[Video] T5 AMC - Light Assault at auraxicom netwok hub

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Matti, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Matti

    Hi all!

    Here is my first video where I basically try to copy the playstyle I have focused
    on with the Pulsar C. It's all from the same fight, I was there for about 45 minuts I think.

    Forward grip, compensator, HV ammo, nanoweave and jump jets.

    Pleas let me know what you think!

  2. thingymajigy

    Why do you use a 1x reflex for a med-long range weapon?
  3. cruczi

    Yeah, I wonder that too. Iron sights are much better.
  4. Nakar

    I can see using a 1x. The iron sights on the AMC are one of my least favorite TR sights (not that they're bad, I just like others better), and you can still be quite accurate with the AMC at 60-80m even with lower magnification. Some people just prefer it that way.
  5. Matti

    Even though it is a mid/long range weapon, most of my fights are closer than 30m
    and me and all the high skilled players I have played with in the past all use 1x magnification.

    I guess it is a habit from my time with eSports
  6. Duban

    Personally, I'm partial to the 2x laser dot scope for AMC sniping. It makes it a bit easier to hit targets at 50m+, but without the obstruction of the 3.4, 4.0, and 6.0 sights.