[Video] T2 Striker

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  1. Opticalsnare

    Wait, what, this is actually classed as a weapon?
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  2. DirtyRoger

    Yes, don't expect to be more than a deterrent, alone,with the striker.

    Two (or more) strikers are very good at shooting down diving ESF. But, because of the very low speed, the striker is almost ineffective against anything moving more distant than 50 meters. It's also ineffective against tanks and sunderer, for an unclear reason because for the slowness of the missiles hit a running tank should be.... rewarding.

    However don't forget that with the striker you can shoot from the hip and be mobile, something you can't do with the lock(you-down)on. Again, the grounder (the AA lock-on) do a reasonable damage against the tanks, why not the striker?
  3. Cinnamon

    I tried it for a while a few weeks ago and don't really understand why anyone would want to unlock it or use it. I guess that it is supposed to be one of those novelty weapons like the snowball thrower. Moral of the story is never use station cash to unlock weapons since they will not refund after totally changing the weapon.
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  4. TheRunDown

    This video looks like it was made of many many many hours of collecting video clips to find any decent footage..

    5 shots to do 1000 damage, when i could fire any G2A Lock-On weapon and do the same damage, and have double the likelihood of actually getting a kill with it.

    This video would of been "a lot" more informative if he was using advanced targeting instead of Regen III.. Lucky last hit or effective damage..

    The last kill wasn't even the Lib, it was the Valk crashing or something after him getting a "Claiming hit" on it.. any weapon would of had the same result for what ever reason the Valk crashed..
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  5. Opticalsnare

    well i fired 2608 rockets and i have killed 13 people. I have tried using it in differnt scenarios but came to conclusion that my other launchers are much more effective in doing their job in either tank killing or warding off enemy aircraft. And if the purpose of the weapon is using it <50m then at that range i have a much better chance of killing whatever with the Decimator..

    At a 1000 certs, i would not recommend this weapon at all.
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  6. Hoki

    You guys are welcome to play TR and use the striker if you feel like it.

    When not camped within shields, its added capability is just not as good as the grounder.

    So yeah, bon appetit NC and VS.

    If this is some clever ploy to get more TR to drop the grounder and use the striker, HAHAHA!


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  7. Hatesphere

    it could use a slight buff, maybe one extra rocket and a bit faster fire rate with lower COF. still though its trivial to learn how to hit low flying ESFs doing a fly by with this thing. they just need to tweek it a bit more to make it more of an AA launcher and it will be perfect. against armor its so so, but it will do more damage then a deci if you can hit all rockets, which is close range isn't to hard with a few friends. its honestly the only thing I run on my TR HA right now because unlike the other launchers its fun!
  8. Flag

    Mediocrity is without a doubt better than "bad".
  9. Matti

    This fotage is recorded on my new computer that I got running this weekend, basically
    it's from two days of playing but I have mostly been flying though.
  10. Matti

    Thanks, new computer :)
    I don't think the striker should be the reason playing TR but I will use it more
  11. SerasVic

    The NICE velocity compared to dumbfire makes it quite decent for long range AV duty (as good as fractures). But you need to be less trigger happy and let the CoF lower a bit (i'm doing 2 bursts fire).
  12. InoxGecko

    I like it, it's a nice way to clear the skies of enemy ESF's and it's fun to use, though I think it could still use a CoF reduction.

    Speaking as NC, i've never faced one in an ESF as I don't fly much anyway. But when I'm in a vanguard it's kinda funny and sad at the same time when you have a TR heavy shooting at you with it...I would be more afraid of someone chucking a few decently sized rocks at me than a HA with the Striker.

    For tanks and MAX units I still prefer my Deci.
  13. TheKhopesh

    They've already gone with air as the primary effective use, they just haven't given it enough velocity.
    A good 216-225 m/s (an added 20-25%) should be enough to make it more solid for AA use, AV use is already fairly effective against lightnings/harassers, but obviously it's no infantry smasher (similar to the lancer's AI use, as both the striker and lancer would be too forgiving on missed shots for it to be fair compared to other launchers. As well, NC would rightfully have something to complain about if the Striker and Lancer got AI use, seeing as how the phoenix is well balanced to give infantry plenty heads up on incoming shots, and the ability to shoot them down versus an empire specific flak loaded Rocketlauncher/Battlerifle for everyone else).

    All in all, I think the Striker is actually pretty good except it's desperate lack of velocity.

    In fact, the only thing I think that truly ruins it for me is that magazine is ridiculous!
    Stick that thing on the side for higgle's sake.
    The striker is a rocket launcher, not a car in need of a sun visor!

    This kind of mag placement would be infinitely more badàss and effective than the "Uber Blindspot-o-Vision" placement it currently has:

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  14. T0x1s

    You should make a reddit post of this.
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  15. Asageh

    I like it.
  16. TammelTR

    I think the following change would make it viable. The higher exposure time would offset the effectiveness of it.

    Striker gains 1 additional rocket in magazine. The first rocket is a tracker rocket that does no damage but sticks to enemy armor, aircraft, and MAX. Only the tracker has coyote lock on capabilities. It then acts as a homing beacon for the other rockets. Tracker can be disrupted by smoke/flare, is not effected by stealth. Reloads discard remaining rockets in magazine. Tracker has a 15 second life span.

    The tracker would only activate upon sticking to a valid target, and the user should then be required to keep the target in the view window of the scope for the other rockets to home in. I don't see it being over powered. As the rockets fly they move towards the target as long as the target is in the view window, if the user loses the target, the rockets then fly straight at their last trajectory, if the target is reacquired they home in again. The ability for the rockets to turn would be relatively limited to prevent mag dumping straight up, waiting and then scoping in for a mortar effect.
  17. DrBash00

    Hmmm one of my clanmates quotet:

    The problem of the striker is, at distances where the striker gets usefull i can also use the NS decimator and 1-hit Esf´s without the chance of escape.

    To make the more speed OR more bullets in the magazine.... (Maby longer reload in exchange)
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  18. SerasVic

    He is almost right (striker can hit decently further than that) but some guys (like me :confused:) just can't hit that decimator.
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  19. Tommyp2006

    Those slow moving aircraft at close range that you were shooting at are about the only place the striker is useful. You could have easily hit just about any of those in the video with a dumb fire.
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  20. S0LAR15

    More velocity? If I can dumb fire air with the default, which is what half the speed, how does it need more velocity? I mean aiming with the stupid scope makes it hard sure, hard to lead something really fast really close, but at 50 m plus it's still easier than with any other RL except the lancer.
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