[Video] The Light Assault Rock!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TCryan44, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. TCryan44

    Hey everybody! Here is some nice clips of me playing the Light Assault class, along with some Christmas music to celebrate the season! (Yes I do realize there is a lot of clips with c4, but that's the point, Light Assaults are largely known for their c4ing!)

    Hope everyone enjoys! Merry Christmas! :)
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  2. Badheal1

    sweet! Can't wait to get my hands on this game
  3. TCryan44

    Thanks man! It's great, very fun! Let me know when you get to playing and add me in game! "TCryan44".
  4. uhlan

    Great video.

    I wish my connection allowed that kind of response time... lol.

    Takes forever to switch weapons out.
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  5. Leivve

    Just need some 'How to <TR/NC/VS>' videos then you got the whole set.
  6. Leivve

    I know right, I want to use my pump boom stick, but because of a slight amount of latency I always have, if someone makes a side step my shot goes far to the side.
  7. Iridar51

    That's a nice trick at 1:37, gonna use that.
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  8. TCryan44

    Thanks! Yea I have been trying to make videos of each class. But to make a compilation/montage of engineer or combat medic won't be all that interesting. Hopefully I will get into some commentary type things soon, considering I finally got a microphone today!
  9. TCryan44

    Thanks, the Serpent tears through maxes.
  10. TCryan44

    Thanks for the positive comment!
  11. Leivve

    Medic is easy, just run in circles like a mad person in a room the enemy is breaching and clearing. dodge bullets while throwing out revive grenades. Add funny commentary and the raged expressions of your allies as the now dead platoon gets up at half health before being gunned down again.
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