[Video] The "Rocket Primary". Something needs to change.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mustarde, May 2, 2014.

  1. Forlorn Hope

    I am sad my duster kill is not in this video.
  2. Llaf

    The vid just about sums it up.
  3. Groucho Marxist

    HEY GUYS LETS NERF SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE BOTHERED TO PRACTICE AND LEARN TO USE EFFECTIVELY or not, because if some one is taking the time and effort to learn how to use something that's slow firing, has a slow projectile, a single shot clip, a long reload, and limited ammo with a long refill time, then by all means they deserve those kills.
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  4. iller

    That level 1 @ 3:09 :(

    Honestly Mustarde... you must have felt that one just a little bit. Maybe not full regret, but atleast a slight hiccup

    That said: Rockets have to STAY like this as long as mass-Overpopping is a thing. Even slowing down a zerg @ 2:1 odds is basically impossible without going Quake Arena heavy. Wrel doesn't make a lot of opinions I agree with, but one of his latest videos about Attacking/Defending a base really drives this point home, especially on the Incentives issue.
  5. JoCool

    So, he gathers singleshot kill footage for a month, makes a video, and based on that the OP claims rockets were overpowered?

    Seriously???? I can do that with any weapon! We know that anybody can do that, like the one who reads this very lines right now!

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  6. Navus

    Not upvoting for 1 reason... you killed too many maxes with the rocket launcher in that video.
    Also, rest assured that all DA members killed will be dealt with most severely...
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  7. Hiding in VR

    No you can not.
  8. SharpeShooter

    Its simple Rocket launchers should not one hit kill infantry! and that's a BASIC infantry! Its completely ridicules as it always has been.
  9. Mustarde

    No, I actually auraxiumed the rocket launcher in a week.

    It's also not a question of overpowered. It's a question of mechanics. Do you infantry shooting each other with bullets, or trading rockets back and forth that instantly kill each other?

    There is very little practice required to spam rockets until you kill something. Sure, some of the shots you see me make in this video took a day or two of practice before I could make... but I'm honestly laughing as I read your post implying that this requires skill and practice.

    Long reloads, single shots are all dealt with by staying on your side of the fight and shooting downrange. Instead of being hyper-aggressive, you just use cover and look for groups of people clustering.
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  10. CameronLancaster

    This just isn't as big a deal as you make it out to be. Rockets aren't overpowered--using them exclusively just ***** you. The long reload speed (and even the speed it takes to switch to another weapon after shooting a rocket) is absolute MURDER. I play on Mattherson, and I don't see more than one or two people a day try to kill infantry with a rocket.

    And what's wrong with busting up infantry with rockets? That's just smart--there's a bunch of dudes in one room, fill it with explosions. If there's a ton of dudes using rocks for cover, blow them up with the explosive damage. Rockets as they are are fine. They're not even "cheese" level because of the tremendous drawbacks to using them in close quarters.
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  11. Braveliltoaster

    i found that video very entertaining haha
  12. leo4444

    I don't understand the thread, I get killed by rockets sometimes but I also for the most part get killed by players using their primary, and it is a rocket launcher it should obviously kill people in one hit and as others have pointed out you could of had the same results or better with a primary weapon.
  13. Epic High Five

    As an NC, hail mary rocket shots on people are entirely for fun/pleasure. There isn't much of a range of distances where the SAW isn't going to do you better for longer.

    Except of course that rocket launcher that fires MAXes that are firing pump action shotguns full auto. That one is kinda OP
  14. NoctD

    If infiltrators are allowed this OHK BS with their BASRs, and Nanoweave even at max level doesn't afford any more protection, I can't see how anyone can complain about rocket HAs.

    OP is truly the pot calling the kettle black type. People trying to dictate how others play the game = lame.
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  15. Baracuda

    You try lining up that perfect headshot when someone like me is running you down with an LMG in CQC. Lets see how many kills you get
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  16. AshOck

    Vehicle kills = nice!
    Infantry kills = Pure cheese :)

    Won't be changed unless it escalates into a major problem.
    Hopefully vids like this will promote more abuse - good work!

    As for a possible solution: PS1 already solved this long ago by nerfing rocket damage against infantry only.
  17. Pineapple Pizza!

    The term 'Rocket Primary' is incredibly nonsensical. You just swap weapons and shoot the guy with your rocket, instead.

    The main issue here is that the game's infantry combat is garbage.

    It's supposed to be a 'realistic' modern military shooter, so a rocket HAS to kill you in one shot. Same thing with shotguns; not even a futuristic clone-soldier 400+ years in the future is going to survive more than a single blast from a simple pump-action shotgun at point-blank range.

    However, if I pretend to be a tactical shooter-person, stand still in a corner like a boring chump, and keep my fat machinegun's sight leveled at the head, I'm going to get stomped. He'll either warp past headshots with an orion, or simply gib me with a rocket.

    These sorts of arbitrary power-imbalances are everywhere in-game, and it's a wonder more people don't play like CML does.
  18. Baracuda

    I can list more but I feel it would be a waste of time.
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  19. Sixstring

    Just give rockets a resource cost and stop letting people stock so many consumables. This way MOST people won't waste their rockets on infantry and vehicles will become much more meaningful and effective since the HA infantry won't be able to spam them with infinite rockets anymore opening the game up more. Two birds with one stone.
  20. MarkAntony

    Maybe I just don't see a problem with excessive rocket spam because I almost never see it. Could be a server thing but on Miller I just don't see it.
    And I mostly get killed by rocket launchers only when a round a corner where someone was preparing to peek from to kill a max or vehicle and they kill me by panic firing.

    I do see how that would be a problem though. Don't know how to fix it. Imo the RL is just fine in it's effectiveness against infantry. I wouldn't call it OP. The problem is chokepoints. Whether they are camped by 20 guys with automatic weapons or people with rocket launchers. Once enough people are in a fight it is almost impossible to push through. RLs just give people kills in these fights with little risk of dying. I do not blame people for using it. I blame the map design and it's massive use of chokepoints that are easily camped.