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  1. cyb_



    and now the statistic people usually use to tell you the striker is OP and/or 'doing well':

    As it is right now the Striker is the worst rocket launcher.
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  2. p10k56

    Oh I see lancer better even in this category.
    Striker is better only on dangerously close ESFs.
    Against stupidly hovering planes lancer is superior but nothing beats titan AP.
    Yea you cannot spam lancer when in jumpad flight near enemy ESFs but this is rather situational:p
    Give striker lancer velocity take away coyote and still lancer will be better cos it has no drop:confused:
  3. p10k56

    Imagine those Whiners when you take out theirs MBTs behind terrain wave.
    And Max master race will be not happy at all.
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  4. zaspacer

    You forgot to add in "that are already heavily damaged".
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  5. passghost

    The fact that they agreed to change it is absolutely pathetic. Their ignorance to the problem has taken my respect for SOE and crushed it like a used tin can.

    No more money for games.

    No more money for in game purchases.

    Not even a f'ing walkman until this problem is resolved.

    I don't suspect this will get rolled back, as the fact that they changed it in the first place screams biased oversight. But HEY they seem happy, along with 2 out of 3 factions. They should really just cut red off the map at this point, considering we are just cannon fodder now.
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  6. zaspacer

    I don't blame you for your frustration and anger. But I will make a couple comments.

    Comment #1: SOE
    This is pretty standard for SOE. They are GREAT at making new game types that nobody else has. But they are very bad when it comes to balancing, and their only reliable way to nerf something is to make it obsolete and/or change it completely.

    Comment #2: Proposed Solution For SOE Designers
    What if they just made the Striker a two-firing-mode Weapon? Players could toggle between the current version (Coyote), and the old nerfed version (Lockon w/ multi-shot). Both versions are not regarded very highly by any Faction, but between them both people would be a lot less frustrated about having them.
  7. Ronin Oni

    I will say I think Striker could still use more velocity.

    Not Lancer speed, but it has Coyote, so doesn't need it.

    Should be closer to 220-250 m/s though. That would make it more viable for long range AV (And it's lower damage per hit keeps it balanced) and would extend it's AA range a bit more to be semi effective at G2A's full range.

    That's literally the only remaining thing I'd change I think.
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  8. Matti

    I guess an AP Titan velocity reduction would be in place.
    Honestly I don't understand why people have such strong opinions about the striker
    one way or another, I think it's just fine as it is. Maybe a bit underused?
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  9. xxxdevilsownxxx

    Just as I was trying to get into flying (thanks to your videos) I was killed
    by a stiker. It was actually the first time I saw one :D.
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  10. Matti

    Talk about bad luck ^^
  11. WarmasterRaptor

    I love it against air but hate it against ground.

    I always go back to my default launcher for ground work, Striker just doesn't get the job done.
  12. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, it's not the best really. You can use it to put some damage in if you have it on you, but it's certainly not ideal. Default is best.

    #1 reason I think it could use a moderate velocity buff up to 220-230 m/s
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  13. Peasnriz

    After using the new Striker for a couple of weeks/month I am left with the impression of 'meh' its got a niche in being able to hit a galaxy hovering behind a building which is nice that is about it sadly. the Grounder (G2A) rocket launcher is still my standard carry it seems better at everything 95% of the time.

    I believe it needs a velocity and accuracy buff even if that meant a nerf to fire speed/damage output. I have tried leading flying targets with this thing but between the low muzzle velocity, cone of fire and gravity fall off it seems to be neigh on impossible.

    Or the other way would be to increase its damage output and reduce its accuracy/velocity, like one clip put an ESF to flames or a MBT to smoking. (Not my prefered option)

    Right now it is sitting in a puddle of mediocrity.
  14. Mylakhrion

    The amount of ******** surrounding the "Striker nerf" continues to amaze me.

    Quick history recap: the lock-on mechanism got changed in most part because TR players hated it- "just another Annihilator" was the common cry. Yeah- using any sort of vehicle against the original massed Strikers totally blew dog (which lead to a lot of tears on the forums), but apparently there was not enough "skill" to appeal to the average TR player. And the lack of a dumb-fire mode was another common complaint.

    So- SOE provides a higher skill weapon that has a dumb-fire option and the TR cries again:
    "I have to expose myself too much to fire off 6 rockets".
    "I can't lock on to a MAX"
    "It's hard to rocket primary with it"
    "I can't single handedly kill a vehicle"

    Really? Try the Phoenix. I loves my Phoenix :D but:
    1. The number of times I've had my brainpan aerated by some sniper while using it are beyond counting.
    2. It can't solo a tank unless the moron is too stupid to drive the 100m or so necessary to get out of range (Magburner = :mad:)
    3. It can't hit aircraft unless they are almost stationary- even a Gal can outfly the damn thing
    4. The only AI options with it are medium range. It is suicide in CQC so no rocket primary or MAX killing either.
    5. Ohh, and to top it off, anyone paying attention can shoot the round out of the sky.

    This is a squad game. Killing vehicles SHOULD be a group effort. 2-3 Phoenixes are a force to be reckoned with. So are a section of Strikers and so are a section of Lancers- just in different ways.

    I have all three ESRLs and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. They are not replacements for all the other rockets- they are complements as they should be.

    The current Striker is a far more flexible weapon system than it used to be and opens up some really good options. Stop wishing for a past you all apparently hated and get with the new world!
  15. DxAdder

    People fear the Lancer and the Phoenix, the Striker not so much...

    From a tanker point of view the Striker just makes easy to see where im dropping a round and all i get get in return in a scratch on the paint job.

    it is the least effective RL in the game and not worth the certs/SC it cost but yes please every TR should get one.
  16. MahouFairy

    They should just change the name to "Spittle" because that's what it is.
  17. MahouFairy

    Sometimes I go on jump pads and attempt to hit aircrafts that fly past at low speeds.