VS and NC rarely battle against each other on Colbat

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  1. Zombo

    i main VS on Miller, and personally like fighting TR more, NC are kinda annoying at times because:

    once you reach a Biolab, you might aswell run against a brick wall
    Vanguards can almost always retreat before being destroyed, unlike prowlers
    Reavers with Airhammer farming infantry is more effective than it sounds
    If NC get stomped at a base, they go to a different lane almost immediately, while TR tends to let itself get farmed way more often
    NC Pilots seem to be better at avoiding my sneaky Skyguard

    THe only thing i call BS on is when i get steamrolled by TR Vulcan Harassers, but hunting them down with my AP Lightning works more often than not afterwards, and is very rewarding
  2. Terranaxiom

    Because its much more 'fun' to fight people who have weapons that lack in comparison?

    I main tr but when i want a much easier time, gd-7f....
  3. Terranaxiom

    My kills per clip with tr averages at about 1-2

    My kills per clip with nc averages at 'cheers for cod ttk'