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  1. XDgeek123

    So me and my friends formed an Outfit a day or soo ago and we are very organized outfit with mostly playing on evenings and doing outfit squads....

    We are happy to help...and if you are looking for fun gameplay and organized squads feel free to join ;)....the DECAL is comming soon :)

    Name: Storm of Cataclysm
    Tag: SOCM
    Server: Cobalt(EU)
    Faction: VANU

    Also you can join up to our steam group....Storm of Cataclysm ;)......where we are going to display info and all the events for grouping .....also there will be a lot of conversations ;)
  2. darthfinder

    Any chance i can join? I'm not a very high level and I've only just started playing it again but i would like to play with some people, thanks.

    PS. I can't find your steam group
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  3. velie12

    if you want to join you should leave your playername behind or you can find us and join in the ingame outfit browser
    btw: any player that wants to cooperate(and doesnt violate obvious rules) is welcome!
  4. velie12

  5. velie12

    we got alot of new members, but we can still use more