7. I haven't even bothered to purchase the grip because it doesn't seem to need it, and before today I have been using it a lot. It certainly doesn't take a full clip to kill someone unless you're missing most of your shots.

    Today I played a lot of Heavy. I tried out a LMG today for the first time since beta, and it took me a while to be able to hit anything with it after being used to the low recoil of the VX6-7.
  8. VKhaun

    Aim down sights.

    Battle rifle or shotgun IMO. The engineer really has no business at carbine range. You should be indoors with a shotgun, or outdoors at decent range. You have no maneuverability, no defense, no nothing. If you want to go full auto and defend, you have your turret. I don't understand why they're a carbine class in the first place. IMO they should be an assault rifle class with the medic.
  9. TheEvilBlight

    Wouldn't mind seeing the engineer/medic get carbine and AR as options...I mean, if you want to pay for the silly certs, you can. But my play style tends to favor assault rifles over carbines.
  10. Grotpar

    I prefer the Solstice over the VX6-7.

    The VX6-7 isn't worse, but it's not better, either. And in that case, I'd rather have the lower rate of fire and faster reload.(reload junkie, I reload a Carv for 2 bullets)

    I'm definitely going to give the Pulsar C and Solstice SF a try, they seem promising as well.
  11. Dixa

    the S is interesting with the underslung for the following reasons:

    1) the grenades dont always reload from ammo boxes. it's unpredictable if it's giong to work or not.

    2) putting the underslung on changes your keybinds. for me 1 is rifle, 2 pistol, 3 repair tool, 4 med kit, 5 turret. it changes to 1 rifle, 2 underslung, 3 pistol, 4 repair tool, 5 utility, 6 turret.

    3) hitting underslung hotkey then trying to hit the rifle hotkey to go back rarely works. you first have to go to pistol, then you can flip back to normal rifle.

    all in all, very buggy. may not be worth the certs until it's fixed.
  12. Tetryon

    VX6-7 and Pulsar Compact are the only guns you really need. Both are amazing at essentially all ranges.
  13. Adhoc

    Soft Point Ammunition (100 certs)
    Suppressor (100 certs)
    HPR Reflex [1x] (30 certs)
    Advanced Laser Sight (200 certs)

    This is a build I made for my LA and use heavily on my Engineer when I'm indoors or just as a general purpose weapon. It's empties its clip extremely quickly and is great for applying damage when someone rushes the max you're repairing. You have the choice of going ADS for medium range targets, or hip fire for when you're coming around a corner. You won't be disappointed in this weapon.

    Pulsar C
    High Velocity Ammo (100 certs)
    Compensator (100 certs)
    V3 Holo [3.4x] (30 certs)
    Advanced Forward Grip (200 certs)

    This one hasn't been my favorite so far. I built it as a medium range marksman weapon, for both my LA and Engineer. It works a lot better on my engineer than on my LA, as it just isn't as effective close range as my VX6-7 build. If you're solely supporting though, and able to keep some range from you and your opponents, this is a great little gun. You can easily headshot opposing engineers in their turrets, or drop HA's that are rushing you with a well placed burst. Just make sure that you draw down slightly with your mouse as you do your bursts to keep them tightly grouped on your opponents chest. It's no different than using an MP5 in Counter Strike.

    Compensator (100 certs)
    VHO Reflex [2x] (30 certs)
    Forward Grip (100 certs)

    Built this out of curiosity and I'm absolutely loving it. At first it wasn't great, but the compensator really helped it shine. It's semi auto but fast firing when you want it to be. Extremely accurate at range, and it is by far my favorite weapon to use when supporting troops on maps with wide open terrain, like on Esamir, or when you're assaulting TI Alloys from the south. The 6x scope is nice, but it hinders vision too much for my taste. The 2x allows it to be useful in tighter ranged engagements without giving you tunnel vision. The hip fire is also decent, although I generally swap to my pistol quick if it's in really close quarters.

    HPR Reflex [1x] (30 certs)
    Extended Magazine (100 certs)

    Haven't actually used this build yet, but It's the same build I used on my Nova in beta. Pandora is the obvious upgrade if you want a CQB weapon that isn't a carbine. Although to be perfectly honest.. the VX6-7 is a much more well rounded weapon for your certs unless you really have a thing for only being able to engage at short ranges effectively. Shotguns are fun though, and good if you're only going to be fighting indoors.

    The Solstice SF is probably going to be my next weapon to build. The under slung grenade launcher is what I'm going to build it around as it's really our only option for that unique role.

    My advice would be to use the VX6-7 if you're unsure. It performs admirably at short and medium ranges, and I certainly wasn't miffed about buying it. The Eidolon is also fun in my opinion, and a great way to swap up your play style while still being an Engineer.
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  14. Sian

    +thread. I'm going to have to give the Eidolon a try, and probably the VX6-7 too. Eidolon has the bonus of also working for my HA support build, hanging back with the AA launcher and battle rifle and engaging from range.
  15. Trysaeder

    Difference between the VX67 and solstice: 11.6 RPS vs 13.3 RPS, and 30% better hip fire cone. The VX67 is pretty much better, as long as you are disciplined with your shooting at medium range.
  16. Romalic

    if your looking for a decent cqb and out to medium range weapon, use a shotgun, but with slug ammo, i use it almost exclusivly and its a killer, the thanatos with extended mag, slugs and a x2 reflex sight will let you hit targets reliably at medium range too, the damage dropoff seems better on the thanatos than the nova during beta
  17. Bubblewrap2

    You're the first person I've ever seen recommend the Thanatos over Pandora or Nova.

    In my experience, slug ammo is terrible for close quarters even with ADS (yeah, I know - I tried ADS in CQ with a shotgun due to how bad slugs are!). You'll get much greater benefit from spending those certs on laser sight or at the very least purchase the rapid firing Pandora if you're going to shoot with slugs.
  18. Adhoc

    I also am not really a big fan of the slug ammunition. I tried them out for a few days during beta on my Nova, and they just seemed to make it an 'ok' medium ranged weapon, and completely messed up my CQB play. I really think a carbine is a better choice if you are going medium range as well as short range. The shotties really shine when you keep them in short range where they're specialized.
  19. Split267

    I have purchased the VX6-7 and Eichlon battlerifle so far.

    I like the VX6-7 a lot.Great and short and mid range.

    The Eichlon however is terrible. DO NOT GET THIS. It is supposed to be a "long range" wep but it is not automatic so it lacks any type of burst to actually kill a target before they move. Single shot damage is high but not high enough to 1 shot even with headshot so it's not really worth it.
  20. 4Unruly

    I have the VX6-7 and the Solstice SF.

    I have the SF fitted with the 2X Reflex sight and the Grenade Launcher. It's very handy for times when you need to clear small rooms at outlying bases, or if people are holed up and you just need to shake them out. Kind of like rocket launcher, jr. If you use it in CQ, you can one shot people with the grenade, But if you miss, hit the knife, cause you'll never reload or change weapons in time.

    Both can hit easily out past where you can really see people very well, but one shot just tickles people and reminds them to kill you.

    Overall, I get more kills with the VX6-7 and live longer, but the Launcher on the SF is just too fun not to play with sometimes.

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