[Video] Trying the Razor GD-23

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Matti, May 7, 2014.

  1. Matti

    Hi all!

    So I got this weapon from answering SOE's questions about prefered playstyle.
    In this video I have high velocity ammo, forward grip, compensator and I'm sticking
    to the iron sight.

  2. Epic High Five

    Such a great gun
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  3. Koldorn

    Easily my favorite carbine. Looking forward to more.
  4. Sagabyte

    it has a more satisfying thunk than the mercenary, but not a bam like the acx-11. I'd say it's got the wap of the reaper but the ratatatat of the bandit. Maybe it's the long lost brother of the cougar because of that taktaktak.
  5. TeknoBug

    I've always liked the GD-23, it's my engineer's main gun but lately I've been trying the Bandit and sadly I end up going back to the GD-23, it feels more stable and reliable at all ranges. But for LA I souped it up with suppressor, etc. and pick people off out in the open with it.
  6. JonboyX

    It's good. Not OP good, but just role-specific good. Exactly how I think all guns should be.
    Not an all-rounder I don't think; for use in CQ it suffers a little in terms of dps, but it isn't abysmal for hip firing like the ACX is, and you can definitely get away with it on occasion. For me, its best feature is that bullet velocity with HVA. Thats what they should have given the ACX, rather than an extra 4 bullets.
  7. Vioxtar

    Mattiace, what server you on?
  8. cruczi

    Started watching at about 3 minutes. You weren't doing much with the Razor, at some point I realized the video wasn't cut to show Razor gameplay in particular which was disappointing when the title of the video suggested otherwise. Stopped watching when you were asked "is that the 167 damage one?" and you answered "I don't know, could be"... Really?

    Miller: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/player/MattiAce