[Video] The trick is to play fast.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Visk, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Visk

    - GD-7F (Advanced Laser Sight, IR/NV scope)
    - NC4 Mag-Shot (Laser Sight)
    - Nanoweave Armor 5
    - Jump Jets 5
    - Medical Kit 4
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  2. mynameaborat

    damn son...that is baller!
  3. Recce

    Nice. Don't you think that the shield upgrade would suit your hit and run tactics better though?
  4. Corezer

    Crying Freeman!
  5. Iridar51

    Not bad, but badass.
    There's been a lot of videos like first one lately, and I'm starting to wonder, while cool and all, does really running around the tower and killing random guys help your side win/capture?
    Someone once said, that heavy is a tactical assault, while light is a strategical assault, and I tend to agree. What LA's should do is to take out key points, or flank the front line.
    To win, that is.
    I guess each player has his own goal, to some it's gratifying to feel that they contributed something to greater scheme of things, to others it's to farm BR1999, to some it's kill people. It's good that PS2 has place for all of that, I guess.
  6. Ailin

    Well, those are all guys not messing stuff up anywhere else, at least.

    It's not really hard to do something like this, though, especially chugging those regen sticks like candy :p
  7. Suroped

    And if you catch a grenade or step on a mine faster shield regeneration won't save you. Not to mention he has a candy tubes factory with him to replenish health.
    Haven't seen much head shots here, though with fast shooting carabine it probably won't matter. Haven't tried anything besides Mercenary. And i'm not going anywhere without my C4...
  8. Corezer

    but he didnt, that's the long and short of it.
    the vast majority of LA deaths are gunfire. Some, like the TC, die all at once from a foiled escape attempt or over extension, Nano is the only one that does something in that majority of cases where death is a result of gunfire.

    The second case is death due to foiled recharge attempts, basically you get to a good hiding spot and wait for shields/reload, and someone finds you anyway and ambushes you. Due to TTKs in this game, you are pretty much dead no matter what youre packing, and the only viable countermeasure is to have recharged and gotten out of there before it happened.

    Now that's not to say that you can't be gunned down with nanoweave or ambushed with ESC, but probabilities are reduced.

    In both videos, he only waited for shields once, that is the reason Nano is better for him, that and health regen synergy.

    If someone is suffering a high enough amount of deaths due to explosives that you are considdering investing into flack armor, you probably should start investing in your HA, it is more their style.
  9. Mrasap

    so much this. Whats the use of nano if you run around with a deplenished shield most of the time? Also, wouldn't a shotty fit the cqc more?

    nice streaks though
  10. Recce

    Good point but as LA you should be in the air most of the time though. Carrying all those kits around also just negates the nano armour anyway.
  11. Wolfwood82

    I think the trouble with this argument is you have to be alive to use the pez dispenser. Nanoweave 5 gives you that much better a chance to stay alive long enough to take some candy. It's a very focused load out with enough versatility of range to engage the targets he focused on engaging. That particular loud out would be very hard to beat for that play style, however it focuses on engaging enemy infantry.

    I agree that a shotgun could have done better in that tower fight, I think the most devastating tactic was a shotgun and knife combo. But using a carbine works well given the situations he had (medium range as well as close quarters), and he had the ammo reserves to last a bit longer then a shotgun typically allows.

    The real question you have to ask yourself is one Iridar already asked. Does this actually DO anything? The two videos clearly show LA is capable of killing large numbers of enemy infantry, but if they can't engage the source then what's the point of that ability? The videos demonstrate our ability to engage in a strategic assault (the entire tower full of bad guys). However the subject doesn't have a main objective, and ends up running around killing guys for the sake of killing them. In that situation most LA would pause to cap the control point, and likely die for their trouble because they sat still too long. They would then focus on locating the enemy sunderer, or capping other control points. He does an excellent job of breaking the enemy's position enough that a few HA could easily move in and secure the area, but on his own he is ultimately helpless.
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  12. Ailin

    Personally I go for extra ammo. Because I very frequently run out of ammo.

    I guess that's somewhat self-explanatory :p
  13. Visk

    You'd think so, except a maxed out Shield upgrade only reduces your shield regen cooldown from 10 seconds to 7.5 seconds. It's a very marginal upgrade that WONT save you in the middle of a firefight when you start off with full health. Trust me. I've attempted to use the Shield upgrade and my results were drastically better with Nanoweave. You just can't beat an additional 25% health.

    If you use Nanoweave armor, get into a firefight, and survive with just a sliver of health, that's nanoweave armor working for you.

    Not at all. You can't pull a stick instantly while you're shooting someone, unless you stop, equip the thing, use it, equip your gun, and continue firing. The only time you can do that is if you can anticipate if you're going to lose a fight or if your life is in danger before it's too late.

    Also, something I'd also like to mention about Medical Kits and Restoration kits. They both work in the same way with Heal-over-time

    Medical kit = Extremely fast heal rate, Only lasts .5-1 second
    Restoration Kit = Slow heal rate, lasts 5 (or however many) seconds

    Why is this information important? If you use a medical kit in the middle of taking fire, you will continue to heal after you've hit 100% while it's doing its job. You could take fire and receive "0" damage (I say 0 in quotes because you are taking damage, but the heal rate is so fast that you experience none of it as long as the damage isn't greater than the amount of health you have) whereas the restoration kit puts you at a disadvantage, offering slower heal times and overall less health restoration. It's ****. As light assault, you need to get back into that fight as soon as possible, even if that means you're still in the middle of one.
  14. Visk

    If you're at a tower, you know what you do? Find the bursters. If you find a pair or more of bursters, you will almost always find an engineer that is repairing and re-arming them or an ammo pack on the ground that said engy left for the bursters. Most of the time, the bursters are preoccupied with the air above them. It should also be mentioned that you shouldn't shoot the bursters in order to not attract attention to yourself or divert theirs. All you do is fly over and either stand next to them and the ammo or run circles around them evading fire.

    For those of you who are still learning, remember that you can resupply off enemy ammo packs.
  15. Paqu

    I keep doing the same stuff all the time. So much fun to just get behind enemy lines and start running and flying around the base shooting anything that moves. How that helps your team? Well I think it helps quite a bit if there is someone causing havoc in the middle of the enemy forces keeping 5-10 guys busy and blowing up turrets, sunderers, tanks and stuff. They cant organize and focus on killing your teammates or capping points since they are too busy trying to chase you down.

    As impressive as your knife handling was, I also think shotgun would fit your playstyle much better. It works very well for me at least. You wouldn't have to reload so often and you could take out multiple enemies with one clip and then retreat.
  16. PartNinja

    In his case I don't think a shotgun would be better. Quite a few of his kills were well outside the effective shotgun range.

    To those who say what use is he, are you kidding? He's taking out tons of defenders while the HA, Engee, and medics should be moving in and holding the generators and cap points...
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  17. Achmed20

    ^ this
    if those defenders start spreading accross the walls then the team would be ****** even more.
    if you kill as many as he did, then there is nor doubt about beeing usefull at all. if you jsut run into enemy lines, kill1 guy and die, then you are doing nothing for the team. as long as the LA is INSIDE the enemy base, he is doing everything right.

    everyday im forced to play with randoms it gives me the creeps. 70% of them is standing crowded together and trying to shot people mid/long range, refuse to push at all because they are afraid to die and they accomplish absolutly nothing. i swear if i could slap them through the internet, i would.
  18. Visk

    It only takes two shots from a pistol and a knife swing to take down any non-max player. A couple of more shots if it's a heavy with shields. A shotgun + knife combo I feel would be kind of redundant. If you If you're close enough to knife someone, you're also close enough to one-shot them with a shotgun. If you miss, you still need two knife swings to kill the dude and you still need to put a shell into him.

    I'll also argue that you will run out of ammo faster with a shotgun than you will with the GD-7F, mostly because you have a smaller ammo pool. A sweeper (or the shotgun with a bigger magazine that shoots a little slower) with an extended magazine gives you 12 shells plus 36 in your ammo pool. That's a total of 4 magazines. The GD-7F gives you 30 rounds in your magazine and 150 rounds in your ammo pool for a total of 6 magazines.

    There's also the concern of range. You have to be way up in their faces in order to really do any damage. Granted, I play often at that range, but there are also a lot of mid-range kills (the ones that are a serious threat) that you *have* to make in order to survive that the shotgun simply can't. There's also the concern of accuracy. You will definitely miss some of those shots with the shotgun due to the severe recoil after each shot (especially the faster you shoot) or if you misjudge the range you should start shooting at. In my experience (which, admittedly, isn't nearly as much with hipfire carbines), the amount of shells it takes to kill someone will increase substantially when you start adding a few meters between you and your target. If i'm in the middle of a group of enemies and I hear a shotgun go off, i *immediately* sprint, jump, and burst my jumpjets (I don't hold it down) in the direction opposite from where I heard it from. Suddenly, you're completely outside the range of your attacker's shotgun. He'll do next to no damage and run out of ammo in his magazine very quickly. You can mow him down while still dealing 100% damage from your carbine at that range. All of that happens in half a second.

    I knife a lot because it's fast and it conserve quite a bit on ammo and because it's safer. If he's in my face and I've landed at least 4 bullets into him, knifing will instantly kill him. Alternatively, if you know you've killed about half of their shield, the knife will instantly kill him. When it comes to dealing with heavies, most use the standard NMG. If you see their shield turn off and (again) you've landed at least 4 bullets into him, knifing him will kill him. God, I can't tell you how many times that has saved me. If you were to continue firing without knifing, you're not only putting yourself in danger, but you're using up ammo when you don't need to. Light assault is a delicate class. Your advantage is your mobility and your speed, not your ability to survive sustain gunfire.

    I understand why you'd ask that. The first video was one where we were completely overrun at Regent Rock Garrison. As you can see, there weren't any friendlies around in the shot to aid the defense. I chose to go there because I wanted to mow down people. I get a rush out of it! The second wasn't the absolutely best example to show what roll you play in a base attack/defense.

    This is where I fit in:

    Let's say for instance the platoon I'm in is assaulting a tower, but can't advance because there are a bunch of heavies, MAX units, and medics all camped in the second floor entrances (the ones at the top of the vehicle bay). My platoon leader will ask myself and a few of my compadres that specialize with light assault to clear out that emplacement. I'll stop whatever I'm doing and...

    1. Redeploy to a friendly facility or nearby tower
    2. Spawn a reaver
    3. Fly over to our platoon's tower
    4. Deconstruct reaver over said tower
    5. Use jumpjets to land on the very top of the tower
    6. Plant a squad beacon for your light assaults to hit the tower with.
    7. Jump off roof and use your jumpjets to land on the second floor balcony
    8. Move to said emplacement.
    9. Gat gat gat gat everyone's dead.
    10. Your platoon may now advance without anyone getting hurt.

    if you die or **** it up, you can just respawn and drop pod in and land on the same balcony and do it all over again in the same place or the other side. No one will ever see you coming.

    If you don't have a squad beacon, but have a nearby sunderer, you can just jump-jet up to the second floor balcony. No one ever sees you coming because everyone is focused on that one or two sets of stairs. Their attention is not focused on you. Also, when you're taking out those troop emplacements, make sure to kill the guy in the back first. That way, the other guys wont see that one of their buddies is dead and respond to whatever killed them.

    Another thing, if you're spotted, people will try to kill you. They will focus all of their attention on you if they see that you're engaged by several people (they'll try to steal the kill). You serve as a distraction. All of that gunfire will now be fixated on you. What I often do is once I have a crowd going, I will intentionally run away and "kite" them away from whatever position their all camped in (I often do this at tech plants around the CC). This gives your team a chance to move in unharmed and then take the same spot the enemy was just in.
  19. Wolfwood82

    1 Shotgun shot and a knife swipe kills. I've done this myself and seen video of another LA who used this tactic and it demonstrated a level of ammo conservation that was unparalleled. The speed at which he worked was also unparalleled, even by your vids. He was literally in and out of a cluster of infantry before they had time to react or even notice that an enemy was among them.
    Yes I said this exact same thing, that using a carbine gives you more leeway in terms of ammo. My words exactly "he had the ammo reserves to last a bit longer then a shotgun typically allows".

    I also added that the carbine gave you significant advantages in terms of the ranges you could engage: "But using a carbine works well given the situations he had (medium range as well as close quarters)". I personally would have used a shotgun and not worked at the ranges, most enemies at range can be avoided or evaded. And if ammo conservation was a priority, I would have used a single shot and a knife swipe to take the majority of targets out. Of course that's me, not you.

    See Iridar, this is where I start to get a little pissy. People take what I say and regurgitate it back to me as if it was countering my arguments.
    I'm not sure why you felt the need to explain all of this. It's, more or less, standard procedure for LA. My comment was specifically about the tower and wall scenes. You had no solid objective and were just there for the fight. I pointed this out not as a criticism but as a point of interest for others who might watch this and think this is all we do. If these videos actually represent all you do, then I feel sorry for you because you aren't using LA to it's full potential. However what makes LA LA is that we can't help but excel at exactly what you described, hitting infantry emplacements. This is where strategic assault comes to play, it's what we can't help but do, and it's what we do well.
  20. Visk

    I'm not disagreeing with you on whether or not it works. Also, i meant to write or not and where you quoted me :oops:

    You asked me what role the light assault could play using this style and I explained.

    I don't think it's fair to assume that this is the only way I play light assault from just watching two videos. Admittedly, the first video only shows a style of combat, but the second demonstrates that style in a tactical/strategic context by showing how you could use that at an enemy emplacement. That emplacement being the amp station wall-tower.

    While I was filming the second video, the NC owned the north satellite spawn point and were attempting to move troops to the NE entrance of the base on foot. A bunch of our guys couldn't advance because of the guys that were camped in that wall-tower. I was asked to do clear out and put pressure on that tower in order to allow our other guys to move in closer to the base. This video was that pressure. :)