[Video] The worst guide you've ever seen, guaranteed.

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  1. Gundem

    I present my second ever legitimate video!

    Watch it! Send it to your friends to watch! Watch it again! Send it to your dog! Send it to your Grandma! Watch it again after you inevitably get dumpstered by someone incomprehensibly better then you are, realize that it literally provides nothing of any real value for that and then cry in shame! Best of all, you can do all this in glorious 1080p HD!

    Actually, hold off on Grandma. Her heart probably can't take the levels of cringe.

    In all seriousness, this isn't the "Super MLG Pro 15KDR video I'm sure some of you are looking for. After playing Planetside 2 for quite some time, I've noticed a lack of really fundamental tutorials for just basic combat in Planetside 2. Perhaps it's because we assume that those should be inherent in any shooter, yet we still come across those special individuals that can't hit the broad side of a barn. This video goes out to those snowflakes. Shine on you crazy bastards.

    *I cannot be held responsible for any attempted or successful suicide after watching this video. Please bleach responsibly.

    don't h8 me
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  2. breeje

    i did not know that stephen hawkins played this game :D
  3. Gundem

    Well, you can have that voice, or the voice of a 14 year old girl who's somehow going through male puberty, if you can imagine a sound like that...

    Needless to say, my vocal cords forgot how to adolescence.
  4. GuhMaster2512

    A++ on the song choice (or S++). Pretty solid information too, especially for newer players.
  5. UberNoob1337101

    But I don't have friends... (at least ones that play PS2)
    My dog is busy stat-padding on my alts.
    Nope, not doing it. I wouldn't like getting owned by my grandma :p

    It's not bad at all, it's pretty good, the only complaint I have is that you didn't go into detail for other things like using cover, teaching people that if a player is better than you in 1v1, you can play LA/Infil, attack him from an unexpected angle and kill him, or teaching people about situational awareness (which tends to be even more important than aim) etc. If you presented more info, I'd think that this video would be a must watch for anyone new and could possibly contain more info for pros. As-is it's helpful, but pretty basic.

    GJ doe, it's noice.
  6. Gundem

    Thanks! The plan is to make a few more videos about the basic, fundamental aspects of not only Planetside 2 but gaming in general.

    What did you think of the Video itself though? It's by no means a professional tutorial, and some constructive feedback would be welcome.

    The goal of this video was to provide the very absolute basic skills required pose even a basic threat in Planetside 2. I always feel bad when I quad-plink a poor guy who turns out to be a BR 3 ultra greenie who then ragequits seconds after. It's so much harder to be completely demolished if you just use these three basic skills.

    I'd definitely want to do some more advanced categories, but for now the goal was to keep it as simple as possible because I'm a lazy fat **** who can't work for more then 30 minutes at a time so the information could be easily absorbed by new players
  7. GuhMaster2512

    I've never done any video editing myself so my knowledge on the subject is pretty limited. I thought it did a great job of getting the point across in a simple and concise manner. Nothing was drawn out too long or touched on too briefly. Maybe you could do a follow up video in the future on more advanced tips like crosshair placement, prefiring, and aiming for the head?
  8. Gundem

    I might, but a lot of those things have been covered by other youtubers. If I continue far enough I might, but my main issue was the lack of highly basic level skills fundamental to gaming. It seems to me that we all try and produce those mid-level tutorials with stuff like going for headshots and prefiring, but nothing highly basic like ADAD or highly advanced like Active FSM Compensation(I call AFC, which I plan to do a video on).

    I might just link some of those other videos in the description. I'm not one to make a video that covers something that's already been covered.

    That being said, I might think of a few concepts I haven't seen touched upon very often to make a video about. First thing that comes to mind is well... Nothing, which is my problem. I can't think of a mid-level concept that isn't already covered by someone like Wrel or Joshino.
  9. GuhMaster2512

    Maybe a video on positioning? Stuff like when to back off from a fire fight and re-engage, peaking, being unpredictable in terms of angles of attack, head-glitching, wall jumping as no LA classes (Like getting a HA on top of the A point in a Bio Lab), and mini-map awareness.

    People tend to get caught up in the semantics of aiming when having good positioning translates to doing well if you have decent aim.
  10. Gundem

    I might be able to do that, seeing that I have over 10k kills on Shotguns across my various characters :eek:
  11. JobiWan

    I enjoyed the video, except for the robot voice. It seriously detracts from the video. Is your voice really that bad that you can't use it? Or could you get a friend to read the script and add it in?

    Like you, I have wanted to make videos but most things have been done. I think Renzor has covered a lot of basic aiming stuff already.

    I have got one in the making, well several actually, but it's hard for us newbs to get our content seen. Good job overall though.
  12. Gundem

    Yea, my voice really is terrible. I've listened to myself before, and I sound like one of my friends when he was 12 years old, and I hate it.

    Honestly that TTS program isn't my favorite, but it was the only free one I could find that you could actually convert text to MP3 files.