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  1. Matti

    Hi all!

    I just started trying out the T2 Striker and I would like to hear what you guys think about it.
    I has been changed a few months ago as I'm sure you know and it's no longer a lock on
    launcher but heat seeking, much like the coyotes.

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  2. Golconda

    This weapon is extremely useless, I like empire specific stuff and I basically quitted my BR70 TR because of this nerf.

    You don't need a weapon you can use pmuch only while in a camped spawnroom, the best thing you can do there is redeploy.
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  3. gartho33

    in all honesty, the weapon has potential.. but it is way too much of a jack of all trades.... for air the projectile is to slow, for ground its Cof is to large and for infantry its Rof is too slow....

    My opinion... pick ONE and let it shine there.... I don't give a rats **** anymore what ONE it can fill... just make it useful in ONE of these spots.
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  4. Alan Kalane

    The striker is actually useful?
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  5. Ronin Oni


    It's great against air. It's practically a no resource cost burster MAX.

    It's not BAD against armor either. It lets you put damage on targetat ranges farther than your dumbfire (or G2A) can reach. G2G lock-on is better if they don't hit countermeasures or hide as soon as lock starts.
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  6. NoctD

    Its mostly useless against air - you can only hit targets maybe a tenth the range that a Burster MAX is capable of. Whatever are you smoking - no cost Burster MAX? :eek:

    The Grounder is outright superior in every way vs. air and infantry/MAXes. Its not too hard to hit vehicles with it too. Striker is a stupid overpriced POS stinker.
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  7. gartho33

    its good against air moving toward you or strafing you at extremely close range. you'll never hit a retreating ESF or a sky ceiling lib or gal. the only air target it performs well with is the valkery.

    as for ground targets... that it... its not BAD but its not decent either.. if you want to, yes you can land all shots... at a major cost to exposure time...

    this is the problem, if we buff the speed and leave the dmg... its an armor nightmare... leave it as is... the "nitch" weapons do far better at their roles. the Striker is a step down for all departments. albeit not a very large step, but a step none the less.

    I'm not here to just wine about the weapon, I've had my time with it. and for what its worth, it can get the job done.. it has more damage than any other launcher, but you have to land all the shots in a reasonable amount of time to make up for the single round variants. It does well against parked sundies and lazy tankers, but its intended roll (as deduced by its given mechanic) is lack luster. you could double the range it takes to lock on to a target, but if it cant get there in time you may as well have left the lockon in its place.
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  8. Golconda


    Burster is not even comparable, you pmuch don't have to anticipate enemy movement, you don't have to care about drop and range man.
    And vs armor, you have to semi-auto it, increasing dramatically exposure time and ttk. Never use this thing vs armor.
    Striker vs infantry is just LOL

    Anything you kill with this weapon is dead anyway, with or without your effort, especially those hovering slow moving esf/valkyrie.
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  9. Ronin Oni


    I got a lot more hits, assists, and kills in a much shorter time frame with striker compared to Grounder which hits a fraction of the time thanks to it's 3 second warning and countermeasures (like trees)

    As a pilot, I'm 3x more scared of running into Strikers than Grounders.

    Sure, Grounder has more range... still useless though. I'll just fly away, come around from another angle and just make attack runs in time frames that leave your weapon entirely useless. Striker is 50% damage without warning or much counter.

    Doesn't help there's almost no audio or visual queue that you're being hit by one either.

    G2A lockons are a joke. As a pilot, as an owner of all 3 playing on all 3 factions... they're just a "bug off fly boy" for a few seconds deterrent.
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  10. Ronin Oni

    hovering are free hits.

    It's not hard to learn to hit pilots doing high speed flybys though.
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  11. gartho33

    it is a 50% ESF health bar after all 6 hits land... with its fire rate, Cof and slower travel time its hard to pull off.

    The only time I can recall landing all 6 shots on an ESF is a head on assault by the esf, a close range hovercraft or larger slower targets. You count yourself lucky if you can hit a flyby with 4 rounds... let alone 5.
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  12. NoctD

    ?? indeed - you must be facing a lot of uber bad pilots in those encounters.

    As a pilot I'm not afraid at all of the Striker, I can take a few hits and still run off, probably having killed the guy firing at me in the process too. You can't be that confident with G2As, cause multiple locks will wipe you out.

    Grounders are effective - you just have to know when to lock, where to position yourself and you can effectively sit and farm away at ESFs.

    In any case, the stats show that the Striker is outright the WORSE performing launcher of all...


    Lowest KPU amongst all launchers and its air KPU is worse than all the lock on G2A launchers.

    Its just the trashiest launcher there is really.
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  13. Kulso

  14. Golconda

    I actually joined vanu until the weapon is fixed, I don't care if it becomes useless vs air, infantry or ground vehicles, as long as it becomes actually useful in one role.

    And this comes from a main MCG user, not exactly one that picks always the strongest weapon/faction
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  15. FieldMarshall

    I have had it in my loadout since it was released and here are my observations after the revamp.

    -Very satisfying to kill anything with.
    -Great for scaring off aircraft that hover too close. After eating a clip they usually run off. Sometimes you can finish them off, like seen in the video.
    -Expect your kills to get stolen constantly. After unloading your clip, people in a 150m radius seems to get a popup saying "fire off your AV now". By the time you are done reloading, its too late.
    -Its decent against MAXes that are not shooting at you, but you need direct hits. Splash is shaite.
    -A big con of the weapon is that you have to expose yourself while unloading the entire mag, unlike other AV alternatives where you fire off 1 rocked and can instantly retreat to reload.
    -You will learn how to go for killsteals (as shown in the video).

    What would i like to see?
    One of two things:

    1. A secondary fire toggle, that makes it wire guided like a raven up to ~200m (or any reasonable balanced range) for AV and anti-MAX work. But does less/no damage to air.
    To toggle, you would have to reload the weapon, so you couldnt just instantly swap between the two.
    And rework the normal hyena mode to do less MAX and AV damage.

    2. This is an easier way to tweak the Striker.
    Give it some more velocity and make the hyena mechanic lock from further away.
    Against moving aircraft, especially at range i think alot of people are struggling.

    If nothing changes with the Striker i will still be happy with it. Its a fun weapon.
    Instead of using the grounder and either not getting a lock before air gets away, or having your shot get ruined by decoys,
    count on the striker to atleast give you satisfying hitmarkers of nothing else.
    It also looks badass, and kills with it makes you feel badass. Feels like im auto-teabagging enemy tanks when i kill them.
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  16. AlterEgo

    I put the video quality on 1080p.
    Never has your voice (or video) appeared so smooth. But is the Striker worth getting on my TR character? It seems like it does well against air.
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  17. z1967

    It seems to me that it is a higher alpha burster that is resource free, has drop, and doesn't travel as fast. Could see use in squadplay or coupled with bursters/skyguards to be more effective. However it is not as effective solo as the G2A launchers.
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  18. Nick Riviera

    lol @ all the naysayers! Striker is worth it. Besides the bling factor it works. Maybe the slight challenge of having to lead shots or "aim" is fun I dunno.

    Speaking of Strikers though, is the T2 or AE any different? Or do I just have gold trim on mine.

    BTW Matti, nice video!
  19. BobSanders123

    I say bring the strikers damage to a 1 clip or 1 clip + 1 rocket kill against a standard ESF. This would make it the king of close range anti air solutions and the bane of all hover ESFs. At longer ranges it would require more skill to accurately hit enemies with, justifying its damage per rocket. When you see red rockets flying everywhere, you know that you shouldn't get close. The Striker will strike fear into the hearts of its enemies. Right now it kinda makes them giggle and feel sad for you.
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  20. DxAdder

    The " New" T2 Striker aka the "Stinker" truly defines the TR faction trait of "Mediocrity"
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