[VS] Deathwatch Gaming - Tactical Teamplay [DWG]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by cassan0va, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. pnkdth

    We'll bring plenty of teabags. Hurr hurr.
  2. Nexium

    Pretty much the only VS outfit that doesn't solve everything with a multi-outfit 40 MAX rush - respect you guys for doing your own thing.
  3. AlphaRomeo

    Some casual play during double XP weekend

  4. Surt

    Ah OK... the Vanu Mercenarys. ;)
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  5. Felkuro

    Those neverending updates! D:
  6. AlphaRomeo

    Blowing off some steam after an evening of tactical play and wiping out enemy outfits :p

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  7. Swellzong

    How about a little magic bump?


    Love DWG and love being back.
  8. cassan0va

  9. Felkuro

    All hail our new glorious manager vatelfak!
  10. Mozmen

    heh its funny thought its been a year to get back to the game again, i wished i could stay and see your reply ,i was gonna stay to join you but sadly the game didn't want the same thing, it banned me for nothing after charging the acc with 15$ so i got made and deleted it but i just got back today any way...well its gonna be weird question but is this post is still up ? i mean can i still join you ? and can u still teach me how to fly properly? thnx...
  11. Reagerrr

    nice to see DWG back in force
  12. OstLaberFriese

    Awesome new drill videos
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  13. Bvenged

    Good video, professional tutorial. DWG members should be grateful and VS strays should seriously consider joining you for more stuff like this.

    But no Bounding Overwatch? :p
  14. Banelos

    Some new DWG Compilations of fun moments from our main man SkyAero. They represent well how we as an outfit gets stuff done and have a ton of fun while doing it :)

    Recruitment is open and a lot less strict now than it used to be, check it out:
  15. AlphaRomeo

    It's in production, along with a few more.

    And the newest compilation

  16. OstLaberFriese

    Keep it up guys!

    More recruits!
    Give us even more skilled teamplayers!
  17. OstLaberFriese

  18. cassan0va

    Going through a reformation but on the rise again:)
  19. cassan0va

    We are starting to make our pressence known again:)
  20. Caelestrasz

    Bump, da le Bump!

    DWG making a come back after a much needed break!
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