[Video] When will burster maxes learn? An airhammer montage.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RoofLurker, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. RoofLurker

    Here is a montage of some fun moments flying a reaver, compiled from 76 minutes worth of gameplay.
    I hope you guys enjoy it, and I'm looking forwards to any feedback (especially how I could improve my flying, lol).
  2. andy_m

    Nice :-D

    I wish I could fly...
  3. Nalothisal

    A sneaky Reaver? What is this madness..?
  4. Slamz

    So the moral of the story is that weapon systems specifically meant for countering aircraft are actually not good at countering aircraft because the limitations of the anti-air systems make no sense when matched against the power, maneuverability and speed of an aircraft.

    Is this another "nerf aircraft" thread??

    I approve!
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  5. TerminalT6

    If they were smart, they would've brought out the Decimators. That's how I deal with my flying problems.
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  6. RoofLurker

    Do give learning to fly another try if you wish you could.

    Should have included a "sneak level increased" caption somewhere in the video now that I think about this...

    Thought this might come up :D.
    I wouldn't like aircraft to be nerfed though (I might be a little biased?).

    Now that's a skilful AA system. You can see me dying to one in the stat tracker kill-feed.
  7. Ballto21

    If anything this will turn into a nerf airhammer thread. Let it be known i only want the AH nerfed against air in a very minor way.

    Try this with a PPA. Be sad after.

    Try this with a banshee. Do a bit better than a PPA, but still be sad.

    I can do things like this with LOLpods, barely.
  8. Trebb

    Didn't even look at the video. AH TTK against maxxes should be raised significantly. The aircraft can just reset the encounter over and over again until they finally swoop in and basically one shot the max(accounting for lag, by the time the max sees the hits, they're already dead on the AH user's client)

    I was actually glad for my Banshee nerf, no-way that thing should've killed maxxes as quick as it did pre nerf, so I'm not biased ;)
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  9. Taemien

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Something flying that close with a HIGH burst weapon needs to be taken on with a HIGH burst weapon of your own. Heck if not Decimator.. then a C4 fairy.

    Course bursters do work. You just need to understand that bursters don't need to directly hit. You can hit them as they are poking above and get free hits. In at least 3 occasions the recorder/OP would have died if his opponents did that. Basically he would have poked up.. started taking hits before the MAX was in LOS and then be forced to make a hasty get away (that may not end well) or be forced to continue the attack at half health. Worse case scenario.. MAX kill trades with the ESF.

    Cept in the video I'm seeing a decent pilot taking on people bad in a MAX suit.

    Good should beat bad. That's balance. Just pulling a burster MAX shouldn't be an IWIN situation vs ESF. You still have to play it.
  10. Gutseen

    Based on cheap shietness of teh vid, i rate the 3/10 cracked toilets
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  11. Slamz


    Even a super-expert pro-tier BR 100 x6 mega-auraxium hyper-nerd can't avoid being surprised by high speed aircraft that can literally swoop in from out of sight to kill you before you have any chance of reacting.

    The couple clips I looked at, the target would have had no chance to see the aircraft coming. It's really a problem of a super high speed aircraft having 0 TTK weapons while there is no reasonable 0 TTK weapon that can hit them back.
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  12. GhostAvatar

    Sigh.... I remember the days I could do this with the Banshee :(

    Good job I got the AH on my NC, happy days again :)
  13. MAXArmar

    Not if the MAX has flak armor.
  14. Ballto21

    if i get direct hits it works fine
  15. Larek

    Honestly that tell was a little bit douchy but still a nice montage. The AH is just a great weapon, high risk, high reward. Especially on Hossin where one wrong move can lead to you death either by a tree or literally every weapon that shots.
  16. MahouFairy

    Surprisingly no one uses the Striker. It's the only situation it's good in.
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  17. Jawarisin

    It actually does hurt my lib pretty bad :/
  18. MajiinBuu

    When will burster maxes learn not to go afk? :rolleyes:
  19. The Rogue Wolf

    Astounding how complacent some pilots get when they don't see that "lock" warning.
  20. Taemien

    Which one of you is right? I'll let you two deal with each other.