Voodoo Company - Boobs, Beer and Freedom Fries!

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  1. Aeflic

    Average BR of 65? Check
    322 total chars? Check
    Best NC, TR, VS outfit over 300 chars on all servers? Check
    Best NC, TR, VS outfit over 200 chars on Emerald? Check
    25 BR 100s? Check
    51 chars 90+? Check
    82 chars 80+? Check
    126 chars 70+? Check
    11 of the best SLs NC has to offer? Check
    An old zergfit trying to get better? Check
    Cut 400+ deadweight and scrubs? Check
    Still helping new players? Check
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  2. Lamat

    Slingin' big guns, throwin' down some magnetic slugs to the head of both tyrant and wretched alien lovin' scum.

    They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are the Voodoo Company and they know no fear.
  3. Aeflic

    VCO is still looking to help new players and old players alike. Give it a shot and you might not leave.
  4. Aeflic

    The rebranding and change of VCO is still underway, but so far so good and the results are showing!
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  5. Ridayah

    If you've ever been curious what awesome outfit runs and coordinated, insightful, decisive gameplay is like in Planetside 2 then what are you waiting for? VCO's got what you're after, come and join us! Infantry, air, ground, we give it our all and bases bearing our name lay testament to what we can do, and teach you to do too!
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  6. EverestMagnus

    If someone in recruitment could send me a message I'd appreciate it. I'm one of the outfit leaders of StopNDrop Company we are a tiny outfit that spun off a larger one awhile back. Because of a change in job for myself and a change in school for my co lead we no longer have the time we'd hoped to develop the outfit. We are looking at a few outfits to possibly join up with. Overall on outfit points we are the 10th highest ranked NC outfit on Emerald overall (Outfitpoints.com) so our guys do bring some real experience to the table (If you care about that kind of statistical thing). A few of us have extensive leadership experience and actually enjoy running squads, which it sounds like you need leaders.
  7. bladedcross

    I'll make sure someone get in contact with you later today, Everest. Our Official Ops begin at 8PM EST tonight. If you're around, then you're welcome to join us and see how VCO rolls firsthand, or hop on our TS3 and meet some of the guys.
  8. Grapesnake

    It's Wednsday Night! That means another night of OPS!

    If you want to see me act like a gentle peach for Daddy Aeflic, be sure to join us tonight at 8 est.

    And by gentle peach I mean consuming copious amounts of delicious alcohol.
  9. EverestMagnus

    Won't be able to make it tonight I'm afraid. I volunteer at a homeless youth drop in center on Wednesday evenings. Any other ops nights?
  10. Aeflic

    Fri and Sunday. Although you'll be missing two of the main leads tonight, but can't beat volunteering.
  11. gnometheft

    VCO is legit :]
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  12. Solidpew

    Welcome to gnome! OPs tonight VCO, let's do this. #TurnDownForButt
  13. Hatsunemiki

    VCO Official Ops! VCOOO!... Fun with acronyms!

    After a brief moment away from the battle, I gladly stepped up to roll as Alpha Lead in this evening's ops on Amerish.... and holypalooza, I got my **** kicked in! No foolin', not my best effort. It was later revealed that it all could had been just a communication error and can be remedied by spending more time with our glorious Platoon Lead and Voodoo Shipping Planetside 2 Chieftain, Aeflic. To be honest, I think we only have ever played together when I'm leading under him. There was that one casual squad with Chris in charge eons ago, back when I first started squad leading. Maybe I need to spend a little more quality time with the leads?

    BUT WAIIIIT! HatsuneMiki, you fabulous Canadian bastard! This is a recruitment forum! Should you not only display the very best side of VCO!? First of all, hell no! Bad times happen. They happen to all people, things and places. I made it my goal to post a diary entry here every time I play with VCO and so far... sorta kept it? (I think maybe three times of casual play, I forgot/didn't bother). Gotta take the good and the bad, regardless of who you roll with.

    But there was one really awesome thing that happened after ops that made everything worthwhile. After the action report and everyone logged off, one of my soldiers pulled me aside. He wanted some clarification on an order I gave early on, and he also wanted to thank me for leading and said he had fun. I simply couldn't believe it; I was making plenty of bad calls during the evening and here was someone who told me they had a good time. It means an incredible amount to hear someone say that.

    VCO, people give a **** here. Roll with us if that's missing in your gaming experience. Next ops is Friday at 8PM EST. I plan on leading again, if given the opportunity. I ain't about to let one bad game slow me down! ****** bring it! DA, GOKU, BWC... those Angry Joe guys whose acronym I forget... all of yall come out! I'm digging your graves as we speak!... Kinda pointless as everyone despawns when they die.... stupid nanites.
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  14. Lamat

    We got into a few bad situations but I still had fun. I'd rather get into situations that are too hot than too cold. I think you did well and you will only get better with time.

    OPS was fun as always! The 2 most exciting escapes when I was piloting a full galaxy, 1st a tank buster lib chasing us down, I managed to dodge most of his shots while the gunners took him out (I only wish I would have hit that TR Sunderer with my galaxy after we dropped on the base). The 2nd taking fire from all directions over a base and slipping over a hill into a small valley escaping with 1/8th HP just barely not on fire. Good times!
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  15. Aeflic

    Edited for the greater good, the greater good.
  16. NoJumpers

    Huh... shoots fired from an old friend. Figures...
  17. Aeflic

    I'm tired of hearing about being bad mouthed. Prox chat doesn't save you.
  18. MisterTwister22

    Hey. Shut up. Old friends change, what matters is you were. You both came into my thread to help me, now i help you. Don't argue over pointless ****! VCO AND LuxO are fine. outfit do what outfits do.
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  19. Aeflic

    You win this round twister, you win this round!

    Ill be so kind as to remove it from the pub.
  20. Avior

    I would like to get back in this outfit.