VS and TR MAX's need to be made like NC MAX's

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MykeMichail, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. MykeMichail

    Just increase their rate of fire to double to triple what it is now, make their damage drop off equivalent to Scattercannons, and make their cone of fire about 5 times what it currently is with massive bloom.

    Forcing one faction to have an extremely specialised unit whilst the other two factions have much more general units is simply wrong.

    The alternative is to give NC a decent long ranged weapon (don't say Mattocks, they're still shotguns) and give the other factions CQC weapons.

    TR and VS weaponry is simply too accurate and maintains a low time-to-kill over an excessively long range when compared to NC weaponry. Slugs are simply too inaccurate to be effective and can't be compared to the accuracy of VS or TR AI MAX weaponry.
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  2. cruczi

    No, let's not make factions any more trivially different from each other than they already are. In my experience the MAXes are pretty balanced with each other, I often get beaten the crap out of my TR MAX by good NC MAX players.
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  3. Kriegson

    Because you're a huge target, so it's easier to get more pellets per shot onto you. Imagine if the cycler basically had a "You MUST miss X amount of shots per this range" feature and had to reload in half the time it currently does, for twice the mount if time it currently takes to reload?

    That's about the gist of it. At best with scats you can get 3 kills, and that's only if every single pellet hits. After which you have a 4 second slow reload, 3.7 fast if you reload earlier. With cyclers you get 5 on the lowest (mercy, 50 rounds) capacity weapon with a 2.7 slow reload IIRC?
  4. minhalexus

    You forgot to mention lower magazine sizes and longer reloads.
    You can't do much without the extended mags and slugs on the NC max.

    Make the VS/TR pay for high velocity ammunition to do anything past 10m.
    Make them feel the frustration of having to reload literally every 1 second. (the reload has to be long for it to be frustrating)
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  5. Corvus Corax

    sounds like someone's been getting their *** handed to them recently
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  6. DeadliestMoon

    Mattocks need a tighter spread. Also when equipping the slugs, the COF should be reduced as well.
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    Maybe reduce the Reload for the NC max a bit but those NC maxes are awesome, just in some situations though.
    An NC max in cqc can kill a TR or Vs max easily and destroys anything in that range. They suck at long range, but when do u ever use a max at long range. NC max also has the best AV weapons. You think your shotguns are bad, try the vortexes.
  8. minhalexus

    My preferred choice over the comet if i want to do AV duty.

    These are pretty good for sniping vehicles, though this is not an option to do AI stuff.
  9. lNeBl

    I'd much rather NC maxes be made into TR and VS maxes.
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  10. Ceskaz

    CoF is alright (only mercy and blueshift are a bit better), it's the CoF bloom per shot that is crazy.
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  11. cruczi

    Instead of shotguns, give them railguns. :eek:

    MAX with a big *** sniper rifle.

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  12. Kriegson

    ******* this. Why do we use shotguns ffs? So polarized, either they are "LOLWTF0K0" or they are basically non-competitive weapons whether it is a matter of balance at the moment, or effective range (And often these are not exclusive).

    I intend to get decent with dual falcons considering it's the only sensible choice if you want to be anything more than a bludgeon that is effective within 3 meters and useless otherwise.
  13. DxAdder

    Wouldn't be easier to give the TR a non-shotgun AI weapon instead of trying to re-tune to other factions MAX's ?
  14. Killerdude8

    Rather than completely destroying the Balance of the Other MAXes, Buff the NC MAX, Same result, Less work, Less ********.
  15. SinerAthin


    Give NC MAXes access to mid range AI (Maybe two hand mounted guass weapons?)
    Give VS and TR MAXes access to Shotguns.

    Everybody wins!
    You can now wear purple and pwn people in close range with shotties, or wear blue and use something other than Falcons at range!
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  16. Tar

    Is this really a NC complaining about NC maxes? Someone wake me up please, this can't be real.
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    NC max is not underpowered it is SITUATION-ABLE
    It can kill another max in CC without losing half a bar.
    It has the best AT weapons
    It has the best ES max ability(still sucks though)
    It can 1 shot infantry

    All for the price of a 20m damage limit
    You have a ton of power, you just need to set yourself up right to preform at your highest.
    While the TR and VS maxes have more range, they do not have the anti max ability that the NC has. it is a tradeoff that you can make work. Max crashing a room full of Nc maxes is very risky. NC max is not the best, but it does 1 thing and 1 thing better than any other max ... CQC if you are not fighting in CC don't pull the max.
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  18. Latrodectus

    Or we could stop stomping all over asymmetrical faction mechanics and admit that the NC MAX plays to an incredibly powerful role while also being supported by some of the best medium-to-long range infantry weapons in the game.
  19. MykeMichail


    Yeah mate I've heard it all before.

    Situational? Why should we get stuck with a 'situational' max, whilst TR and VS get these general units which can actually fight effectively alongside other troops?

    Yes, we can kill another MAX in CQC without losing half a bar, and its generally the LAST thing that MAX will do as you're then stuck with a 5 second reload before you can kill anything else, or you charge out of the fight. You can charge once every minute so BIG DEAL. I have a half decent chance of killing an enemy MAX and escaping to continue a fight every minute. Screw that.

    Best AT weapons? Since when? By who's measure? Against what type of vehicles? Falcons are basically on par with Comets, but with Falcons you need to account for drop. Ravens are severely range limited and are require you to expose yourself to enemy fire whilst guiding every last shot to the target. What's so great about that?

    Best ES MAX ability? Lets say for instance that this was infact the best - its so good that no one uses it. I still see TR MAX's locked down dropping enemy tanks in seconds and I still see ZOE MAX's ice skating around rooms of infantry to the Benny Hill theme. The only time I see someone using the Aegis shield is when they're trying to prove how useful it can be before they get C4'd by a light assault. Aegis shield takes away the one thing the NC MAX needs to be useful - the ability to close distance or escape quickly.

    And again you can only 1 shot infantry with an extremely close range shot to the head, which rarely, if ever happens. Otherwise you need TWO hits to kill infantry. Just because they're fired at the same time doesn't make it one shot. That would be like saying "TR MAX's can 3 shot infantry!" because 125 damage per arm, 2 arms and 3 shots per arm to the head is 1200 damage (assuming 1.6 head shot multiplier).
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but still spray&pray more fun then stucking at reloading shotguns.