[VIDEOHow NOT to die when Being Revived - Simple Trick!

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  1. ReNz0r

    yeah for sure teamwork over all the rest. Im using it more along the lines of not wasting my time and my medics so i get up and get back into the fight. Ofc there are times when you just need to go for it!
  2. Corezer

    Revive farmers hate him because of this ONE WEIRD TRICK!
  3. TheShrapnelKing

    Only in the API, not your char stats.

    They changed it back in September 2013 I believe because everyone was KD whoring and not accepting revives.

    The API still has to log the death as an event so it can be used for **** like awarding XP to the player who got the kill and adding a death to your stats if you don't get rezzed, so any stats site (all except the official PS2 one) will show your "real" #of deaths, as the API does not erase them when revived.

    If you die 10 times and get revived, the game itself will log it as 0 deaths. The API logs it as 10.

    The only reason this matters is because KDR ****** use it to justify waving their dicks around telling you you're terrible because your KDR isn't actually 2, it's only 1.5 and you just get rezzed all the time.
  4. ReNz0r

    People are looking for a reason to play this game. Unfortunately with no reason clear in sight, they choose KD as a final goal.
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  5. TheShrapnelKing

    I would have thought winning in and of itself was the goal, since every other shooter uses that as the motivator to play. Yeah the matches are hours long but still.
  6. WeRelic

    Revives are just a respawn in a location that has proven to be a bad choice.