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  1. RD1349

    Anyone else notice that since VR training has the same or no limit as any other continent while being 40x smaller means that it is impossible to use. I tried getting in there and the lagg was so horrible I couldn't even log out SOE you need to create multiple instances of this SNAP!!!!!
  2. Josh Developer

    what server are you on?
  3. Strife_iH

    because its new and everyone is trying it, in a few days it will be almost empty i believe.
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  4. RD1349

    Sorry for not posting it but the sever is Miller
  5. RD1349

    Maybe your right strife but the fact still remains they need to create multiple instances for when a VR gets full
  6. Vertabrae

    Being in VR right now is like being in a major battle. Terrible FPS drops.
  7. Compass

    VR training simulating massive fights,
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  8. Josh Developer

    Have folks looking into it now.
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  9. Sinoby

    Thanks Josh, I hope it get better later on. Anyway, great work on adding VR!
  10. Locke

    I can guarantee you the first thing that 90% of users will have done when finishing loading up the game after downloading the update is to jump into the VR training area. In a few days the novelty will have worn off.
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  11. Notyoz Tacoz

    Yeah, was the first thing I did! But true, I don't see myself in the VR that often once I've tried a few weapons/attachments out. But not hating on it, it's a great idea well past it's time and finally here!
  12. joffeloff

    I hope SOE installed some stuff to take performance metrics from the VR area before they deployed it.. Ain't gonna get that many people in one place any time soon again :p
  13. The Milk Man

    What do you expect lol? When there's a major update that creates a new area, there is always lag. In other games too.
  14. Sebyos

    Pretty cool to check fps of CPUs and stuff.

    Can someone please tell me their fps in a full VR training with the latest FX like FX 8350 ?
  15. NoctD

    There will be queues for VR training soon. Its totally overpopulated!
  16. BalogDerStout

    First thing I did was try to help redraw the new battle lines... then I went to VR :p
  17. Badvudo

    I got in VR Training and could not get out.
  18. Purg

    Everyone wants to try out the other faction's toys. I have been. :D

    I'm sure it'll settle down once everyone gets their fill.
  19. AwesomeDuck

    I agree this is a problem. Maybe it was first day rush, but on Cobalt, there were A LOT of people in the main area and this was causing two problems:

    Almost nothing to shoot there
    Ears bleeding from insane gunfire

    I also noticed that VR is rather large, but dummy targets are only in close vicinity of main structure. Why? Clutter the whole area with units and people will spread out. Or maybe more independent instances of VR. Or more structures with consoles...

    I feel this really need some work.
  20. FigM

    VR is the new Indar!