VS and the religious element

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  1. RIctavius

    Okay are you going to take the lore serious, or be a ******* troll - if so end the conversation.
  2. RIctavius


    The authors of these arguments forgot one fundamental FACT - THAT THE VS LORE IS WRITTEN BY SOE!

    (it also it should be noted - that expanding on the lore is actually NOT DISSUADED by the company)

    THE SOE LORE stipulates what before the present date occurs in each faction's history.

    Now if Ronin can't handle that actual written story foundation - then too ******* bad, be ********. I have to deal with T.R "fascism"

    BUT if you feel ultimately wronged BY A ******* STORY PLOT - Then instead of whinging to the general Planetside forum about how bad it is that Vanu are cultists (which plotwise it does ******* make sense, the elite and leader have DIED off, leaving the followers to work with the scriptures)


    WE HAVE A WHOLE SUB REDDIT DEDICATED TO LORE WRITTEN http://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetsideLore/

    I've asked Radar before via reddit to give us an official lore written forum section, but understandably he said no because of a lack of interest from forum viewers. However this ****storm of a thread has rejuvenated me to pick up the pen again (and as an amateur historian) to smack you all in the face.

    (if you thought this was too harsh, too angry, too effing bad)
  3. TriumphantJelly

    Oh. **** you then, if we're going harsh and angry.
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  4. RIctavius

    Briggs hung himself (some say) , and the original cabal of scientists were executed by the Terran Authorities. Also "Yeah we have the forums" as much as I would like it, there's no section dedicated to writing lore.

    Now my beef with Ronin is that he actually thinks Vanu got a bad rap from the lore writing..... like really?

    SOE never ever stated that writing lore-fiction or "fanfiction" was against their I.P, there were no cease and desists - there in they allow us to expand on the foundation of the lore.

    I personally don't like the generalization that the T.R gets about "fascism" - and I would agree the same about the Vanu; but the misconception of the OP that Vanu is a theocratic society based of the worship of Vanu. Which it isn't; it's based of the ideological fanaticism toward's Brigg's "teaching"/AKA Essays and journals.

    In fact thanks to Higgles for throwing a wrench in the works, apparently Briggs ain't dead! - Look up the Immortal Auraxiam pistol for the Vanu - it hints to " the never dieing leader of the Vanu Sovereignity" (paraphrasing) *SHRUG* I mean damn man.

    Waterson died of old age, at least you get to keep your messianic leader.

    Now here's the clincher, say that the war has been progressing and Vanu were really pummeled in the beginning? Wouldn't you think the fanatic/dogmatic faction inside the V.S would take over? The original intent of the V.S (or least when you look at them) was to lead an isolationist esoteric movement; when then would the need for a violent struggle have to take place? The short answer is the fuel of ideological manipulation on the Vanu soldiery.

    Vanu is not a religion of alien deity worship, it's much worse - it's a 'concept of living' ruthlessly being enforced on the Auraxian nation backed by a devoted military following.
  5. Unclematos7

    They worship the holy trinity of the gun, the vehicle weapon and the MAX ability.
  6. TriumphantJelly

    Heh, VS MAX ability....

    Wait what!??!?!? Worship ZOE?

  7. Rovertoo

    And if the children are worthy, they will be blessed with a good farming season.
  8. Ronin Oni

    I dunno, I'd still view it as science.

    I'd KNOW there were physical laws governing whatever it was they can do. I know this.

    It's fact.

    And anything that has physical laws can be reproduced and mimiced eventually.

    They might well be superior beings in a evolunary sense... but that doesn't mean they'd be worthy of worship or even really looking up to for that matter.

    Just makes them that much harder to kill :p
  9. Fellgnome

    Could just imply that he lives on through his teachings or some nonsense like that.

    "He's alive in our hearts and minds!"