[Suggestion] Vortek rotary is overpowered, buff vs and tr rotaries.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher


    "I died to it, it must be OP, pls nerf".

    Also OP just stated:

    And then:

    Because he himself has issues dogfighting.

    So what hes trying to do is pull peoples heartstrings about the airgame and say "guyz this is OP,because players like me who can't fly are getting killed so fast because we don't have situational awareness and know how to move the aircraft around".

    This whole thread is a personal argument/bias that hes trying to push as a actual issue.

    What does this even mean?(just re-read it over a few times):

    The wording is off & mostly unnecessary. If your going to say "buff the TR & VS rotaries to be more closer to the NC rotaries effectiveness", then say that!
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  2. DrPapaPenguin

    Let me put it this way - do you want to turn dogfighting into an outlasting game? Because as far as experienced players are concerned, it only benefits them, not newbies. Low TTK is pretty much an equaliser, whoever gets the drop first has a massive advantage.
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  3. Ballto21

    its not just me, its all new vs/tr dogfighters.

    never called for a nerf, just a buff to vs and tr equivilents, just like how vulcan H is overpowered atm but enforcer/saron are both getting buffs.
  4. Ballto21

    im not trying to say youre wrong or lying, just disagree with your statement, as you do mine.

    Thats quite possible, it just seems like new vs and Tr pilots get shafted with so many vorteks around without a real equivalent other than using lockons, which themselves are crutches for all pilots, but thats a different argument. for a different day.

    flying is already a very difficult slope to climb, and with one faction getting something that powerful without a real counter ould make many new pilots feel like its just pointless to try on any faction but NC, and im not the only one who thinks this, a few of my friends who are also trying to pilot feel similarly about the vortek.

    I would say the same thing about the VS, and have on the topic of LPPA and other similar things that are overpowered in their intended field compared to nc/tr equivalents
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    Scythe with 700m/s rotary, no bullet drop and Vortek dps
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  6. strid3r478

    The reaver is op because its the fastest and have the best maneuverability its freaking easy mode, end of story.
  7. WeRelic

    Care to back that one up? Mossie is the most maneuverable by a looooong stretch. Fastest, I can see with AB, but even then, I think the Mossie beats it.
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    corrected that for you
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  9. Scr1nRusher

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  10. Scr1nRusher

    Its actually the slowest without Afterburners being used.

    The Scythe & Mossie have better maneuverability.

    You haven't used a Reaver for a long period of time have you?
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  11. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, everyone claims Saron is better, but if I'm dogfighting, I want Hailstorm.

    Saron is great for a default, and if you're fighting bigger air targets or want to harass ground targets with your nosegun as well, Saron is amazing.

    But ESF v ESF?? I do much better with Hailstorm.

    Sarons got impressive sustained DPS, but you don't get to do that much sustained damage in a dogfight if the enemy is evasive at all. BURST damage is what's important, and the Hailstorm wins in that category.

    That's what the Rotary class of noseguns were designed for!

    And yes, Vortek is the best of the 3.... but as otherwise noted that's an advantage Reaver gets for being the easiest ESF to hit.

    Reavers are great at Ganking but suffer in high skill RM dogfights.
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  12. Ronin Oni

    Reaver is only a few KPH slower than the Scythe without A/B, but MUCH faster with AB...

    enough that without fuelpods the AB advantage still would have the Reaver easily win a race. With AB fuel pods it's not even a contest.

    I mean, sure, if we removed AB from ESF's, then Reaver would be slowest... but all ESF's have AB, so that statement, while true, is largely meaningless.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

    He said that the Reaver is the fastest.(He didn't say afterburners or not, so I assumed he ment general non afterburner speed)

    I was correctly informing him that that isn't the case.
  14. DrPapaPenguin

    This, and the fact that no pilot has ever gotten to being even remotely good without crashing and burning repeatedly.
  15. Ronin Oni

    Reaver IS the fastest.

    All ESF's have AB, w/ or w/o fuel pods, and the Reaver is the fastest ESF even without the extra fuel. With the extra fuel their ungodly fast (but then they have no secondary which most people want)

    Reaver is the only ESF I'll regularly pull with AB pods anymore because of how good they are on that thing.

    You can't say "Well Reaver isn't the fastest if you don't count AB" because all ESF's have AB. ERGO your speed comparrison must consider non-extended fuel pod AB and how that affects your distance over time.
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  16. Scr1nRusher

    Using AB vs not using AB.

    Without using AB, reaver is slowest

    When using AB, reaver is apparently faster, yet Racer 3 mossies + AB can keep up and out run them/run them down.

    Whats really frustrating is that the Reaver is dependent on AB. Its dependent on something temporary.
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  17. Ballto21

    i personally have an easier time turning with a reavers verti thrust, that might be personal though.
    All may be a sweeping generalization, but many that i personally know feel the same. I will list names if youd like
  18. Yuki10

    Reaver is big and slow. Vortek has very few rounds, it has significant bullet drop and it goes through ammo quickly.
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  19. Scr1nRusher

    "I personally"

    "I" this

    "I' that

    Your personal issues have overshadowed the thread.

    Look, you could have made this thread just about improving the TR & VS rotary options, but instead you had to get your personal bias's involved.

    actually cruise speed is something that is largely irrelevant in air combat. it's literally a non factor for dogfighting and in a chase scenario, if you want to take advantage of your top cruise speed, you're only really going to do that by flying in a straight line which makes you the easiest target possible. ignoring that even in the mosquito it will take you an eternety to catch up to another ESF that is flying at its own inherently inferior top cruise speed because the differences simply aren't significant enough to matter, except maybe if you're chasing somebody across the entire continent. Now the Racer airframe could make a noticable difference, though with Racer equipped you give up a huge portion of your maneuvarability for raw speed/acceleration and by that you're pretty much shoehorning yourself into a hit&run and "immediately flee when in danger"-role because you basically stand no chance in a dogfight vs. an equally skilled opponent w/ hover airframe which is not really a worthy tradeoff, at least not in our current air game. overall after burner is a much more important factor than cruise speed and Reaver is king of AB.
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