[Video] Tank zerg catches infantry in the open, is demolished.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. zukhov

    Tank zergs without infantry support are easy meat.
  2. Tuco

    How are you able to place AT mines and ammo packs on the same engineer character?

    Your AI mana turret slot sure looks like an ammo pack when you put it on the ground.
  3. Llaf

    Take out your turret tool and press B, then place.
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  4. Tuco

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  5. FateJH

    ... what? :confused:
    I can't believe Tuco is the one asking this question.

    Get Engineer class, pull out MANA turret, press alternate fire button, place ammo pack.
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  6. Angry Scientist

    In the one realm where tanks are meant to be the kings. Their purpose, their entire point of existence, is to dominate the open field.

    Thank you for showing how patently untrue that is now and how weak the armor is to free heavy assaults and mana turrets.
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  7. KnightCole

    That only happened cuz SoE has made tank guns so goddamn useless they cannot kill anything.
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  8. TheStonehawk

  9. EliteEskimo


    The issue is SOE keeps nerfing tank splash damage against infantry and their secondaries against infantry, while also buffing flak armor resistances, and while giving infantry AV weapons which can kill tanks from beyond infantry render distance. I remember the days where if a HEAT round landed directly next to an infantry's foot without flak armor on they would die. But those where the days when the Crown was an iconic defensible base and infantryside hadn't totally taken the game over yet. Before the Vulcan was overnerfed.... Before a Liberator could take 9 Prowler HEAT shells to destroy..... Planetside2 what have you become?:rolleyes:
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  10. zukhov

    For info, tanks will dominate in the open field but you cannot expect to own everything if all you do with them is form a mass traffic jam. Above video is a typical example of a random tank zerg (well at least I hope no one was leading it). The moment it comes under fire the lead tanks start backing into the people behind them who cant move back. Instant traffic jam, tanks lose all their mobility and infantry pour over their flanks and destroy them.

    The above example is particularly tragic as the zerg had loads of room to spread out and use their mobility to get around the infantry and destroy them. There wasn't even a natural choke point in the terrain and they still smashed into each other. Out of that entire tank group I only noticed one trying to flank. If the tanks had formed a line rather than a column and had a even just a squad of infantry support things would have been very different.

    Almost every tank zerg in PS2 behaves in the same way, easy kills.
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  11. Konfuzfanten

    Kinda agree, but if just you got a few tanker worth their salt, they will annihilate large amounts of infantry, unless the infantry pulls the good old "attacking from outside render" trick.

    The video shows that bad players are still bad, even when they use their vehicle crutch.
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  12. lothbrook

    Good tankers don't bother with these fights because they know they won't win them, the amount of AV that infantry has is just far too great and you have rely on splash to kill infantry in these numbers, except splash damage on tanks is almost non existent.
  13. Slandebande

    Indeed, and we are rarely out there hunting an infantry-only group of enemies! Now, if the tables were turned and the enemies had a large tank zerg, then I would definitely be around ;)
  14. Konfuzfanten

    Splash damage is fine. Go with pure AI setup and you wont have any problem with dealing with infantry, unless we are talking the render range issue.

    Ofc the vast majority of tankers go with AV loadout, because everyone knows its just the better loadout, since you can kill both enemy tanks AND infantry with near equal efficiency.
  15. lothbrook

    cause like i said, splash damage is non existent on tanks, if HE had a 4-5m inner blast zone it might be worth it, but seeing as it doesn't and you basically always need a direct hit to kill which prowlers can't even do on a flak certed infantryman, lol, and AI secondaries require you to get within 100m of infantry and thats being generous as IMO realistically even closer like less than 50m, good luck with that.

    BTW damage drop off on the canister starts at 12m, and the kobalt 10m, thats literally the tip of the main gun on a VG, so you can imagine that by 100m you're basically hitting them with spit wads, especially since the canister spreads and its min damage is sub 50m, lol.

    So again good tankers just avoid these fights because its not in their favor no matter the loadout.
  16. Konfuzfanten

    4-5 meter inner blast radius? Im guessing you didnt play PS2 back in 2012 and very early 2013.

    The current splash dmg is fine, i have few problems getting direct hits against infantry moving at 200 meters with the L100 python HE. Even if the guy is zig-zag'ing the large spalsh dmg makes it pretty easy to hit with.

    Its not the AI secondaries thats the problem if you cant hit at 100 meters.
  17. zukhov

    Well obviously 'good' tankers would be off on their own hunting down unprepared and disorganised infantry, shooting at some spawn room heroes, or something low risk. Competent tankers would have waited until some infantry could have got ahead of them to tie up the AT crews and then find an open flank to turn.
  18. lothbrook

    Its pretty obvious you don't have a clue about tanks, so for giggles i looked up your player card, 20h in a lightning, 3 in a magrider, most used vehicle Liberator at 50 hours, lol, just admit it, you don't want your cert pinatas to fight back.
  19. Evilsooty

    That's why I never join the tank zerg myself as they are usually the most inexperienced drivers who pool together for protection limiting their mobility and they can't aim for ****. Plus as someone else says they start to panic and back into you and once that happens you're a sitting duck. You always see the better tankers flanking or trying to get a better position than driving head on into the enemy.

    It is a problem though when infantry starts to mass so I tend to stay back a bit and go into anchor mode picking them off one by one. But as there are usually loads of medics you can get swamped pretty easily.
  20. Konfuzfanten

    and 26 hours in a TR lib
    and 22 hours in a prowler
    and 17 hours in a TR lightning

    My combined kills:
    lib: 3000
    Lightning: 1900
    MBT: 800


    Ohh and i have never hid the fact that i hate the swagrider or that i perfer infantry combat.

    Do plz link your profiles.