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  1. Eternaloptimist

    Looked it up last night and it is actually the Terminus I was thinking of...............anyone have any feedback on using this AR?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Iridar51

    That's not how horizontal recoil tolerance works. Higher value doesn't necessarily mean less stable recoil. You can learn more here. In case of Pulsar, its actual horizontal recoil stability is between Cycler and Gauss Rifle:

    Pulsar VS1
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,165
    Max: 0,4

    Pulsar VS1 Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,123
    Max: 0,3

    T1 Cycler
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,184
    Max: 0,45

    T1 Cycler Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,139
    Max: 0,338

    Gauss Rifle
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,144
    Max: 0,35

    Gauss Rifle Forward Grip
    Avg. Horiz. Deviation: 0,108
    Max: 0,262

    Lower vertical recoil is huge for comfort. Solstice is one of my favorite carbines specifically because of nearly non-existent vertical recoil, it's basically point and click. And Pulsar VS1 gets one of the lowest vertical recoil per second among primaries. It's nothing to scoff at.
  3. BrbImAFK

    This is true. However, vertical recoil can be compensated for because it's identical every kick. Horizontal recoil, however, is semi-random and therefore cannot be compensated for, meaning that in terms of accuracy, horizontal recoil is much more important than vertical recoil. At least, imo.
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  4. zarzloy

    H-V45 and only the H-V45.
    If you looking for gun which kills opponents and not for gun to bite the dust with. All other ARs are too slow to kill enemies before they kill you. H-V45 can, and in most cases it does kill shielded Heavy Assault - because you strafe left-right with 0.75 ADS multiplier and enemy misses, but in the same time shielded heavy is slowed by his shield and his head is perfect for scoring headshots. Being superagressive with H-V is the best tactic, especially then you running near corner or other cover. You see enemy first, shoot first, and because of rate of fire the enemy does not have time to react, run or fight back or to try to avoid your fire. Any other slow ROF gun, even in case you shoot first, give enemy enough time to move from your crosshair and to hide in cover or worse - fight back and kill you, because you already wasted half of your mag.
    Long reload for H-V is not a problem because of agressive tactic and placing yourself near cover or corner to run and reload in safety, heal yourself and regen shield. Enemy cant kill you when you reloading because enemy is killed by you first.
    Long distances is not H-V designed for, but even in such circumbstances this weapon can hit hard for short period of time enough to wound enemy and make him run to cover. But fighting on long distances is not good for medic at all, because of enemy infiltrators/wehicles. Let the crowd do this work for you.
    In summary, H-V45 is superfun and dupereffective. With it my playing experience chanded from suffer mode to punisher mode. Dont let other guns distract you from the right choice, grab H-V, check your mouse and mousepad for good positioning and fear no one! Its their time to fear for you!
  5. Corezer

    What's wrong with the cougar? it competed with the razor before for 2nd in precision carbines (mag size and recoil pattern vs precision and reload speed) but now that it also got a RoF buff it competes with the Pulsar C for the top tier slot imo.
  6. Corezer

    only if you have a consistent vertical angle.

    There's a reason low v-recoil guns are favored by MLG players, just because you can do something doesn't mean it doesn't cost anything to do it.

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