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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chopptimus, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Chopptimus

    I want to try VS LA and i want to know which guns to sink my certs into.
  2. TheEvilBlight

    Could trial the shotgun and see how it works for you.

    Do you have any issues with the starter carbine?
  3. Perk-i

    VX6-7 is beastly at middling short to short range. I honestly don't see any point in anything but that or the shotguns for LA. None of the other Carbines are good enough at medium to long range to give up the short range advantage. You have mobility, use it to close the gap instead of trying to fight against LMGs and Assault rifles at range and then chew them up with your insanely low TTK. If you want to fight at range, roll an infiltrator~
  4. grin

    I agree with above suggestion. VX6-7(1000c) + Reflex or whatever sight and soft point(100c) for even more devastation. The only other choice I would go for is the Sostice SF(500c) for the grenade launcher(100c). This is actually a cheaper route and adds a new weapon for versatility.
  5. Vortok

    Is unlocking a gun a universal unlock for both LA and Engi or does each class have to pay the (usually 1k) certs? Or with pistols as well that anyone but a MAX can use.
  6. Velron

    I didn't like the VX6-7 over the NC's starter Mercenary 19 or w/e at first

    But now that I've got quite a bit of certs into it and have started to use it more to its strengths, I love it.

    I've gotta agree for VS LA, VX6-7.

    My setup for it currently is

    Soft point ammo
    Reflex site (I throw NV on at night, amazing scope!)
    Laser sight (saving for stage 2 now)

    Basically totally agree with the above poster, flank and unload a bunch of bullets into their back. VX6-7 is amazing for this.
  7. Velron

    Unlocking the weapon and its certs affect all classes that can use that weapon. Lucky for me since Engineer is the only other class I play much (when pilot or tank driver)
  8. Erendil

    This, except that I roll Engie (w/ Eidolon) or HA (w/ Eidolong or SVA88) if I want to fight long range.

    The VX6-7 w/ soft ammo and Level 2 Laser Sights is a monster. In a good way (well, for VS anyway :D).

    EDIT: Velron, you're gonna LOVE the Level2 Laser Sight! :cool:
  9. Tenzek

    The VX6-7 has to be in the top 3 best overall weapons in the game.
  10. Maeludir

    Currently the VX6-7 is hands-down the only weapon you want to use. When the weapon attachments/ammo finally work it'll be different - the potential versatility of the Solstice SF is amazing, but reliant on unlocks which currently either do nothing at all, or don't do what they're supposed to.
  11. Lovefistt

    The grenade launcher is incredible, that alone makes the Solstice SF my gun of choice
  12. Chocobo

    VX6-7 is beastly. I'm not convinced Soft Point Ammunition is worth it, if the numbers I've read are correct. Solstice SF is a solid all-around weapon, especially if you want to have smoke/grenade launchers in your toolkit.
  13. TheEvilBlight

    I haven't bought the VX6, but the pulsar c that comes with alpha squad is pretty good. However, I'm not using my LA at close enough range...and maybe I would need a shotgun or a VX6 for that. I'm meh with the Solstice.
  14. ghnurbles

    Agreed, if we ignore all the LMGs. Because those things are ******** at the moment :(
  15. Sjael

    I never leave home without my trusty Pulsar Compact. With 3.4x scope, HV ammo and advanced foregrip. I'm not terribly into the in-your-face intent for the LA though.

    I do wish that LA got the Battle Rifle. :p
  16. Fenrys

    If your aim is perfect, the VX6-7 is pretty much instagib at short range.
    If your aim is not perfect, the small magazine and long reload is a liability.

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