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  1. Eternaloptimist

    Looked it up last night and it is actually the Terminus I was thinking of...............anyone have any feedback on using this AR?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Iridar51

    That's not how horizontal recoil tolerance works. Higher value doesn't necessarily mean less stable recoil. You can learn more here. In case of Pulsar, its actual horizontal recoil stability is between Cycler and Gauss Rifle:

    Pulsar VS1
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,165
    Max: 0,4

    Pulsar VS1 Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,123
    Max: 0,3

    T1 Cycler
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,184
    Max: 0,45

    T1 Cycler Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,139
    Max: 0,338

    Gauss Rifle
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,144
    Max: 0,35

    Gauss Rifle Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,108
    Max: 0,262

    Lower vertical recoil is huge for comfort. Solstice is one of my favorite carbines specifically because of nearly non-existent vertical recoil, it's basically point and click. And Pulsar VS1 gets one of the lowest vertical recoil per second among primaries. It's nothing to scoff at.
  3. BrbImAFK

    This is true. However, vertical recoil can be compensated for because it's identical every kick. Horizontal recoil, however, is semi-random and therefore cannot be compensated for, meaning that in terms of accuracy, horizontal recoil is much more important than vertical recoil. At least, imo.

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