[Video] "The Ground Dalton"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Alarox

    A video I made. Enjoy.
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  2. ColonelChingles

    Fun bit of information...

    The Liberator Dalton cannon was never meant to be the 150mm "Sky Titan" that it is today... instead it was meant to be a 105mm cannon, which would have been much closer to the Lightning's AP cannon or even weaker than the Prowler's 120mm AP cannons (no clue why the bigger Prowler's P2s do less than the smaller Lightning's Python).

    The file name for the Dalton in the game is:

    The 105mm Zephyr was actually meant to be a much lighter 75mm cannon, again much more like the Lightning's Viper. The file name for the Zephyr is:

    So the Liberator never should have been such a heavy hitter that it is today. Instead of being pelted from the sky by MBT rounds, infantry and tanks would have been hit by Lightning rounds instead.

    Going by the original way would have avoided many of the current issues with the Liberator, including OHKing ESFs (as the Lightning Python round is unable to do so).

    No clue at all why they messed things up and gave Liberators such heavy weapons.
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  3. Iridar51


    With the dragshots and a noscope even! :eek:

    Liked the music, never quite heard something like this before.
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  4. Jachim

    Nice music on this :) also I call ******** on some of those shots man... you must've filmed A LOT to get them :p
  5. Alarox

    Lol, well It's a month's worth of gameplay. The oldest clip is from Feb. 15th but I tank a lot.
  6. VulphluxTR

    very nice video.
  7. NinjaTurtle

    That is insane, I know you tank alot but how do you even judge these shots. The drop and prediction needed makes my brain fart, especially on a vehicle that can move in all directions, unlike ground vehicles which are more predictable due to their limited choice of direction.

    Very nice video, looking forward to the next one
  8. Jachim

    Sweet. Great job. :)
  9. Danath

    Dat NoScope :D
    Damn, my best ESF kill was a Scythe so far I could only see it because was spotted, using a HE lighting. It took so long to hit I was convinced I had missed.
  10. Alarox

    I have four other videos similar to this one if you want to check them out.
  11. Fleech

    i'm still trying to get the hang of that slight movement speed delay when aiming with the vanguard. i feel like 3rd person with an improvised crosshair would be fun.
  12. zaspacer

    This is one of the advantages Reaver has over other ESFs. And it's one of the advantages in Scythes fighting TR over NC, and Mosquitos fighting VS over NC.