[VIDEO] TSAR 42 Mini Montage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SinMachine, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. SinMachine

    Try to enjoy, nothing too fancy
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  2. Burdman

    Awesome! Great Job. Love the song.
  3. lilleAllan

    Tsar/SAS-R is the manliest infiltrator weapon. It is known.
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  4. exLupo

    One hell of a montage. Checking out your stats and 33% of TSAR shots fired and 23% of RAMS are headshot kills.

    For reference, I'm 1.0KD player, dead center on the bell curve, and my SR-7 shots-to-headshot-kill is 17%. So you're 33% higher than joe-average, weekend sniper, with a BSR. My TSAR play time is low so I can't pull stats but looking at the total lack of hesitation, I'm betting the gap would be much wider still.

    Nice video and nice work all around.

    Why that 3.4? Feel like giving them a little hat makes targeting easier?
  5. SinMachine

    Thank you :3 I tried

    Haha yes, indeed it is, because you are closer to your victims and they can see the determination on your face before they hear CLANK and fall dead

    Thank you! I don't care much about stats, but you hit the nail on the head answering why I like my 3,4 HDS
  6. Haterade

    Good job, Sin. I'm not good at shooting, so I'll just point you in the right direction and let you farm for me. ;)
  7. SinMachine

    Haha thanks, I will try
  8. Luperza Community Manager

    Cool montage SinMachine! :D
  9. NinjaTurtle

    I hate watching montages on Waterson just in case I am in them getting spanked... I didn't see myself this time :p
  10. BigIronRanger

    Music is awful but some pretty good sniping none the less. Makes me wish i could post my sniping vids but my upload speed is too slow they would give you a run for your money ;).

    Have you tried the flare gun Auraxium challenge you could probs do it just use the tsar 42 + flare gun combo. Im currently sitting on 600 kills with the flare.

  11. Inu

    The VS equivalent i believe is the Ghost, very fun weapon.
  12. SinMachine

    Thank you ^.^

    Don't worry I will get you soon enough xD

    Well not everyone likes dubstep. And I find flaregun more of a cosmetic item rather than a weapon

    Correct, I am actually thinking of making montage of that next
  13. exLupo

    I generally pick the 3.4 dot but, watching your play, I think the chevron would help my lineups happen more quickly. I love the TSAR so I'll give that a go this weekend.
  14. BigIronRanger

    that my friend is why it is the ultimate test.
  15. LowTechKiller

    Very well done, and I liked the music.
    You're an NC killing machine.:cool:
  16. Takoita

    Ugh, why there are even semi-auto scouts in this game, I don't know.
  17. exLupo

    I use 'em like I do battle rifles. 2x optic squad support weapons. For normal mortals, the low-optic BASR are far more punishing if you miss. If anything, scouts are in the same spot as low-optic SASR (KSR-35) and then it's down to personal preference.

    I championed the stock SASR during beta, before everyone got a BASR, but feel some personal responsibility regarding the HSR so am putting time into it. The KSR (low optic sasr) and HSR both fall on either side of a Cooper Scout (low optic, small mag, self-supported [ching sling], 7.62/.308) and can play like it but, with NW5 proliferation, it's hard to get away with at longer ranges.
  18. SirPurplePeopleEater

    We too have much love for PHX and PXP.

    Nice to see you out of your prowler for once
  19. Snack Toxin

    Dubstep gives me a headache.