VS and NC rarely battle against each other on Colbat

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  1. Cilrael-sa-Altarii

    I wonder if this is happening on every servers or just on Cobalt.

    It doesn't really bothers me, i mean, i can pick up the fight i want against NC or VS and it will always be a great and huge battle. The annoying part is that TR rarely wins.

    It's kind of lame: NC and VS never batlle aginst each others, when the TR win an alert on Cobalt i assume the major NC and VS outfits, which actually mostly plays against TR were not connected (btw, they use negative tactics and abuse of redeployside which really grinds my mind).

    So, i know it happens on Cobalt due to the major outfits mostly playing against TR but does it also happens on other servers ?

    If yes it means that the NC and VS playerbase knows that it is easier to win against TR which would reveal an overall underperformance for TR in equipement and organization.
    Let me explain: I can understand that VS and NC try to ignore each other: fighting VS and NC truly is boring or/and cannot be won without numeric superiority because both have effective long-range anti-armor weapons that TR lacks. (infantry play is mostly balanced, even if TR guns generaly have huge recoil, just try it out as i did but it do not really impacts the balance)

    If no, it just means that cobalt VS and NC are just.... "negative tactics users", always forcing TR to loose their batlles because it can't get enough soldiers to survive against 2 other empires.

    I know nothing can be done to change it and, as i said, it doesn't really bothers me, i'm just curious to see if it is a global ps2 fact or not.
  2. 0fly0


    Not sure about the all server but since i fight for the alert i'm maybe a good example, i let you watch my stat page and see for yourself what faction i fight the most by the number of victory.
    I'm clearly not avoiding NC, honestly it's easier for me to kill nc players than tr.
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  3. Kronnion

    Just for me I can say that I just hate to fight Vanus on Cobalt. Fighting against Vanu is just like this: Orion orion scythe orion orion scythe scythe orion orion orion rocketlauncher orion orion magrider magrider orion orion straight to the face, they are almost invisible at night without NVS and they aaaaalways just zergstomp everything..just tedious, boring and hateful. Fighting against you TR guys instead is always cool, even if NC looses. Rarely zergstomps, more than 2 weapon types, wonderful effects (on hossin it's like fighting the Empire on Dagobah xD) and skilled players and fights. I even stay in a camped base to continue to fight against TR. If I see the purple flood arriving I often just redeploy to somewhere else. Except for Outfit operations of course xD

    Edit: But regarding the increasing complaiment threads abot Vanus recently I'm not the only one who thinks that way^^
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  4. BetaGamma

    It's like mine. 45% TR, 55% NC and i really don't have the feeling that Vanu avoids fighting NC. Maybe it's different for NC.

  5. axiom537

    NC and VS fight each other just as much as they fight the TR. Your issue is you are TR so it feels to to you that the NC and VS are only fighting you, because you are not in the areas where they are fighting each other and unless you are specifically looking on the map where NC and VS are fighting each other, you really are only going to notice those areas which revolve around the TR. All three factions are fighting each other equally for the most part.
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  6. Yuki10

    Well, that's how the world works. Everyone gangs up on the weak one, no reason for two strong guys to battle each-other.
  7. MasterOhh

    Nope, that is not how alerts in PS2 work. Its usualy the faction that has the most territory after 1 hour, that gets focused by the other 2 factions. (Provided that the continent populations are about even)
    In order to win the alert, the faction with the most territory at the half time mark has to hold key nodes in the lattice for about 30 minutes against the onslaught of the other 2 empires. If they can't break through, they'll eventually start fighting each other again and your faction will have some room to expand some more. If you can't hold, you'll get zerged right up to your warpgate from 2 directions.
  8. Yuki10

    Who gives a crap about alerts. Those meaningless flashy lights no one pays attention to? Anytime alert for Hossin comes on, bigger fights on Esamir or Amerish happen. Just because no one cares about alerts or hossin.
  9. Ballto21

    >Top weapon ghost
  10. 0fly0

    You get me to many time with that troll, it's not going to work anymore :p
  11. Ballto21

    its not trolling. my statements on the ghost are things i honestly believe.
  12. 0fly0

    That's a nice description of how alert work, it's the most difficult part actually when we win and at 30 min before the end the two other faction starting to focus on you, you have to be really carefull with ghost capping, that remain me the hossin alert a few days ago when tr was about to win but decide it was more fun move a all 96+ zerg for defending amp station against 20 vanus, Tr players was so fire up by their " skillfull defence" they didn't even realize they lose 3 bases against teams of 10 players, and the OP vanu win again...
  13. Iktinios

    I can confirm this. But it's mostly the fault of NC and TR itself.

    NC seems to be really unwilling to fight against VS, maybe because the VS abuse the system to a painful grade. I don't know.

    E.g.: The day before yesterday, on Indar was no alert and the population was even. But the NC attacked TR with 85% of their pop with big battles all around Tawrich. As a consequence the VS was able to manage an assault from the north right down to Peris Amp and Regent Rock without any defense by NC. Only a starting Alert on Hossin saved the NC from being warpgated.

    On the other hand, also the TR is doing it's fair part to this problem:

    - Taking bases and cut off lattices between NC and VS.
    - It takes sometimes up to 20 minutes after taking a base, before the TR-Zerg moves on to the next base. Until then, the enemies have installed a proper defense-line
    - And many more mistakes, mostly due to really bad and stupid platoonleaders

    In consequence the VS has an easy job against TR and no need of big forces at the NC-border, because NC is busy attacking the TR. The only "fault" the VS do, is, that they use the posibilities of the game up to a point, where it is no fun any more for any player, but it is effective.
  14. Devilllike

    Lets be honest with something Either if you are TR or NC or VS all factions are rolled by players this is obvious yes?

    The thing is in a war either if its virtual or real you cant expect to win it when everybody is a random and doesnt bother to follow commands or when they just are carebears or when they just go on and do their own thing

    How can you expect to win a war when there is no chain of command and no cooperation what so ever?So far i have played all three factions and my main is TR most of the time unless i roll with my outfit i see random people invite me in squads but the thing is they invite just to invite and nothing more than that no commands no cooperation people are all over the map there are no waypoints or missions because people simply cant be bothered

    Some times i try to run my own squads but unless they are my friends they dont listen or if they do listen it will be a rare sight,most of them just ignore you and they might even go to another continenth and that is mostly the down side of the TR or so i should assume,
    As i was playing with the other factions my lvl 20 or so nc i noticed even with the starter weapons it was so freaking easy to kill anybody i dont know if it was just me but the NC weapons looked much stronger but as far as cooperation among players goes they are the same **** as TR

    Now about the vanu i made several characters along the servers over and over again and i noticed these guys cooperation is HELL ****ier than any other faction

    Engineers dont repair
    Medics dont revive
    Infiltrators dont even bother throwing recon darts

    Their faction is a mess but what they DO have is very good weapons i got the lasher and god i havent seen anything like it or the orion holy **** easiest kills i ever got and the easiest ACC in the game it self so my final assumption was that TR and NC have **** cooperation NC have really strong guns though while TR have strong guns (**** failstorm)
    But the vanu have ****tier cooperation but very good guns becaus ei havent seen anything more random than the vanu honestly

  15. FLHuk

    Fighting VS is just not as much fun as fighting TR.

    Cuz reasons.... Lots and lots and lots and lots of tiny, little, all adding up reasons.

    Personally this is summed up by trying to hit a Magrider at 300m with a Titan AP with no bloody idea which way it's going to move next.... This example will of course always be met with "I have NO trouble with this, L2P" ;)
  16. Pikachu

    I fight against the purple turds all the time. :mad:
  17. MasterOhh

    I've got the feeling that "is not as much fun" is generally to be translated to "they dare to fight back and don't die as easily as I'd like them to".

    Ever layed an perfect ambush for a vanguard and then still lost because of the skill-shield? I did (many times). And did I stop fighting my smurfy friends because of that? No, I tried harder (lol reference to the "VS is the try hard faction" thread) and every victory tasted even sweeter.
  18. FLHuk

    My fully certed Maggy is far more fun than my fully certed Vanny.. Cuz reasons
  19. Eternaloptimist

    There was a super monster grind of a battle between VS and NC on Cobalt last night. 48-96 per side stalemate went on for ages. It was good for a while but I got fed up in the end and left. I was VS. We were attacking and getting nowhere. I rolled my NC character for a change and then realised something familiar - oh no, am I back in this fekking place again? - yep....and it was the same stalemate when defending. By contrast I have found playing TR on Cobalt to be deathly quiet in the last few days.
  20. The Jiggler

    It's nice to have an overabundance of enemies! Brb, relogging TR. Seriously - not joking - i have the intention of playing TR at the moment because their world population has been the lowest (by about 10%) each time i've logged in the past week or so (which is only 3-4 times).

    Aside from that... it's always going to feel like the zergs are focusing on only one faction... because they do! You can't get a random collection of people to redeploy to another front unless they get completely (and repeatedly) wrecked or all the enemies disappear (latter is no guarantee that the zerg will redeploy to another front). The balance shifts. And you might find that TR have a bum deal right now soley due to warpgate positions on the populated continents. That is actually a bit of a persistent problem - warp gate starting positions (and associated territory) are not perfectly balanced by a long shot.