[VIDEO] The Way of The Eidolon, Episode I - Bio Farm!

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Erendil, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Erendil

    After doing a few online searches I recently came to the conclusion that aside from one or two Beta/early launch videos, there just isn't any decent Battle Rifle footage out there.

    So, with this in mind I've taken it upon myself to Enlighten you all on what you've been missing... :p

    This is the first installment of what is turning out to be multiple vids of me and my baby soaking up the sights at some of the more prominent hangouts on Auraxis while wielding my First Love in PS2: the Eidolon.

    In this episode we have raw, uncut footage of me helping defend Onatha Bio Lab from an ever-growing Horde of NC. It's a little slow for the first 3 mins or so but it picks up after that. The purpose of this video is not to show off my 1337 skillz with a Battle Rifle, but rather to illustrate how I use it in a typical scenario. And yes, there is some air pad camping in there. [IMG]

    If you'd like to see how the Eidolon performs while in the hands of an HA, check out Episode II here: https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...idolon-ep-ii-eidolon-lancer-in-action.172818/
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  2. cruczi

    Very weird that you start off from a biolab environment to showcase the weapon, as biolabs are typically considered CQC environments, while the Battle Rifles are among the worst TTK main weapons for CQC. They're supposed to excel at ranges that don't often happen in Biolabs.
  3. Erendil

    Good observation. :cool:

    I chose the locale because the Bio Farm is an easily recognized setting most people are familiar with. But also because a common belief is that Battle Rifles can't be effective in something like a Bio Lab.

    Most players consider them to be a niche weapon only worth using (if at all) at medium/long range - say, 50-150m. However, with the correct approach and tactics they can be much more adaptable than most people think.

    And that's one of the main reasons I'm making these videos: to illustrate that adaptability, dispel some of the myths surrounding them and maybe get a few more people to try them out. :cool:

    Here I went 26/6 (not great, but not bad either) in combat that was mostly <25m against superior numbers armed mainly with automatic weapons. I even out-hipfired a Jackhammer @10m at one point. :D

    And I did so mainly by playing to the Eidolon's strengths: Precision, high alpha damage, and the 3HK with headshots. I hoped to show that you can overcome its CQC shortcomings by firing from cover, using friendly meatshields in front of me to draw attention away from me, and possibly most important of all - aiming for the head..
  4. St NickelStew

    Thanks for sharing!

    What suit slot do you prefer? (I asked you a similar question in your HA video posting! :) )

    When PS2 finally comes out for PS4, the Eidolon will be one of my first SC purchases ...
  5. Erendil

    I use Nanoweave pretty much exclusively - unless I know I'm going to be fighting almost nothing but vehicles.
  6. HeavensSword

    I'm still fairly new to the game; I switch between all the classes depending on need, but I've found that I enjoy my engineer the most and was looking to upgrade my weapon. I've played around with the Eidolon in VR training and really enjoy it.
    I've tested it with a few combinations, but I think I've landed on [4x zoom, forward grip, flash suppressor, high velocity ammo].

    My only concern is that it's easy enough to test something on non-moving targets and love it, but then try to use it in the field and hate it. I'm glad to see you've had success with it though!

    I'm still leaning heavily towards buying this (just a few certs away), but wanted to hear any other suggestions for a really good main weapon for Engineer that others may have.
  7. n3r0k

    Realy? You call this biofarm? ... sorry dude eidolon not for you
  8. Erendil

    Not for me, huh? :rolleyes:


    Note that I have not one, but two characters in the top 10 for Eidolon kills across all servers, including the #1 spot.

    Meanwhile, you're not even in the top 50: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/player/n3r0k

    And as I said in my OP: The purpose of this video is not to show off my 1337 skillz with a Battle Rifle, but rather to illustrate how I use it in a typical scenario. Congratulations on completely missing the whole point of this thread. :rolleyes:

    Now run along and next time actually read the OP in the thread you're replying to, and then do a little research before opening your mouth. And when you do, try to say something constructive instead of spurting out trite insults.
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  9. Nakar

    Hey so speaking of Battle Rifles, they got yet another buff! I actually really think this was what they needed. Maybe a little bit of an additional tweak somewhere or other, but going to 570/600 m/s has made them "feel" so much better. Particularly the Warden/AMR-66, jumping to 600 without needing HVA has made a world of difference in performance for me.

    It almost feels like they've done more than just buff the velocity. It's like a complete, competent weapon platform now.
  10. n3r0k

    Lol look at the time dude.... omg iam playing 900h and you allmost 2000.... and killed more than you.. try to compare...
  11. n3r0k

  12. Erendil

    (69 * 24) +20 = 1676, hardly what I'd call "almost 2000." But w/e.

    And how is your 13,783 infantry kills more than my 24,595? I have more total kills as well (35,317 vs 32,272).

    Your overall KPH is higher, but since 60% of your kills are from inside a vehicle that just tells me that you're more of a vehicle ***** than a grunt which doesn't really help your standing in a thread about a rifle.

    You probably also spend more time in a zerg than I do (DARK is a small outfit and we avoid large zergs when we can. I also spend a ton of time stopping small-scale back hacks, enough to get me ranked 15th on Mattherson for total base defenses). More targets means higher KPH. But then, KPH is a terrible stat to use for comparison to begin with since different playstyles can have wildly different KPHs.

    All I see is that I have about twice as many infantry kills, an IVI KDR 2.5x higher than yours (5.8 vs your 2.4), 2x the KDR and 5x as many kills with the Eidolon on my main char alone, and a higher KDR on every single infantry weapon we have in common.

    Now please stop filling my thread with your mindless, unwarranted attacks and try to contribute something useful.
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  13. Erendil

    Agreed. The recent velocity buff, combined w/ PU02's min damage increase and nanoweave nerf, have made BRs much more viable weapons.

    I'd still like the recoil pull to the right to be removed so that it recoils straight up like every other semi-auto weapon in the game. But they're good enough now that I won't be heartbroken if they don't remove it.

    Hopefully we'll see more people use BRs with this most recent change. I've already seen a increase in their usage on Connery and Mattherson since PU02.
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