VOIP Does NOT work, it NEVER worked.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NyaR, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. NyaR

    So I have reported this bug twice in beta and received absolutely no support other than suggestions to update my drivers or enable voip. My voip is enabled, my drivers up to date, bios up to date, in fact audio recording and playback functions flawlessly in every single application except Planetside 2. Planetside 2 will playback all sounds other than those of VOIP, furthermore it won't record any sound.

    In the three or so months I've played this game I have not one time heard a single person speak, and my voip was enabled. One time I saw on youtube how people were talking to each other and I thought that was awesome. Now tell me why can't I talk with my squad? I've reported the bug, I've listed hardware requirements, but I did not receive a single response regarding the issue. It is getting really frustrating now as I see that more people are suffering from this problem than not.

    Win 8 x64 (same was on win7 x64)
    Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard (latest drivers)
    Sound Cards
    USB Audio Device
    AMD High Definition Audio Device
    High Definition Audio Device
    Playback Device
    Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (2- High Definition Audio Device)
    Recording Device
    Microphone (2- High Definition Audio Device)

    The default sound recorder and playback are set in windows properly to what I want to use.
  2. Ellementz

    Same problem for me, voip has not worked at all since i started playing. Sometimes I will see people "talking" like they show up in the bottom with (proximity) thing but I dont hear anything ever, and people don't hear me.
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  3. Unidus

  4. NyaR

    I'm jelly, my buttons don't even do anything.
  5. Unidus

    Have you tried switching to your motherboard built in sound card to see if it works? Couldn't tell if you were using it or a USB headset soundcard.
  6. NyaR

    I've disabled every audio device other than the one I am using, and furthermore I should not be forced to disable devices to get this to function. Nonetheless, there is no usb audio device on my system. I am using the motherboard's standard line-in that is plugged in. If you look the problem seems software-based, as pressing "test mic" or "record" does not bring about any UI change other than button animation.
  7. runekey

    Yeah VOIP is pretty buggy. It cuts in and out. Its quiet. Sometimes it doesnt even work.

    Its improved a bit since launch, but still needs work.
  8. maxkeiser

    Works fine for me - with all squads, numerous people and hours of play on all continents.
  9. C4Chaos42

    Works great for me...ehhh.umm... yeah...

  10. NyaR

    I got it to work by alt-tabbing while in game and going to sound-card options then double clicking on the default device and messing with it. Tabbed back and it started to work! Not sure what I did exactly but it has to do with alt tabbing to sound options.
  11. Aussie

    Works for me, although I do find a lot of people have their volume set too low.

    clean Vista setup and a G35
  12. Unidus

    For the volume to low fix do the following. Hit escape click the social button then click voice and chat. In the bottom right corner you will see voice options click it then you will see the channel volume like in the screenshot. Proximity Volume was at 50% when I first opened it. After putting it to full volume I can hear everyone in voice comms at a good volume.[IMG]
  13. Aussie

    Problem not my end, I can hear all the guys in my clan (who use Teamspeak regularly) quite clearly.
  14. Atromnis

    Mine works fine. There aren't too many people who use mics in the game. I don't use mine as often, because I use Dolby Axon as my chat program. If I jump in a squad that's talking, I use in-game voip. I have seen people talk over proximity, but their volume was too low. I turned them up and it wasn't a problem anymore.
  15. Schisist

    You're lucky you can't hear people.

    I could hear people just fine in beta, but ever since launch their voices are distorted and crackly, even when i speak my friend says i sound like crap in game and all the voices sound terrible to him as well.
  16. FlR3

    I could hear and transit voice great with no distortion during beta until the last 2 patches before beta closed. Now that the game is live I haven't heard anybody and can not transmit. I can hear all the sounds in the game, just no voice. I can press number 4 for prox, z for squad and so on and it don't even show up. I know it is a bug and has been reported as such, I'm just wondering when Voip is going to be fixed?
  17. Inu

    It seems to largely depend on how many people are on the server. In the morning, all forms of voice chat work, and its very clear. But in prime time, only proximity chat works, but barely. Clearly a server side issue imho.
  18. 1nfidel

    I have been experiencing the problem OP and FIR3 seem to have since Esamir was first introduced (early October as I recall). My problem boils down to two problems: 1. I can't hear anybody nor can anyone hear me 2. My UI prompts refuse to activate to indicate that I or anyone else is transmitting.

    I've been battling this issue for more than a month now, so I may have some perspective to bring. At first, I assumed it was my sound software/hardware, but considering all the tinkering I've done I have my doubts that's the problem. I attend University, so my next best guess was the school's firewall. My friends who live off campus have seen hide nor hair of this problem, so I suspect the culprit may reside in the ports the game uses for VoIP. Obviously, the best way to test this would be to take my rig somewhere without a firewall and run the game, but that would require quite a bit of work, and I don't have the transportation to manage it.

    Having thought about this problem for a while, I've come to some conclusions. First, I never have problems with other programs in-game VoIP (for instance, CS:GO's and Black Ops 2's in game voice chats work fine). Obviously, PS2's VoIP system is a bit more robust, and it's understandable that it's networking requirements would require more firewall ports and thus conflict with more firewalls (Obviously, I know very little about how firewalls work, feel free to educate me). What's odd in this regard is that I wasn't having the problem for most of the beta process. Perhaps SOE altered the ports the VoIP was using with the Esamir patch. This seems the only logical conclusion, as my school's IT staff are superbly lazy, and I doubt they add more restrictions to the firewall on a regular basis.

    Second, the in-game voice chat really adds potential to the PS2 formula. Being able to co-ordinate on the fly with your allies (who may not even be in your squad) brings so much depth to ad hoc teamwork. Obviously, I could use Mumble or Teamspeak or a plethora of other voice programs. This would limit me quite a bit though, as if my outfit was offline or didn't have a squad up, I'd be totally unable to communicate.

    I'd really love to see this fixed, I've tried to motivate my school's IT to open the required ports (which are listed somewhere in the SOE help database) but they've been pretty lethargic about their response. Perhaps it really is a hardware problem, in which case this is a bug, as plenty of other programs are fully comparable with my setup.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but this has been incredibly frustrating as I'm totally handicapped in the game I was most anticipating this year.
  19. 1nfidel

    I'm going to shamelessly bump this thread because I'd really like to know if anyone has had this problem and been able to solve it.
  20. Maeluna

    I'm having this exact same issue : I can't hear anyone talking or talk to anyone, nor does the HUD tells me someone is talking.
    Furthermore, I don't see ANYONE in the voice chat tabs (not even me) so I assume it's a connection problem.
    I've tried opening the 5062 UDP port on both firewall and router and it still doesn't work.
    If anyone found the voice chat log file, I'd be interested as I can't figure out which one it is.

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