[Video] The trick is to play fast.

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  1. Wolfwood82

    The question wasn't directed at you specifically but at every LA in general. Every day more of these kill streak videos show up and every day I silently watch and ask... what is the point of jumping around a tower and base if you contribute nothing to the progress of your empire?

    I couldn't see the full effect of your wall assault but the tower assault had no real purpose and I picked that up fairly easily. Also if you read some of my other posts in threads (Tools think tank primarily), I wrote extensively on the role LA currently plays in the game as a class.

    I'm not trying to ride your case into the ground or anything, honest. I'm just seeing these kill streak videos and it really is little different from what I occasionally do when I say to myself "meh, **** teamwork, I wanna kill stuff". It's fun but ultimately pointless and I just feel like it gives the wrong impression of LA. Smedly is proof by stating that he thought LA were "more lone wolf" when most of the time we do the things we do, the team benefits tremendously.
  2. Zeekez

    I do a lot of videos of my kill streaks, or usually more of using c4 to take out multiple Maxs so I'll take a shot at answering some questions .

    Sure in some of the video it looks like he's just running around killing people, but we don't know what the rest of the team was doing, I do this all the time while my squad is moving in below or when trying to take pressure off a sundy under attack. You don't get a feel for the overall objective in a 1-3 minutes video.

    As for nanoweave? I use it, I love it. I've heard people argue about how it's "only 1 or 2 bullets" more of life. Well, when you wear it and you survive a gunfight at like 2% health, guess what? If you weren't wearing it you'd be dead - so pop a candy or find a medic and go back to killing. Flak? Not hit by explosions enough [we can fly!] Grenades / ammo - I could get behind those. Shield Recharge? Again, if you were in the example I used for the nanoweave, and you'd be dead - with your shield recharging over your cold dead body.

    Shotgun vs Carbine - My thoughts on this are very clear, shotgun would have been better *once inside the tower*, problem is, unless you are spawning or dropping straight onto the tower, the shotty is so specialized it's liable to get you killed - half the time I have to use my carbine to take out a few guys at mid range to approach the tower, even in biodomes it's only useful if your indoors, not hopping on roofs or whatnot. I love my shotgun, but the problem is it is good for one thing only. Carbine has a lot of versatility if used properly.

    LA's are "lone wolfs" I agree, even in a squad, I'm going to be assaulting and going to places where the rest of my squad cannot back me up. Squads fighting their way up from the ground floor, you're in a fight on the top floor, what are you gonna do? Call for support?

    When in doubt, blow everyone up.
    *Shameless plug to my youtube*
    Remember - don't let them get the kill...
  3. Kuriby


    loll... don'ttt be jealous of kill streak vidsss ;)... discrediting them to make yourself feel better.. great tactic.. I use it too sometimes :).

    Anyways.. @OP.. great vid.. great skills..
  4. Pat22

    What purpose does it serve for an LA to assault a tower?
    When an LA hops around on a tower controlled by the enemy, his prime targets should be engineers fixing turrets, snipers firing at your infantry and HA's firing rockets at your vehicles.
    MAX suits are also worthwhile to take down if you have some C4.
    Taking out all of these targets will benefit your team and allow them to advance on the tower more rapidly while suffering less losses.
  5. Rhumald

    This is where fully certed medic tool comes into play, and a really fast team of medics willing to take a little risk for people will alleviate any and all feeling of the death penalty (the other medics in the team can rez you), because you get right back up as soon as you go down... very, very important part of holding the front lines, which makes them priority targets, so they should be your priority defense, and to do that, keep pushing... you pull out of the front lines, the front line breaks, and you need to start the entire assault over again.
  6. Iridar51

    That's unfair and untrue and not what he's doing.
  7. Visk

    Read the rest of the thread, man.
  8. haniblecter

    For me, an underbarrel shotgun offers the equivalent of an extra few mags, plus, it'll kill an overshielded, nano-armored heavy in one blast to the head (sometimes body)

    So I use it upon entering a room, when a knife would be too long, panic, etc. I like it.

    Only problem is, you're stuck with the Guass Compact S, which is meh compared to the GD7. Waiting on that buff I know we'll get.

    Also, laser on the pistol is some of hte best 100 certs I've ever spent. The difference in accuracy on hip firing and (not so much though) flying accuracy is pretty marked.
  9. Pat22

    I like the redt of the thread. My comment was directed mostly at Wolfwood.
  10. Wolfwood82

    And it had no baring at all on the point I was attempting to raise. So I'm not even going to respond to it. Try harder next time.
    I give up. Stupidity wins, congratulations.

    Everyone in the special Olympics gets a medal for effort.
  11. Ghoest

    Actually the trick is to be a bloody good shot.

    I play similarly - my results are not as impressive.
  12. Mrasap

    I came here asking for more awesome videos. Please? Especially one in the situation with your LA compadres you described.

    Also, a shotty can take out a max in one extended mag. I do agree the cqc carbines are equally viable, but this is one of the major reasons I like a shotty more. Save C4 for grouped enemies.
  13. X3Killjaeden

    Nice video. This shows why i think LA is the strongest class in combat, it has the most potential. If i get owned (that means me=dead, enemy only slightly damaged), it's ~70% light assault using their mobility. Wether you can use that potential depends on your skill to run&gun&think. Why i play HA most of the time you might ask? No idea :D

    And wow, that gun is a beast in TTK compared to my "cqc" Anchor. I think i'll put it on my shopping list and then try to play LA a little bit.
    I agree about the shotty, i got one but i rarely use it as the range is too damn limited. Even bigger problem with HA. I'll only re-equip it if i know an enemy is crowded in a certain area and then storm in there, spraying death - or at least attempting to xD.

    I often forget the damn knife. Usually i only remember that i have one after i run gun+pistol dry in a "dance-of-death".
  14. Iridar51

    You know, Wolfwood, I've played a lot PS2 recently and kinda changed my mind.
    I mean, this game doesn't really has a goal, and even if it did, every player plays for his own goals.

    Here's an example from long lost world of warcraft. As you perhaps know, that game has two mostly unrelated sides in it, PVP and PVE. There's a lot of servers there, and each server has a ranking on PVE progress and a general feeling *that server is cool to PVP on cuz all pros play there*.
    Now, in that setting, imagine a guy who doesn't care about all that, he just creates a lot of toons and does quests for fun. That turns him on, makes him tick, get what I mean?
    Could he possibly be blamed for not contributing to his server's world ranking? He just plays his own game.

    Planetside 2 is also a game, with no end goal. Sure, it has some conquests and tanks, but that's all just a pretence, a reason for bloodshed, which is what people want.
    All people are different. Some people want to just shoot and kill, counter-strike style.
    Some want squad play, some want to pilot vehices.
    Some want conquest.
    It is wrong to blame people from one group for not helping people in other groups. It's not like they signed a contract *I'll do anything for t3h victory of my empire*.
    It'll remain true even after devs gonna decide to add a goal to game, can't imagine what that would be though.
    Conquer all continents? And then what? Get a lot of EXP, perhaps. Then a reset. What do you think?
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