[video] Tree's make me wanna camp

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Achmed20, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Achmed20

    So TI Alloys was under attack and I protected it kinda well I think.
    I still feel bad for doing this over 30 minutes but on the other hand they could have covered this tree pretty easely.

    I wouldn't wonder if i got reported for hacking, good thing I've got everything on video :)

  2. Compass

    The trees by Ti Alloys are great for spawn beacons. I had one for at least an hour just using it as LA drop.
  3. MarlboroMan-E

    I see a tree, I jet up into it. Some of my best streaks are out of trees.
  4. Ghoest

    I like trees.
  5. EaterOfBabies

    No comment on the trees but I can say that this video needs to be used as evidence in our case against removing screen shake from the game.

    I get that they are going for a realism aspect and all, but come on. A grenade can go off 50 meters away and your screen will shake all over the place.

    Some tweaking is badly needed on that front.
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  6. jak

    I've been reported a couple of times from camping TR zerging to Alloys from Ceres. Jump up in the tree with a slug shotgun and farm away. Some people don't really know what slugs do, it seems.
  7. Kildorragh96

    Love it haha. You don't like us killing 20 of your soldiers by hiding in a tree? Well then, look up next time!
  8. Trenyt

    The trees there are some of the best placed foliage in the game (that I've found). Most enemies try and place a Sunderer by that tree or the crate below and the tree itself provides a great overhead walkway for me to run across relatively safe and drop down to C4 within a smoke grenades radius.