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  1. Figment

    What is the problem with the current system?
    Voice macros currently are:
    • Unintuitive. 1-0? You have to think far too long or rather, you have to look up the list.
    • Out of reach. 1-5 is within reach, 6 is pushing it, 0 is not suitable for a quick warning.
    • Incomplete. 10 options do not cover the wide variety of macros you need
    • Unpractical. Note that most of the warnings provide a general warning regarding unit type (infantry, vehicles, aircraft) and not specific unit types which the current PS2 system does ONLY when directly spotting an enemy! That means that you cannot provide a warning if you don't have line of sight and are aiming for it, unlike in PS1.
    Why is proximity chat not (always) an alternative?
    Because some people play in environments or at certain hours that require a low volume level (waking up or otherwise disturbing children, spouse, parents).

    When and for what purpose do you need and use voice macros?
    You tend to use voice macros to warn, order or otherwise (socially) interact with the people in your immediate area.

    Typically you have a specific context, a subject and an action.

    How did the old PS1 system handle this?
    The old system split up the groups into:

    [ v ] voice +

    [ v ] Quick statements & Social statements (greetings, courtesies, taunts, v-v- is faster than other multi-keys)
    [ n ] Need statements (help/support requests or orders)
    [ r ] Attack orders (in relation to objective)
    [ d ] Defend orders (in relation to objective)
    [ r ] Repair orders (in relation to units, equipment, objectives or facilities)
    [ t ] Tactical orders (in relation to (group) positioning)
    [ s ] (Self) Own actions (Many of the above can relate to what you're going to do yourself in relation to an objective or action)
    [ w ] Warning (in relation to imminent threats like units - or lack of threat)

    Typically the first letter of the command would determine which action you were refering to, making it very intuitive to use. When the system is a set of three to four letters, you can create an incredible amount of orders with ease, whereas the current system can only handle 10 commands.

    For a full list of the old system click here:

    Would anything have to change about the PS1 system?
    The principle behind the system is perfect.

    The voices of these list already exist in many different voices.

    However, the options could/should be complimented, expanded by or adjusted for PS2 specific commands, units and contexts as well.

    Can the system be tied to other game elements?
    The system could be further refined by linking objective related commands to the related icon on the map within that region, or tieing it in with the squad objective system (note: should only relate to those within ones own platoon, would otherwise cause spam for other players).
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  2. SturmovikDrakon

    This is really needed, even with proxi chat people don't always have mics

    also, if only we had an audio forum where this could be posted where it won't get lost in traffic.... SOE?
  3. Figment

    Audio or interface forum. :)

    Do hope a lot of our beta feedback threads still exist in limbo somewhere for dev review. :p
  4. Figment

    All PS1 voice macros (including some that didn't make it into the game!) for all the different voices (yes, you could select your voice type in PS1 :p).

    Up to 4:45, is all the Arrgls, moanings and pantings. >.> I would suggest skipping those. Unless you're into that sort of thing, of course.
  5. Karragos

    Voice type changes would rock. TR getting shot... LOL
  6. Figment

    Forgot the second part!
  7. Isila

    +a thousand or so. PS1 voice macro system was robust and intuitive, providing much-needed tactical communication amongst empire members and contributing greatly to the 'flavor' of Planetside; Fun With Voice Macros was a community tradition.
  8. Fear The Amish

  9. NovaAustralis


    Team Fortress 2 had a useful, fantastic (and hilarious) selection of voice macros.
    Each of the NINE classes had several variations for each macro too.
    You could get your point across simply by keying a combo of the various macros.
    This saved massive amounts of bandwidth as real voice caused noticeable lag.


  10. Nocturnal7x

    Almost, I like how killing floor does it, v brings up options 1-5
    options 1-5 have 1-5 macros +-

    For example the first category being support you would hit 1 which brings up the support options. 1-5 being heal, ammo ect.

    You would hit v then 1 then 2. More keys but they are easier to reach. If that made any sense at all, I think it works better than the 1-0 bs we have now :p
  11. Figment

    Letters work better than numbers, because you can deduce the options logically. Rather then remembering a phonebook.
  12. Gribbstar

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  13. Chiss


    I am deaf, and am struggling without good voice macros.
  14. bPostal

    What's that? Month's later and it's still a good idea?
    Of course, this would have to be AFTER the optimization patch.
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