Voice Macros, VVM VVM VVM!

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  1. Fara

    Games released and trolling the forums & other media feeds I have found no further information on basic voice macros. I keep finding myself in situations where I desperately want to press V-V-M (move). I get we can 'Q' a target or use local VOIP assuming you have a mic, want to express your breaking teenage voice, some people just don't really want/can't talk.

    Also missing is VVH (Hail) because greeting your fellow soldier is curtious, VVB (taunt) because you just killed the Heavy assault with a pistol. The VW a/v/t macros for warnings were ok but meh I guess we have to move on.

    Also totally unrelated need Horns for vehicles to work along side VVM, will pay who knows if we get either horns or vvm I might stop running people over eventually.
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  2. Grizzly-Konried

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Horns, macros, all good suggestions. I wrote about this during beta. No need to repeat - you said it all.
  3. FreelancePanic

    In b4 VGS.

    OT: A command to move would be great, especially around shielded doors.
  4. GTGD

    It's completely not intuitive to go from pressing V to a number key, and the macros are really limited. PS1 did have this perfect, because it not only gave you so many expressions but they made so much sense.

    VVV - Help! Because if you need help it's probably easiest to mash one key. Other "very quick" macros were frequently used stuff like hail, taunts, yes/no, sorry, etc
    VNM - V for voice, N for need, M for medic
    VWA - V for voice, W for warning, A for aircraft
    VAC - V for voice, A for attack, C for control console
    VDG - V for voice, D for defend, G for generator
    VRS - V for voice, R for repair, S for spawn tubes
    VSRS - V for voice, S for SELF, R for repair, S for spawn tubes

    Those are just a few notable ones. Except for complex strategies, there was nothing you couldn't express with the voice macros. In a time where voice chat wouldn't have been possible and the only way to communicate is via text chatbox, they were incredible.

    I know voice chat is being pushed hard, but a lot of people turned local off (because they don't use it, or because it's annoying). Between that and having to certify into command chat, it's really tough to communicate with random greenies around you, especially for specific tasks. With the chatbox disappearing so often, it's not likely people will pay attention to what you type (plus you'll probably get killed standing around typing). Voice macros like these are quick and descriptive, and would really help people in the middle of the fight communicate better.
  5. PoopMaster

    I want a voice command that says "Stay on the cc" and "attack/defend the shield generators". People ignore these things way too much in the game so far.
  6. Con411

    I proposed this way back in beta, as a matter of fact the link to that post on the beta forums is still in my signature. The post had alot of views, alot of likes but alas, they prefer the dumbed down more streamlined voice macros they have now. My guess is a more complex voice macro system would not translate well to the playstation 3, where this game will eventually end up on.

    But hey, my memory of the old voice macro system goes back to tribes, everybody liked it, its been tried out and has proven highly functional and intuitive yet this design team totally ditched it.
  7. Orbital_Butt

  8. Thardus

    Where are my Hail and Well Met? My character is a jerk, he never has anything friendly to say.
  9. BigHopper

    i hope they remove the voice macro for q now when im trying to spot i ask for more ammo wich i dont need.