Voice Chat stopped working...Help!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by YourNameOnRice, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. YourNameOnRice

    Need a little help figuring out what happened to my voice chat.

    One day I logged on and I get nothing when I press any of the voice chat keys. Not even the chat overlay that pops up when you push to talk. And I don't hear anything either.
    I use a USB headset with a mic and one earpiece. I run chat through that headset (play and record) and the rest of the game sounds come out of my desktop speakers. I have unplugged and re plugged the headset many times. Tried different USB ports and even got a new headset.
    Checked all of the voice chat settings and keybinds and everything seems to be normal. Ditto on the sound settings in my PC.

    Anything I am missing?
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  2. Scroffel5

    Did this just happen to you once or every time you log in? It happens to me sometimes, where I can't hear comms nor use them. It's a glitch. I don't know how to fix it. Sometimes my sound goes out and I can't hear anything, but I have fixed that before. It is probably not your headset. If your voice settings are set for default, you may have to change that to microphone.
  3. adamts01

    Most problems can be fixed by disabling voice with the check box, and then enabling it. Of that doesn't work, try changing your source in game, from the name of the mic/headphones to default, or vice versa.
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  4. YourNameOnRice

    Already tried disabling/re-enabling and changing the source in game. No effect. No voice send, no voice receive. Like I stated earlier the overlay that shows who is talking in voice chat doesn't even pop up when I hit a key that is bound to voice chat of any kind (platoon/squad/prox/etc.)
  5. Jimmy Cash

    Same problems for me. Sometimes prox. key gives me command... squad and platoon keys , do nothing. Ive tried all the above.
  6. Jimmy Cash

    oh.. btw today I started my allaccess and then it started...
  7. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Vivox was having some issues this morning, but this should now be resolved. Please let me know if you continue to see problems!
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  8. YourNameOnRice

    Still having the same problem. Have cheeked sound settings in Windows and keybinds in PS2. Have disabled/re-enabled voice chat. Have uninstalled/reinstalled game. Still no voice chat. The voice chat overlay does not pop up when I press the voice chat buttons. Can't test mic or record mic in setting so it's almost like the game doesn't recognize my headset. But it allows me to chose my headset in settings so it must see it.
  9. YourNameOnRice

    Still not working. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. pordilos

    I have the same issue. I contacted daybreak and their solutions haven't worked so far. I can test my mic but like you said nothing works. My name doesn't appear. I tested everythign just like you. You are not alone. This started randomly one day 2-3 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. If you fix it please tell em so I know too
  11. NeuroDamage

    I sometimes think most people are IDIOTS !!!!!
    if you have problems, then it is not only you!
    if you could USE your BRAINS! then you would understand that it is BUG!!!
    and if this is BUG so perhaps someone else created the post and it described the problem or even posted the video!
    but you Imbeciles don't think so ! Why?????


    Aug 16, 2019. 8/14 hotfix

    and we created 4 POST ! and no one gave US the ANSWER ! when the problem is solved!!! the funny thing is it's been almost a MONTH !!!
  12. JibbaJabba


    Do note: Others are NOT experiencing the issue so there is a good chance this is something environmental (aka on your end). Try to communicate with each other and see if you have a common environmental factor.

    What soundcard?
    Do you use ingame overlays? Which ones?
    Other 3rd party comm software? Any overlays for it?
    Any commercial 3rd party comm software (ingame voice uses the SIP protocol that Microsoft SfB, Teams, Cisco Jabber, Polycom others use)
    Are you setting your sound devices in-game, or using Windows defaults?
    Does your sound card come with audio processing software? Do you have devices set to exclusive use.
  13. NeuroDamage

    Voice chat does not work after reinstallation!!!!
    problem Aug 16, 2019. 8/14 hotfix
    I have 2 laptops and 2 desktop

    ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM
    HP OMEN 17 AN124UR

    downloaded the game and the chat doesn't work

    installed new Windows 10
    sound from the motherboard realtek HD gigabit alc888b/alc887
    Voice chat does not work!!!!

  14. FateJH

    I don't know if the port forwarding issue still exists but I still have the rule set up and it solved my problems back in 2013. Create an inbound rule in your Windows Firewall for the specific UDP port 5062. That's the main one used for VoIP, I think. I don't know how the Firewall settings have changed in Windows 10 compared to 7 so I wouldn't be able to walk you through the process.

    Edit: I also played around with the sound settings for both playback and recording in Windows directly, but I don't remember which settings.
  15. Sindroms


    So somewhere down the line to streamline experience for new users, DB decided to add a new game setting that would allow you to, similarlily to all other chats, toggle local voice chat on or off.
    Now, the only problem is that there is no ingame UI element for this toggle AND ANY NEW GAME INSTALL COMES WITH IT AUTOMATICALLY TURNED OFF.

    Tested this by installing PS2 on a friends computer, they have two audio devices as speakers and an USB headset that they switch between. The question is if this is a glitch and the setting is disabled due to having multiple recording/playback devices or is this yet another oversight by a game studio who has literally thrown people through hoops by telling them this is something on their end and not theirs.
  16. FateJH

    To be fair, the configuration file is on the user's end.
  17. Sindroms


    But yeah, if you change that one line in your useroptions.ini (it is inside the main PS2 install folder) then it works fine. Just do not expect anyone else to hear you, because theirs is turned off by default.

    Do us all a favor and keep YELLing about this in the games text window and pass the info along.
  18. chamks

  19. LaLaBear

    Broken for a month now since 8/14 and was not addressed in the 8/29 hotfix.. It is significantly less fun to play with the outfit since they aren't all in the discord.
    It's not a microphone issue, it won't even connect me to the voice channels. Have re-enabled/muted/unmuted voice in the INI, changed input/output, reinstalled multiple times. No voice on PTS either. It isn't my router either since voice won't work elsewhere and a backup laptop transmits and receives fine.

    This is the last response I received from the DBG support ticket:
    So it does look like some others are experiencing similar issues and through troubleshooting with various players it looks like it may be a bug with the game itself. This will require a fix from the devs. I have posted the issue to them but it will also be helpful to submit a bug report so they can collect more info. How do I report a bug?
    Thank you so much for your patience and hopefully they can get it resolved soon!
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  20. TRspy007

    Idk man, my chat's fine, same with the guy who blasts dubstep on proxy. Must come from your end. If reseting your settings didn't do it, your mic's not on mute or anything then idk. Just keep playing with voice options and test mic until it works

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