VS AS ONE (For Power, for technology, For Auraxis)

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Infinn, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. LOLZebra

    I'm downs.

    Let's just have a platoon leader channel though and coordinate that way, while the rest of the outfits sit on their respective TeamSpeak/Mumble servers, otherwise we'll have like 300 people all trying to talk over each other.
  2. Infinn

    Thats what I planned.. I just want to meet with the leader for a brief talk thru
    WE are doing it on ts.bofb.org in a locked channel that is moderated by Slayerghost
  3. Infinn

    "the vanu Infinn is moving very fast most likely due to fear. However it working and I fear that they are going to beat us to orginizing the outfits into a strong force."

    "I am terrified to see the Vanu zergs tonight."

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  4. Infinn

    ALL OUTFIT LEADERS JOIN ts.bofb.org at 6pm est or whenever possible. We will talk out a few plans and then use the order and leader chats in game
  5. LOLZebra

    Yeah I will be there in a few hours to coordinate with everyone.

    Things we should discuss
    --> Outfit sizes / squad sizes
    The outfit I'm in is way smaller than PLOX or PSOD. So we could possibly be used to cap / defend small bases and call in reinforcements when we see a zerg or squads/platoons incoming to a territory.

    --> Strategy of quickly capping bases.
    I have noticed the NC have been using an engineer, medic, and dual AI max to run into Cap Points / Generator rooms. They also use this combo to defend as well. Medic stays out of the way, engineer keeps healing and providing ammo while the max shreds everyone up. Anyone who has dual anti infantry guns should be a max.

    We also don't need an entire zerg to cap one point. Capture XP is just about as large as 1-4 kills anyways. 1 Squad could go to each connecting territory to have maximum multiple capping.

    --> Anti-Air
    Just have a dual burster max or 2 in each sunderer. When under attack they get out and clear the skies.

    Will be on the TS in a few hours.
  6. SlayersGhost

    LMFAO Where did you see that at Infinn?
  7. Infinn

    I am in TS3 with Slayer, waiting on the others.. Ts.bofb.org no PW
  8. Infinn

    Well Done VS, even with a 3% population deficit on Amerish the entire time, we still pulled out a win on overall territory and should have had the Bastion Win but sadly its hard to overcome 2 factions attacking the same facility. If not for the NC in the north.. We would have had a clean Sweep on the server.
    Want to give a special thank to

    and SLayersghost for letting us use his Teamspeak.. Couldnt have done it without him
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  9. TheHalo1Pistol

    Had some fun. Blew a LOT of TR up. Saw upwards of 3000 tanks overall tonight, started up 7 zergs (not including the galaxy and flash ones) and got about 200 certs. Looking forward to working with you all again, and I hope some people's negative opinions about me changed. Thanks for the great night!
  10. SabreNation

    Awesome job last night everyone. I can tell you on behalf of SPARTA that we had an absolute blast. That was the most organized I have ever seen Vanu and the results speak for themselves. Despite being outnumbered on the continent for the duration of the event we fought every competition to a draw or victory. I know TR technically "won" the second but that was because they held it at the start. It was clear very early on that the fight there was going to be a stalemate.

    It was a great time and we all look forward to doing it again in the future.
  11. SlayersGhost

    NO the Big thatnk you should go to Infinn for working and setting all this up

    And I also Hope that This alliance will be lasting..Made some new good friends last night and ALL ARE WELCOME to hang out or use Our TeamSpeak any time @ ts.bofb.org

    Also We are setting up a Alliance site @ vstorganization.com
    I hope all Allied Outfits register and Use this tool for Vanu
  12. SlayersGhost

    Lets keep this going.Maybe have a weekly Coalition on a large scale.Maybe Have a Outfit taking turns "leading/hosting" a planned event/attack plan...Infinn did a Great Job at it one OUR first attempt at inter outfit coalitions...Who will step up and "Lead" the next wave of Vanu greatness...
  13. TheHalo1Pistol

  14. Infinn

    Sounds good
  15. SabreNation

    Count SPARTA in, we generally hold weekly ops nights on Fridays anyway.
  16. SlayersGhost

    Kool Halo Well Its looks like as of now( and its stil early) that SPARTA and BandOfBrothers are backing you up..make your game plan and get with us as soon as possible
  17. vanorfeadiel

    Divided-Allegiance will be with you for the next op and the glory of Vanu.
  18. Manasi

    Vanor and I both agreed that we would be there for the next OP we look forward to working with you all.

    in Game we are XDAX also known as Divided-Allegiance.
  19. TheHalo1Pistol

    Alright I will join your team speak some time and we can sort things out!
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  20. SlayersGhost

    Please start adding the outfit leaders ingame my IGN is slayersghost
    Kool man get with me sometime in the next few days

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