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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Skadi, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Skadi

    In hopes of finding a favorable weapon of choice without having to spend all week trialing all the guns i thought i would come to you the community.

    What are yalls favorite Vanu Engi weapons and why?
  2. Tenzek

    The VX6-7 carbine is a good weapon for all ranges. It's meant for medium range, but has the accuracy to be used at 100m+ outdoors while still using the reflex sight for closer combat.

    It shoots at a very high rate. 80ms/shot, I believe, making it one of the fastest fire rates in the game and one of the highest mid-range DPS.

    The problem with that is that it has a very small 30-shot magazine. If you open up on someone and miss, you may waste too many bullets and get in trouble.

    If you doubt your aim, get something with a larger magazine capacity.

    I am also liking the pandora shotgun for the same basic reason. It unloads its clip very fast and can wipe people out before they can react, but if you mess up your aim you'll waste a lot of your clip and get in trouble. You get only 6 shots by default. The Nova has 2 more shots per reload and fires almost as fast, but it's only semi-auto.

    I think the pandora wins out once you get the 100-cert upgrade that puts 10 rounds in a magazine. That's plenty to recover if you make a mistake.
  3. Bubblewrap2

    I prefer the Nova shotgun + laser.

    VX6-7 used to be a beast to rival the Medic's Centuri (which seems to have been removed or possibly renamed). But it got nerfed noticeably.

    So, if you are VS, unlike the other factions, you have to face the difficult choice of asking yourself in which range do you most often play in as Engie for certing?

    If you play in close quarters (CQ), especially indoors, because all other times as Engie you are in or near your vehicle, then Nova is best.

    If you play in mid range as often as close range, then VX6-7 is better than shotgun with slug ammo.

    If you play mid to long range, then the semi-auto battle rifle is probably your best bet because they will have to buff those since they are so pathetic as of now. If you cannot wait until then, get the VX6-7 rather than the burst weapons because its higher versatility justifies its cost.
  4. Skadi

    I was looking at the S Burst because i prefer abit of range, but from what you hear that makes me sad, and for close range i personaly prefer the pandora (with laser)
  5. Ohmlink

    I find the solstice to be rather effective, not has high rof as the VX6-7 but quite accurate.Also has an extremely quick reload.
    The only real downfall of the VX is the fact if you miss your target you'll probably not kill the guy you were shooting with out having to reload. Thing shoots so fast, but if you are good at aiming it melts faces.
  6. Marzipanzer

    The VX6-7 will never leave you feeling undergunned in a close quarters fight, and it's fairly effective out to medium range.
  7. Marzipanzer

    Actually, I just tried the Thanatos and the Pandora just after making that last post and... surprisingly, I feel less effective than if I used the VX6-7. Up close they're on par (generally two shots to kill with the Thanatos and Pandora, which is more or less the same TTK as the VX6-7), except missing is punished harder with the shotguns. Nothing new there. At anything but breathing-down-your-foe's-neck range, though, I found myself wanting my trustworthy, reliable bullets.

    The Eidolon has potiential, though. It's a pretty handy rifle.
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  8. Ashur

    I'm using the Solistice variant that has a choice between burst and single fire mode, the reason being that it feels exactly the same as the default gun but has a ton of attachments you can use on it.
  9. Tenzek

    The shotgun's TTK is less than half of the VX6-7 at point blank, but only very slightly less at 10m.

    Past 10m the carbine wins out.

    The real benefit that the shotgun has at 10m, though, is there is no need to ADS. You can remain more mobile with the shotgun, but it's harder to be precise in an area crowded with friendly troops as well.
  10. Bubblewrap2

    Main reason I prefer shotgun to VX6-7 in CQ, even though I ADS every single other infantry weapon, is that it is lag-friendly. Even if its TTK were identical to VX6-7 headshots, it requires less ammo for a kill relative to its magazine, so you get at least one more chance to reset either an initial bad aim or more likely if you or the enemy lag (since it happens so commonly, I think of as "out of phase"). As mentioned already, if you miss with any shots with a VX6-7, you better hope you get a kill.

    But yeah, without slug ammo, shotgun is highly ineffective at anything but the shortest range, so any other non-shotgun rapidly outscales it.

    It's kinda funny, that my gun usage has changed as the beta evolved, regardless of weapon nerfs or buffs. As the beta/game became laggier and laggier due to network code, server changes and more players, I naturally switched out of what was becoming less effective and into what I found worked...
  11. Romalic

    the shotguns take practice and luck to use effectivly at close range but if your more of a support eng, repairing maxes, dropping ammo, defending cap points like i am i find the slug ammo and a x2 reflex makes you a killing machine, people come in, you nail them, its accurate, has great stopping power and fast reload, i used the nova exclusivly during beta once they released it and ive unlocked the thanatos now, tbh the thanatos feels like a step down in stopping power, it has less rounds(6) than the nova(8), and the added bonus is you can reliably hit a target at range too, and not just scuff his armour
  12. Erendil

    Just wanted to point out that @10m there's no need to ADS with the VX6-7 either. Its CoF is tighter than the default carbine, and as long as you only move side-to-side you can land all of your shots out to 20m or so. With a laser sight equipped it's closer to 30m.

    I can't speak to how the shotguns compare to it since I've not used any of them (shotguns aren't really my style - I prefer the precision of bullets :cool: ). But when I use the VX6-7 in CQC I certainly don't find it wanting for the task. :D
  13. Tenzek

    You don't have to ADS to hit your target, but you do to hit him in the head reliably. If you're not doing that, the shotgun (both Nova and Pandora) TTK will still be superior at 10m assuming both guns are equally upgraded. If you can guide most of your VX6-7 shots to the face, then it will kill faster. At 10m the shotgun spread is too much to put enough pellets into the smaller hitbox of the face, and trying will mean more pellets totally miss above and to the sides.

    I prefer the mobility and the superior damage per clip of the shotgun if I am fighting indoors and don't expect to be facing distances longer than 10m. I find that I can't reliably hit the face with the carbine while moving without ADS past about 4m, and in that range it's virtually impossible to mess up your shotgun shot anyway.

    It seems to always be easier to kill a MAX with the carbine, though.
  14. Noollab

    Pulsar C! :D I'm loving that weapon. (I know, I know, Alpha Squad and all that)
  15. Goodkat

    I'm using it as well. Is it exclusive to Alpha Squad? If not, what is its station cash/cert cost?
  16. Goats

    It costs 250 certs, which I think is 500 SC (not sure, have to check in game some time). I tried it out with the trial, it's pretty nice. Might buy it.
  17. Tatanka

    I've spent a fair amount of time with the Pulsar C, VX6-7, Nova, and the Eidolon.

    For all ranges, I've found the Pulsar C to work best for me. I tried the VX6-7 for an evening as a replacement and just didn't have as much success using it. Which I find odd since the two are fairly similar. I think the VX6-7's higher rate of fire is what throws me off. I seem to always get more rounds on target with the slightly slower firing Pulsar C. I find it's also easier to do controlled bursts with the Pulsar C.

    If I know I'm going to be doing a lot of CQC (such as the early stage of breaching a dome) with few faction mates around, I will use the Nova. It's a beast that can take down several enemies in a single clip. It hits so hard with so few rounds that it really seems to surprise folks. However, if I'm doing CQC with the Zerg, the Nova has to go back in the locker and the Pulsar C comes back out. Unlike a carbine, if you get one friendly running in front of you, chances are you've blown them away before you can cease fire.

    I've tried to fit the Eidolon into my kit, but I just can't get a feel for it. It hits like a ton of bricks, but I find it impractical if you get into mid or close range. And if I'm at long range, chances are I have better things to be doing than trying to play sniper.

    If only we could carry dual Manitcores. With the ammo pack bugs the past few evenings, I've come to appreciate that pistol as a backup weapon.
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  18. TacCom98

    As far as the Eidolon, I've found that even at mid range it's a beast. Because of it's semi-auto nature I am more easily able to put more rounds on target and not have nearly as many go off. Even in some cases such as raiding buildings you can put accurate fire in the smallest cracks at times. Up close you can always just tap and hope for the best, it still has 20 rounds available. Overall I've found it to be a very reliable weapon for me and it's my go to zerg weapon due to most zerg fights being in outposts and usually at longer ranges then in your face. I've also put a laser sight on my Manticore and it's also made a good back-up weapon for close up engagements with the Eidolon.

    Up close it's a tossup between the VX6 and the Pulsar C. Pulsar C is much more versitile and controllable. Plus the 2nd tier forward grip does allow for some scary accurate fire at mid range while still being very effective up close (not as much as a few others options but I hate being stuck in any scenario where I can't effective fight back. The VX6 plays almost the opposite role. It's semi-controllable in burst firing but you have to be careful with your trigger finger because it just spits out bullets. But up close with tier 2 laser it's cone of fire is scary good, you don't need to sight it easily up to 20-30m.

    I personally havn't used the shotguns much, but going up against other shotgun users I can usually handle my own with the VX6 up close, whereas most other guns would need a little more distance to come out on top.

    During the beta and still into launch, I've never felt myself outgunned in a firefight very often as an engi. The engi is a bit squishy and doesn't have as many tricks up thier sleeve but the gun selection is still formidable.
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  19. Goodkat

    Thanks for the input guys. It sounds like the Pulsar C is a decent jack of all trades weapon. Do I have that right? Would you say it is a straight up improvement from the stock Solstice?
  20. Sadim

    What is ADS?

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