[Video] Weapon Spotlight: GD-7F

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    I enjoyed creating this video. Good music fitting to the NC, a sexy-looking weapon and pwnage, what more could I want? Answer is: "Half as much reloading" :p

    Watch in 1080p!

    To date, GD-7F is the only gun that I use with iron sights over 1x Reflex; they're quite good and make teh weapon look ten times more beautiful.

    Note that moment on the roof where I shoot six heavies on the back was only possible thanks to Liam1499, who was continuously distracting them. Not that we were coordinating or anything. Shows you how just two LAs can dismantle a whole defense post.

    Special thanks to Redwave, who approached me on his own accord for feedback on his GD-7F guide and asked me to create a video highlighting the weapon's abilities. He gave me a reason to once again play with GD-7F, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, as with iron sights it's one of the better looking weapons in LA arsenal, not to mention extremely effective.

    If you'd like to learn how to use GD-7F, I strongly recommend you check out Redwave's Guide to GD-7F found here.
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  2. Agiond

    Which attachments were you using in that video?
  3. Iridar51

    Advanced laser sight and soft point ammo.
  4. Agiond

    If you turn the laser off, does it still give you its bonuses? Because you had it off the entire video
  5. DatVanuMan

    It does. And showoff much, Iridar? :p
  6. Iridar51

    Yeah, it does.

    Whatever would you mean? :p
  7. DatVanuMan

    I mean the time period from six seconds to the awesome death and music finale at 4:22, that's what I mean:eek:
  8. Iridar51

    :D well that's the point of my music videos :) I do them to show off, and video guides to teach :)
  9. asdfPanda

    Hey, Pacific Rim music! Nice video, by the way :p

    I agree that the GD-7F has great iron sights. I just wish that the center post had an illuminated dot at the tip, much like some VS iron sights.
  10. Iridar51

    Thanks :) When I was deciding on the music I was like: "mm I dunno any good music that I haven't used yet that would fit NC theme... except for maybe Pacific Rim, but that's kinda overused...". Then I googled "new conglomerate music", found the official NC theme on youtube, and in the comments one guy was like: "meh NC have the worst theme, they sound like a bunch of bandits, but not heroes, an epic theme like Pacific Rim would fit better", and then I knew it was fate :p

    I actually like these iron sights for not having a bright dot.

    After uploading the video I was thinking: "hmm, playing with GD-7F really made me appreciate it more, maybe I was wrong about Lynx?" Then I played for some time with Lynx... Nope, still bad weapon.
  11. Corezer

    I love the 7f, very versatile for a specialist weapon.

    I would keep using it, but I'm working on my tempest, I already have a fortuna (which sucks btw)
  12. Agiond

    I'm still impressed on those mid range kills... that weapon seemed to have no recoil at all. With that recoil control are you sure that you can't use a Blitz like it was a sniper rifle?
  13. Iridar51

    Blitz actually has worse recoil than GD-7F :) Most of those mid range kills were on already wounded targets, or players who just stood in one place.

    The GD-7F's recoil stats work in such a way, that even with best recoil control - and I do pride myself on good recoil control - GD-7F creates an area somewhere around the crosshair. That area is showered with bullets. At close range, all those bullets in a shower hit the target and obliterate it. At further ranges, a lot of bullets miss, but if target remains stationary, it will eventually go down. At even further ranges you will run out of mag before you kill the target.
    And I kinda liked this part about the gun, that it fires in a shower as opposed to a laser-beam precision. It means that even if you miss a bit, at least some of the bullets will connect.
  14. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    One should remember to occasionally turn the laser on and off again, because if your opponents were out of sight when you turned it off, sometimes they "don't get the message" ;)
    That said, the GD-7F is a copy of the Serpent.
    Does the lower tolerance balance out the higher sideways recoil?
  15. Corezer

    The serpent is a copy of the GD-7f...
  16. Agiond

    Copy or not, the GD-7F feels way better than the serpent. Easier to control and still does the same DPS.
  17. Iridar51

    I don't really know, I haven't used Serpent that much. I can only say GD-7F's recoil didn't give me much problem.
  18. Redwave

    Everything had perfect timing^^ even when the NC won and he got a kill once again, great video Iridar
  19. DatVanuMan

    To the MLG Iridar51, the Terran soldier who makes our soldiers feel like cannon fodder. CHEERS.
  20. Redwave

    CHEERSS!!!! :D
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