[Suggestion] Voice chat equivalent of /region chat

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  1. The Shady Engineer

    So for those who don't know, /region is a way to communicate with all your faction mates in the hex without the enemy being able to read it. So why don't we have the same thing only for voice comms instead of chat?

    Leader chat is impractical. One because there's barely anyone using it anymore. Two because it is cross continent and squad leaders on Amerish don't really care about a step-by-step progress report of how capturing Saurva Biolab on Indar is going.

    So why not give us a voice chat that can communicate with all faction mates in hex? It will be free to all squad and platoon leaders or can be bought for solo players for 500-1000 certs. Pretty high but you don't want any battle-rank-nothings to clutter region chat. Widespread enough to be useful but exclusive enough to not be trolled or abused.
  2. FateJH

    Isn't that [Proximity], or are you searching for something else?
  3. The Shady Engineer

    Proxy doesn't reach far enough. It works for vehicle crews and motivating randoms to push through a choke or out of a spawn room but not much more. The region voice chat will be heard by all leaders/those who bought it within the hex. From the dude who just spawned in, to the pilot overhead to the tanker on the outskirts of the base.
  4. entity009

    I have to mute enough proximity chat spammers that this makes me wonder if it would not be a nuisance. People playing stupid music, spamming ******** noises and talking constantly for long periods of time all make me glad for the short range of proximity chat.

    To be fair, the idea is good. The ability to voice chat with everyone over a wide area would be great. Its the 5% chat idiot population that makes me cringe. Maybe if you could only uses it for a certain number of seconds (like 15) over 2 minutes?
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  5. PlanetBound

    Other day someone played rap music and a few players singing along. Maybe it's their version of a war drum.