[VS] Carbine Choice?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CoopTang, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. CoopTang

    I'm new to the game and I'm wondering what carbine I should go for. I'm leaning towards the Pulsar C, but I've also heard the serpent and the quicker firing carbines are better. Suggestions?
  2. Ashur

    I'm using the pulsar SF (I think that's the name anyway) due to the fact that it's the only one you can modify with both under barrel attachments and different ammo. It's weaker than every other weapon but the way I play that's not much of an issue when you consider the fact that you get a grenade launcher/shotgun for those tricky situations.
  3. Prince Planet

  4. ghnurbles

  5. Unnoan

    What is better for medium to long range, VX6-7 or Solstice SF?
  6. Lothan

    The best for long range on Light Assault right now is Pulsar C or Solstice SF.

    Grab a 6x scope, Forward grip (Advanced Forward grip for Pulsar) to reduce recoil, Compensator Barrel to reduce recoil more, and Standard/Soft/HighVelocity ammo depending on what distance and how much shot lead you can handle. Jump Jet to a nice Tree or ledge and enjoy. :D

    Personally, I think Pulsar C is better for killing, but I actually use the Solstice SF due to much faster reload time which has saved my butt more often then I would expect.

    Hope that helps. Happy Christmas Plantside 2-ing! :)