[Suggestion] Vortek rotary is overpowered, buff vs and tr rotaries.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Ballto21

    The title says it all, currently the Vortek has the fastest TTK against aircraft, and kills faster than you can turn around many times, or at least than i can as a bad dogfighter. It is something that seems to make people unable to learn to fly as they cannot reasonably respond to it. I say buff the VS and TR rotaries to have a similar, not equal to, or greater than, but closer by a significant margin. This improves the vs and tr rotaries, and also lets nc keep their hard hitting trait.
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  2. Demigan

    Or you can admit that the Reaver has the biggest hitbox and that both the Scythe and Mosquito have different advantages over it (maneuverability and speed respectively), meaning that a lower TTK is almost required for the Reaver to be able to compete?
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  3. stalkish

    a buff to what exactly, you didnt say....
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  4. Ballto21

    as a very unskilled dogfighter i have no idea what would be better to bring it more on par

    id say dps somehow
  5. Czarinov

    Vortek rotary is indeed a beast. However I don't think it's OP.

    1. With vortek you're giving up distant fight and need to get closer / rush.

    2. Rushing takes different kind of skill, but if done wrong, it's a great risk. Bigger risk than staying at distance in hover fights.

    3. While TTK is low, you have to compare with ROTARIES of TR and VS. I think other rotaries have similar TTK (bit lower, but close).

    4. Reaver's hitbox is kinda bigger. However in my experience (and I can fly both Reaver and Mossi) Reaver is balanced compared to Mossi. Overall they perform the same. Compared to Scythe... well Scythe is OP. Dunno how it stands against rushing Vortek, but I think it'll stand much better than Mossi does against Vortek.

    5. I don't agree with VS buffs, because Scythe is already better. And TR... I don't know.
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  6. Ballto21

    actually the reaver has better turning power with its improved burners and vertical thrust, scythes just get an A2G advantage.

    The reavers may have larger hitboxes front on, but top down scythes are giant, mossies have the best hitbox.

    Improved turning ability and if you read it maintaining a higher dps with the other two just getting a buff to be more on par would still give you an advantage.

    Or i may be talking out of my ***, im still new to the a2a game.
  7. Ballto21

    actually the TR mossie has a better frame, and almost all tr noseguns outperform scythe noseguns in the a2a area according to oracle.

    seriously dont see how scythes are op, i can kill them fine on my nc with his vortek on a poorly certed esf
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    And that's the whole point.
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  9. Ballto21

    its limiting people from getting into the airgame with how fast the TTK is on it.
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  10. Czarinov

    Well, don't use OracleOfDeath for creating an opinion.

    Scythe is proven OP by good pilots. Mossi doesn't have a better frame. TR noseguns do not outperform. On the contrary, Saron is the best default nosegun. Hailstorm may not be the best rotary of all three, but it's not easy to say if it's worse or not. However you don't fly Scythe for Hailstorm, but for Saron.

    PS Needler has the worst TTK of all default noseguns.
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  11. DrPapaPenguin

    And? Evasive manouvres is what saves you, not TTK. I know because I'm a piss-poor A2A pilot, but in my A2G mossie I can still evade handily.
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    air game belongs to ace pilots
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  13. Ballto21

    alright, i try not to get into arguments over which one has a better model or stock gun because of my skill level, but it stands that the current vortek highly impacts the new pilot experience
    i agree with you but the ttk is faster than most pilots can turn to or get away except those already adept at such, and they probably wont escape a saron or needler either but they have a chance at the least
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  14. Czarinov

    This has nothing to do with how hard airgame is. Really, stop using Oracle (for anything) and start playing. For starters - try to get good with Vortek and see how "easy" it is.

    In same sense that infantry game belongs to good players.
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  15. ReconTeemo

    oh look nc players butt hurt ha! and that's what you get for crying claymore being op.
  16. Czarinov

    It's about working on your awareness, man. Of course if you let Vortek user get onto your back - it's bad. With other noseguns - it may be better - but you're still very much screwed if you let someone so close.
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  17. Ballto21

    i do own it and use iton my nc alt, i even have a friend pull his on occasion for me since its fully certed

    i can reliably get 2-4 aircraft kills with it, not many but i maybe am lucky to get two on my saron laser cannon per scythe
  18. Czarinov

    Well then maybe you should use Hailstorm or even start playing as NC. Or maybe flying Scythe just don't fit your personal style and you don't know how to adapt.

    Really, once you get solid experience of flying - things will be clearer for you. You would see better why something didn't work for you. Also once you learn to dodge, those Vortek people won't be such a threat for you anymore. You just need to spot them early and get hits, while they need to rush close to you before shooting.

    PS I'm not biased in this. I don't fly Vortek. I'm judging from Needler, Mustang and M18 Rotary experience. I have no need to lie to you in this or win an argument, alright?
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  19. WeRelic

    This is the attitude that ruins the air game for everyone. Those "Aces" didn't become aces over night. They practiced, and got wrecked by better pilots to get where they are. So are you saying that they shouldn't have been in the air until they became aces? By that mentality, no one would ever fly, drive a tank, or shoot a gun.

    Instead of spreading ignorance, why don't you try to encourage people to fly? There shouldn't just be the elitist few in the air. Thats ridiculous.

    The air game is extremely easy to get into, with the exception of the raging dbags that think the air is solely theirs.

    Not calling you personally a dbag, I've never played with you, but anyone that believes "X is for elite X", is extremely shortsighted. I agree with there being respected pilots because there are some amazingly good pilots, but they should NOT be the only ones in the air any more than 2+ K/D players should be the only ones on the ground.

    Its not hard to be an "Ace" when you constantly put down any competition from upcoming players, not via in game play, but via toxicity. Besides, Aces need those new pilots to inflate their stats, otherwise their reals stats would start showing... And nobody wants to hear the ragestorm when that happens.:rolleyes:

    On topic:
    The Rotary is pretty well balanced. It actually fits perfectly in line with each faction's trait.

    Scythes have accurate, medium DPS, long range weapons.
    Mossies have high RoF, medium DPS, mid-range weapons.
    Reavers have high DPS, low range, low RoF weapons.

    Having flown all three a fair amount ( Read 10+ Hrs each... Not an ace by any means, but not uninitiated either ), I'd say they're really really well balanced for being asymmetrically balanced.

    That said, Ballto, if you let a Reaver get close enough to out DPS you, you weren't flying to the Scythe's strengths. You have a massive range advantage over them, use it. If you're just starting out, you'll start to learn where you can engage Reavers from without them ever doing serious damage, with the exception of highly skilled pilots.
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  20. Scr1nRusher


    Every single NC player didn't say the Claymore was OP.

    That thread that guy created was idiotic.
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