VS complainers are you..

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  1. Collin

    Just came from Miller - Just amazing aleart starts and everybody naaa we don´t fight the VS and lets log off. TR and NC numbers dropped to under 30 %.

    VS wins 40 to 50 % of all alearts. It does not matter what stats you Show them the Betelgeuse and Orion the TOP KILLERS on all Servers of all weapons seem to be fine. Now the TR get something they can compete with and AN ARMY of VS WHINERS come to the Forum.

    I really have to ask my selve does VS pay North Koreans as Propaganda ARMY on the FORUMS.
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  2. Takara

    Yes, I have an escrow account I use to fund fifteen individual Korean families. I even send them pumpkin spice donuts in the fall. They are pretty good kids...you leave them alone.
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  3. asmodraxus

    TR are their victim complex

    Please give generously to fund more TR OP weapons


    To keep elmo happy
  4. Villanuk

    SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, dont mention the Betelgeuse and Orion because they are perfectly balanced *cough *, the VS only talk about everything else that isn't OP but are blinded about the obvious and hope moaning about anything else will take away the attention from these, but the Bete, well thats just an utter disgrace how long that is allowed to abuse the game, must be the devs play VS HA, its the only explanation.
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  6. Ballto21

    complaining about complaining
  7. asmodraxus

    Well the Orion technically needs a buff as its KPH and KPU are lower then its counterparts the Anchor and MSW, but as a starter weapon it gets more kills, and has a higher KPH/KPU then the other starter weapons, but then same goes for the starter sniper rifles except its the NC that luck out.

    The Auraxium guns well they are merely variants of the starter weapons and the VS get the Orion with an heat based mechanism so of course it will do very well, the heat build up might need to be tweaked along with the heat dissipation.

    But hey TR are just as blind Prowler main guns alone are somewhat OP with them having the top KPH, KPU, and high VKPH, VKPU but hey they ARE perfectly balanced along with pre-nerf Fractures, pre-nerf Strikers /s off

    TR need to man up and grow a pair. Then get over the victim complex they have developed.
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  8. Flag

    At least there's no downvote function on the forum. Unlike on reddit...
  9. Shadowomega

    A few of the Devs wanted a feature like that.

    My question is why do people keep making these threads only to get them shut down due to the amount of insult throwing always occur?

    I actually feel sorry of Radar.
  10. Scorpion97

    You again?!
  11. Shanther

  12. Jubikus

    This thread serves no purpose other than to create an unneeded argument of nerds on the internet.
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  13. Villanuk

    Im sorry but i didnt here see you mention the Betelgeuse and your thoughts?
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    The Betelguse is an attachment-less Orion with a heat mechanic on it.
    Making the two somewhat interchangable in this regard. Orion has ammo, but also a rail attachment, the BG has it's fancy mechanic. Damage, CoF, RoF etc etc are otherwise the same.
  15. Takara

    Not true...this thread brings down the plight of unfed north Korean people. More of you should hire them so they might eat and not get the remains of food that even Kim Jong Un won't point at.[IMG]

    Also...this is where North Korea gets notes on international diplomacy.
  16. BlueSkies

    Wait... are you saying that isn't the entire point of the internet?!?
  17. Jubikus

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  18. DeadlyPeanutt

    I don't get this stuff about the VS always winning. I was playing with a large non alert platoon on miller today and we were kicking plenty of VS behind. We took a heavily defended bio lab, and a few other bases. We lost a couple of fights, but won more than half.

    I play VS on Connery and we win some and lose some. We lost an alert to NC the other night when I was on.
  19. Villanuk

    But missed off that its grossly over powered, or are you saying it not?
  20. Flag

    The Betelguse? No I don't think it's overpowered. It is strong, yes. Very much so.

    Although on that note, you obviously do. What part offends you?